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Super Q1 Zahlen!!!!

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Super Q1 Zahlen!!!! Stocker Shocker

Super Q1 Zahlen!!!!

Hi Leute!
Super Zahlen, leider völlig unbeachtet. Bei dem Umfeld normal. Aber da kommt was, wenns wieder mal bergauf geht.

Please note that news is available only for companies listed on EASDAQ
25 May 2000   17:00  

Schoeller-Bleckmann Oilfield Equipment (SBOE) Reports Results of 1st Quarter 2000  

May 26, 2000, Ternitz, Austria.

Results for the first quarter of 2000 were today announced by Schoeller
Bleckmann Oilfield Equipment AG (SBOE), the Austrian manufacturer of
parts and components for the directional drilling technology.

Strong sales in March resulted in figures which were even higher than the
preliminary results for the first quarter which had been announced on
March 9, 2000. The company now reports Total Sales and Revenues of Euro
32.0 million, an increase of 42.6 % in comparison with the first quarter
of the previous year, and Income before Taxes of Euro 4.2 million, an
improvement of 273 %.

"Not only can we be more than pleased with the results of the first
quarter, but we continue to see a positive development of the overall
situation month after month. The record order backlog of Euro 35.4 million
we talked about early March looks like history when compared with
Euro 39.0 million as per the end of April 2000", stated G.K. Gregor,
CEO of the company.

"We see an almost full recovery to 1998 drilling levels in the USA and
Canada and a definite revival of activities in the international areas
where until now recovery was slow based on the nature of the projects and
the somewhat steadier speed of reaction by the large integrated companies.
We also see continued high prices for oil and gas in spite of production

increases by OPEC, which should result in a further increase in drilling
activities with the corresponding positive impact on activities for our

"The continuation of our major capex-programs in 1999, despite the
downturn, has put us in a position to fully participate in the upswing now.
Net Sales in April were the highest ever and we expect this record to be
short lived as well. While it is too early to predict figures for 2000 we
feel very confident about this becoming a very good year. With sales by the
end of April plus backlog we have already exceeded the full year 1999 in
turnover and are close to the total for 1998, which was the biggest year in
the history of the company. As for Net Income the first quarter of this
year is better than the first quarter of 1998 and more than 4-times the
figure of 1999."

"We expect a continuation of the very positive business environment for
Drillstring Products and a steady improvement in the other business areas
which are still slow in catching up. Overall, presently we see no clouds on
the horizon other than the pressing need for additional production
capacities, not only for the oil and gas industry but also for our
diversification efforts."

For the quarter under review, when compared with the first quarter of 1999,
the strongest positive development took place in Drillstring Products with
Net Sales of Euro 26.2 million (+ 52.3 %), followed by Other Sales with
Euro 19 million (+ 21.8 %), Drilling Motors with Euro 2.4 million (+ 6.5 %)
and Repair&Maintenance with Euro 1.3 million (+ 6.0 %).

Gross Profit was more than doubled and reached Euro 7.89 million (24.7 % of
sales) vs. Euro 3.77 million (16.8 % of sales) in the first quarter of
1999. S, G & A expenses, while going up slightly from Euro 3.12 million to
Euro 3.28 million in the first 3 months of this year, were however only
10.3 % of Net Sales compared with 14.0 % in the same period of the previous

Income from Operations amounted to Euro 4.45 million, more than 7 times the
figure for the first quarter in 1999 (Euro 0.53 million) and was 13.9 % of
sales. Net Income was improved by 330.9 % as it went from Euro 0.55 million
in the first 3 months of 1999 to now Euro 2.37 million.
Accordingly the Earnings per Share are Euro 0.18 versus Euro 0.04 in the
first quarter of 1999.

1 Attachment

If you want to receive a full set of the financial statements and any other
further information please contact Mr. Franz Gritsch, CFO, or visit

Schoeller-Bleckmann Oilfield Equipment AG
A-2630 Ternitz/Austria, Hauptstraße 2
Tel     43 2630 315 500
Fax     43 2630 315 101



                                                3 months ended      Year ended
                                          31.03.2000  31.03.1999    31.12.1999

                                           UNAUDITED   UNAUDITED
                                          1.000 Euro  1.000 Euro    1.000 Euro

Sales                                        31.919      22.341        81.230
Other operating income                           43          71           375
Total sales and revenues                     31.962      22.412        81.605

Cost of sales                               -24.072     -18.640       -67.207

Gross Profit                                  7.890       3.772        14.398

Selling, administration & general expenses   -3.283      -3.121       -12.807
Research and development expenses              -162        -122          -715
Income from operations                        4.445         529           876

Other income/expenses                            53          36         1.358
Foreign exchange gain/loss                      310       1.174         2.084
Interest income/expenses                       -629        -618        -2.195
Total other income                             -266         592         1.247

Income on ordinary activities bef. tax        4.179       1.121         2.123

Income taxes                                 -1.424        -553          -633

Income after taxation                         2.755         568         1.490

Minority interests                             -389         -23            21
Net income                                    2.366         545         1.511

Earnings per share (in EURO)                   0,18        0,04          0,12
Number of shares outstanding             13.000.000  13.000.000    13.000.000


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