Terrex - News aus den ST board: Nur noch ein wenig Geduld. mt

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Terrex - News aus den ST board: Nur noch ein wenig Geduld. mt Drogo

Terrex - News aus den ST board: Nur noch ein wenig Geduld. mt

Kopiert ist besser als nix. Da wenige hier in diese tolle Board (ST) schauen hier eine Message von heute. Thanx an Cybertrader für die Mail:

Meine Anfrage (gekürzt):
....as an investor in Terrex Res. I have strong interest in the recent development of Terrex and especially Global Doctor. I am very pleased with the work done so far (Intranet, Demo-Website) and certain Australian press releases issued but I am also a little bit concerned about the following issues. I hope you do not mind me keeping you away from most urgent work with a few investors questions.

1. The launch of the GD website was estimated to be End of February. Are there any major problems causing the delay in the launch of the website/business?
2. The latest intranet newsletter is dated February even though it is the 6th of March today. I know this is not for my interest but it concerns me that there is a delay even in interoffice communication.

I hope you do not mind to answer above questions and wish you all the best on your new job and for the future of GD.


Thank for your interest in Terrex.

As requested I will respond the two issues raised.

1. We expect the website opening to be announced shortly. (!!!)

2. The newsleter is not the means of inter office communicating, Email is.

I would also like to add that Global Doctor's main business is developing
western clinic to target expatriates, tourist and wealthy locals in Asia and
Africa. This is our main focus and we hope to be able to make progress
announcements. (!!!)

Kind regards
Das hört sich gut an. No further comment.

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