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TelDaFax presents new corporate strategy -AD Hoc-

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TelDaFax presents new corporate strategy -AD Hoc- Johnboy

TelDaFax presents new corporate strategy -AD Hoc-

Ad hoc-Service: TelDaFax AG  TFXG.DE Engl. TelDaFax AG

Ad-hoc Mitteilung übermittelt durch die DGAP.
Für den Inhalt der Mitteilung ist allein der Emittent verantwortlich.

TelDaFax presents new corporate strategy

"The company is undergoing fundamental change" / Focus on e-
commerce for medium-sized enterprises

1999: Sales more than doubled, negative result due to
development of new business areas.

Marburg/    Frankfurt - March   21,    2000    -    The
telecommunications company TelDaFax AG is today  presenting
its financial figures for 1999 and explaining the corporate
strategy for 2000 and 2001.

In the last financial year, 1999, the TelDaFax group
recorded impressive growth with sales of DM 670 million
(PY: DM 263 million ). Performance in terms of call minutes
grew to 4.9 billion (PY: 1.1 billion), an increase by a
factor of 4.5. Sales however, impacted by the drop in
market prices, only increased at a below-average rate by a
factor of 2.5. The drop in market prices has left clear
marks on current business in terms of sales and results.

Overall, the reporting year closed with a net loss for  the
year of DM 6.9 million (1998: net profit DM 8.8 million) at
an EBITDA margin of 2.9%, where the result is predominantly
impacted   negatively  by  the  depreciation  for  capacity
expansion  investments of DM 70.6 million  in  the  network
infrastructure  for developing broadband internet  services

which  could  not  be offset by increased  traffic  in  the
reporting  period. The company opted not to capitalise  the
related start-up costs.

The result was also impacted negatively by costs for the
expansion and training of the company's technical service
and logistics centre in Bonn for broadband internet-access
technology with the objective of a fast realisation period
for the customer and a superior provision chain.

The costs for training and intensification of direct sales,
to get well prepared for the marketing of complex broadband
solutions in future, also had an impact on the result.
Proceeds resulting from this will only be generated over
the course of this year.

Operational cash flow increased to DM 88.2 million (54.6).
However, this was not sufficient to cover the cash outflows
from investment activities of DM110.3 million (66.1). The
result per share amounts to DM -0.21 DM (0.48).

"Naturally we are not satisfied with the result for 99.
However, the majority of the factors negatively impacting
the result are oriented towards the future, and we will be
able to observe their contributions to the success of the
company as early as in 2000" explained the Board of

The  volume in voice telephony is hovering at a high level,
admittedly  still  with weak margins.  There  should  be  a
perceptible  reduction in costs when our own optical  fibre
network comes into operation. The over 2,800 km-long fibre-
optics  network,  available from summer  and  which  is  to
replace the network currently rented from Deutsche Telekom,
will have a transport capacity far greater than the current
one at far lower operating costs. It is laid for both voice
and IP traffic.

In addition to voice telephony, the focus of the new
corporate strategy presented today will be the provision of
integrated broadband services for medium-sized enterprises
who want to become involved in e-business. TelDaFax is thus
becoming a partner for application service providers and
content providers on the basis of the latest S-DSL

 ·   The range to be marketed across Germany through
    TelDaFax Sales covers everything from standardised online-
    shops to complex electronic market places presenting a
    variety of providers.

 ·   In collaboration with Siemens, TelDaFax will be able
    to offer broadband direct access via S-DSL technology in
    the third quarter of 2000. This service is also primarily
    geared towards business clients with high levels of data

Furthermore, the Board also detailed a range of other
important co-operations and company participations:

 ·    Through  a  majority participation in  Netztel  Plus
    Drillisch AG, TelDaFax has achieved access to the growth
    market  of mobile telephony. The company will soon  be
    offering mobile telephone services for both the D1 and the
    D2  networks with an independent brand appearance. All
    available offers are to be used to enable the customer to
    take part in mobile internet commerce (m-commerce).

 ·   As a distributor to over 1,500 specialist retailers in
    Germany, the subsidiary Demuth & Dietl + Co., in which a
    majority participation was acquired at the end of last
    year,  is a perfect complement to the direct sales  of
    TelDaFax AG. With Demuth & Dietl, all the products and
    services of the TelDaFax group are marketed in specialist
    retail  outlets  within the framework of  shop-in-shop

 ·   Through a strategic partnership with dtms Deutsche
    Telefon- und Marketing Services AG, TelDaFax offers its
    business clients the complete range of premium rate and
    service numbers and innovative call centre solutions.

 ·   Through a co-operation agreement with the German-
    Swedish utility company Vasa Energy, Hamburg, TelDaFax will
    also market electricity at competitive prices in addition
    to telecommunication services. Following an introductory
    phase, the establishment of a joint venture company is
    planned for the summer.

"We have completely restructured TelDaFax. Fixed-network
telephony continues to bring us significant sales, but in
terms of strategic significance it will fall behind our e-
commerce range. We aim to use this range to become the
leading provider of business-to-business turnkey solutions
for small and medium-sized companies" explains Chairman of
the Board Mr. Henning F. Klose. Klose announced
acquisitions and participations to strengthen the internet

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