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Probleme bei der Darstellung von ARIVA.DE?

Short Squeeezzzeeee; LHS ->ARIVA

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Short Squeeezzzeeee; LHS ->ARIVA hugo

Short Squeeezzzeeee; LHS ->ARIVA

08.10.99 01:24
October 07, 1999 16:57

Clearnet Places LHS' Targys Customer Server and Customer Inquiry Client Application into Production
ATLANTA/FRANKFURT--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Oct. 7, 1999--LHS Group Inc. (NASDAQ: LHSG)(Neuer Markt: LHI) today announced that Clearnet Communications Inc. (TSE, ME: NET.A; NASDAQ: CLNTF) has implemented LHS' Targys Customer Server and Customer Inquiry Application in conjunction with its upgrade to LHS' Business Support and Control System (BSCS) version 5.2.
The Customer Inquiry Application provides a user specific workflow and corresponding call center inquiry screens that allow quick access to account history, resulting in reduced call handling time, fewer callbacks and greater customer satisfaction. The Customer Inquiry Application interfaces to BSCS via the Customer Server, which provides an open API for users, integrators and third party vendors to access BSCS.

"The benefit of LHS' Targys technology for Clearnet is that the Inquiry Application immediately allows the call center to see vital client data when the client calls in," said Eros Spadotto, Clearnet's Vice President of Networks and Information Systems. "Targys gives us the ability to provide efficient and personalized service to our clients. In our competitive environment, speed and flexibility in how our client's needs are met is vital."

"Clearnet agreed to become an early adopter of the Targys Customer Server and Targys client applications because of the excellent relationship we have shared for the past three years," said Roy Frederickson, LHS vice president, Global Management - Targys. "Our close cooperation with Clearnet enables LHS to respond quickly to the client's needs and provides feedback from a user's perspective that we can use to develop further client applications with the Targys Customer Server."

LHS is continuing a phased rollout of additional Targys applications during the remainder of 1999 and expects to complete the rollout throughout 2000.

About Clearnet

Clearnet (TSE, ME: NET.A; NASDAQ: CLNTF) is a leading Canadian wireless communications company that operates three separate wireless networks: the digital Clearnet PCS nationally, the digital Mike network in Ontario, Quebec and British Columbia, and analogue dispatch communication services across Canada. Founded in 1984 and a public company since 1994, Clearnet is an independent Canadian controlled and managed company. For more information, visit Clearnet's web site at

About LHS

LHS is a leading global provider of convergent client/server customer care, billing and customer acquisition software and services to the telecommunications industry. Its over 150 systems are licensed to customers in more than 70 countries, operating in 13 languages. LHS has 18 partners worldwide (system integrators, international operators and equipment manufacturers) representing one of the largest implementation and support networks in the global customer care and billing market. In addition to its Atlanta headquarters, LHS has major offices in Frankfurt, Germany; Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia; Sao Paulo, Brazil; Boston, USA; and Zurich, Switzerland. LHS is listed with NASDAQ (LHSG) and on the Frankfurt Neuer Markt Exchange (LHI). For more information, visit LHS' web site at

"Forward-looking statements" as defined in the Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995 may be included in this news release. A variety of factors could cause LHS' actual results to differ from the anticipated results expressed in such forward-looking statements. These factors are described in greater detail in LHS' filings with the United States Securities and Exchange Commission.

    CONTACT:  Media Contacts:          
              LHS Group Inc.
              Klaus Kleber, 770/280-3461 (USA)
              Fleishman-Hillard Germany
              Peter Tasch, +49 (0) 69-405 702 16
              Investor Relations Contacts:
              Rainer Westermann, 770/290-6360 (USA)
              Nikolas Stackelberg +49 (0) 6103-482-456 (Europe)

Short Squeeezzzeeee; LHS ->ARIVA checkit

Soll ich das jetzt alles lesen ? oder was ? o.T.

08.10.99 01:30
Short Squeeezzzeeee; LHS ->ARIVA hugo

lesen, was sonst o.T.

08.10.99 01:40
Short Squeeezzzeeee; LHS ->ARIVA checkit

Mach doch bitte mal ne deutsche Zusammenfassung, dann wird's um .

leichter. Oder nicht ??

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