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!!!!!!!!Terrex!!!!!!!!!!eglobaldoctor.com - online

14.03.00 08:42
Die Seite ist frei zugänglich!!
!!!!!!!!Terrex!!!!!!!!!!eglobaldoctor.com - online Drogo

Hier die ASX MELDUNG!!


HOMEX - Perth

Terrex Resources Limited ("Terrex") is delighted to announce that
Global Doctor`s website www.eglobaldoctor.com is now on-line.
Global Doctor, a 60% owner subsidiary of Terrex, is introducing
telemedical solutions both in Australia and Internationally.

Global Doctor`s business is the establishment of overseas clinics
that can diagnose patients via videoconferencing and transfer of
medical information to Global Doctor`s Australian physicians. Global
Doctor`s website has been created to consolidate its relationships
with international doctors, and to establish a brandname within the
industry. Global Doctor will seek to further develop its website by
introducing commercial applications to the market.

Global Doctor`s website database provides contact details of English
speaking doctors and clinics in Africa, Asia, the Middle East,
Eastern Europe and South America. Currently there are over 50
countries represented.

The Board of Terrex is excited with the opportunities and challenges
that the Company faces and looks forward to capitalising on the
exciting potential of the medical industry in which Global Doctor is

R Gillard

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