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Probleme bei der Darstellung von ARIVA.DE?

SER Systeme - News 22.06.2000 m.T. SER -> ariva

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SER  Systeme - News  22.06.2000  m.T.   SER -> ariva Bandit

SER Systeme - News 22.06.2000 m.T. SER -> ariva


Zugegeben, was jetzt kommt ist nur ein Randbereich für SER , den SER wohl mittelfristig verkaufen
wird. Diese Software wurde von der übernommenen Tochter in GB Pafec entwickelt. Es handelt sich
um ein Navigationsprogramm, daß vor allen bei Behörden ( Polizei, Feuerwehr, Krankentransporte...)
zum Einsatz kommt, also im professionellen Bereich.

Interessant dürfte für SER daran wohl der Kontakt zu den Kunden sein, die dann auch leichter für
DMS Produkte zu gewinnen sein sollten.

Hier die Nachricht:

West Yorkshire Police Purchase SERworld

Leading GIS Solution for Emergency Services Facilitates Consolidation of Call Centre & Despatch Centres

SER Systems Limited – a leading provider of GIS solutions for the Emergency Services market – today announced it has won an order from West Yorkshire Police for the
purchase of its GIS system, SERworld.

The Force is in the process of consolidating its 5 multi-functional Area Control Room sites to a centralised Call Centre and two specialist Despatch Centres. Chief Supt
Len Sagar, Head of Communications Division, sees the map-based information contained in SER world as "A technological leap forward compared to our previous
mapping systems, it will greatly enhance our ability to quickly pinpoint incident locations and reduce caller interrogation time".

Installed in the Force`s Call Centre at Wakefield and two Despatch Centres at Leeds and Bradford, SERworld will be used initially as a stand-alone system for future
development, using additional data sets and links to other NSPIS products. SERworld was awarded the NSPIS GIS Contract making it the de facto GIS for police

applications, and was selected by West Yorkshire Police because of its market leadership position. "We selected SERworld because it was a tried and tested system
and part of the NSPIS solution," comments Detective Chief Inspector Ian Sampson of West Yorkshire Police, GIS Project Manager.

West Yorkshire Police are the fourth largest force in the country, responsible for policing a wide geographical area covering both the inner city housing estates in Leeds
and Bradford and the rural communities in the Calder Valley. Serving a population of 2 million people, West Yorkshire Police have to respond quickly to more than 1,000
999 calls every day, covering a variety of incidents from drug-related offences to house burglaries and road traffic accidents.

The closure of two local Area Control Rooms and the introduction of modern working practices raised fears regarding the potential loss of local knowledge: West Yorkshire
Police wanted a system that would combat this by enabling them to pinpoint incidents quickly. SERworld can automatically receive information from the C&C system and
display the location of the incident graphically on a map. This allows the Call Taker to interact with the caller in an informed manner, thereby reassuring the caller and
giving them confidence that their location is clearly understood. The system will also help the Despatch Centres to allocate resources quickly to deal with incidents.

West Yorkshire Police will also be using QuickAddress by QAS Systems as the Gazetteer Management System that allows for rapid identification of addresses.
Previously the Force relied upon the Electoral Register on one stand-alone terminal within each room, so queues would often form. SERworld allows the Register to be
interrogated from any terminal, facilitating a fast and accurate response to incident management. In addition to the display of address details, SERworld can also be
developed to provide graphical map-based information on previous incidents and other essential information, such as those addresses in the incident locality with firearms
licence holders or buildings containing hazardous substances. Once relevant data sets have been developed, this wealth of information can be given to the officers
responding to the call and be used by managers for overall incident management and control.

Although initially used to assist with call taking and resource allocation, it is expected that SERworld will begin trials to all other areas of West Yorkshire Police for major
incident planning, crime pattern analysis and staff training. When trials are complete it is expected that SERworld will become an essential tool not only for day-to-day
incident control and call management but also for crime pattern analysis and the development of strategic pro-active policies that will further reduce crime in West

According to Ian Sampson, Detective Chief Inspector, West Yorkshire Police, "SER have been very helpful and have tailored the system to fit into our environment.
Popular with users, SERworld is easy to use and is already bringing benefits to Officers in West Yorkshire."

Ian Blackhurst, Manager for SERworld, concludes "This order confirms SER`s position as the market-leading supplied of GIS solutions to the Emergency Services Market,
and demonstrates our commitment to the continued development and enhancement of our GIS solutions. We were delighted to have had the opportunity of working closely
with West Yorkshire Police in order to deliver a solution which will bring benefits today and which can be expanded in the future to provide benefits tomorrow."

Viele Grüße

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