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Probleme bei der Darstellung von ARIVA.DE?

SER Systeme - Best of AIIM - Auszeichnung auf Messe in New York

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SER Systeme -  Best of AIIM   - Auszeichnung auf Messe in New York Bandit

SER Systeme - Best of AIIM - Auszeichnung auf Messe in New York

04.05.00 11:40

                 Best of AIIM

                 By the staff of Imaging & Document Solutions

                 “E-business” was the mantra endlessly chanted at last month’s AIIM
                 show in New York, April 10-12. Levitating information management to
                 a more strategic plane, vendors of every description cast document
                 technologies as the enabler of business processes on the Web.

                 Though some were longer on vision than real e-biz experience,
                 vendors collectively made the case that evolved capture, workflow,
                 report and document management solutions will support employee-,
                 supplier- and customer-facing applications as they move to the
                 Internet. It’s a valid argument, and it was underscored in mid-April as
                 dot-com stock values plummeted on the NASDAQ while
                 brick-and-mortar businesses (BAMs) returned to favor. The pure
                 dot-coms will continue to lose money, some argue, because they

                 must invest millions in infrastructure—such as fulfillment and
                 customer service—that “old-economy” businesses built long ago.

                 The next phase will see vendors put deeper meaning behind
                 buzzwords like “portal” and “XML,” but this year’s Best of AIIM
                 selection includes solutions and technologies that present real value
                 for dot-coms, dot-BAMs and click-and-mortar wannabes alike.

                 New technologies are bringing document-intensive processes online
                 while established technologies are being adapted and enhanced for
                 the Web. Color and sheer processing power are conquering age-old
                 paper processing headaches like document capture, classification,
                 indexing and data extraction. Storage options are not only better,
                 faster and cheaper, they’re more intelligent, supporting ambitious,
                 data-intensive applications that would not have been imaginable just
                 a few years ago. Read on for a look toward the future.

                 Transaction-Oriented Document Portal

                 Tower Technology
                 ( brings a
                 Web-centric solution to
                 transaction-oriented business
                 processes with its IDM Corporate
                 Document Portal. Automating more
                 than just paper-based transactions,
                 Tower has integrated HTML-, PDF- and
                 XML-based electronic forms linked to a
                 choice of workflow engines. A new
                 Web capture feature records all page views seen during a Web site
                 visit and then commits them to archive upon the completion of a sale
                 or transaction. This supports customer service and dispute resolution
                 while meeting legal requirements.

                 Tower’s solution works with any browser, and it requires no plug-ins
                 to view color or bitonal images, faxes, electronic documents, emails,
                 COLD reports or captured Web pages. Documents are stored in their
                 native format and rendered in bandwidth-friendly PNG or JPG format.
                 Interfaces can be customized for customer self-service.

                 Content Management For E-Biz

                 Rich media management, Web content
                 management and federated searching
                 are the key advantages of Content
                 Manager from IBM
                 ( The
                 solution combines IBM’s Digital Library
                 media asset management system with
                 its VisualInfo imaging system through a
                 Web content management module with
                 a common set of APIs. You get unified
                 Web-based management of more than 200 file types including
                 images, emails, COLD reports, databases, HTML and XML content,
                 voice mails and rich-media content including streaming audio and
                 video and high quality photos and graphics.

                 Content Manager supports eight types of servers. Object repositories
                 remain separate from the library server for flexibility and scalability,
                 yet you can perform federated (single-request) searching across all
                 data types. IBM is integrating Content Manager with its own
                 Enterprise Information Portal as well as with ERP systems, legacy
                 systems and solutions from partners including Documentum, Vignette,
                 Open Market and Plumtree.

                 Report & Document Portal

                 Quest’s Vista Plus software is a
                 back-end repository for electronic files
                 and report data streams. Traditionally
                 they’ve offered access to these
                 through a Web browser. An
                 e-Purposing Engine converts traditional
                 documents and print streams to HTML
                 or PDF format. A new PortalVue
                 Connector lets users access reports and documents through any
                 portal interface. Quest’s first portal partner is TopTier. Users can log
                 in to the system through a Vista Plus client, through a standard Web
                 browser, via email using Microsoft Outlook or through an Adobe
                 Acrobat Reader. A TransVue Client lets users create a universal
                 repository to store report output from enterprise resource planning
                 systems such as SAP R/3, PeopleSoft, Lawson, Baan and Oracle
                 applications as well as electronic documents created in Word, Excel
                 and AutoCAD. Quest also announced a partnership with Kofax Image
                 Products to connect Vista Plus 4.3 with the Kofax Ascent Capture
                 solution for scanning and capture of paper-based documents, which
                 can then be added to the Vista Plus data repository.

                 Content Management ASP

                 CyLex was one of the first companies
                 to become a document application
                 service provider. They started hosting
                 their own CyLex Express imaging
                 software in 1994. Now they’re also
                 offering a hosted version of
                 Documentum’s 4i document and
                 content management system that
                 mid-size companies and departments
                 of large organizations can rent. CyLex
                 has built a middleware layer on top of
                 4i that integrates with more than 350 other products. They store and
                 manage images, documents, emails and other content, providing
                 revision control, document check-in and check-out and other
                 features of the 4i product. They’ve worked out the necessary details
                 for a reliable ASP. An industrial-strength physical facility is provided
                 by EMC. CyLex manages transaction logs and provides billing through
                 software from Daleen. They provide Web-based account activation
                 and self-service. The pricing is based on a combination of volume,
                 number of users and retrieval rates (fed through a pricing algorithm).
                 Customers share servers to gain of economies of scale.

                 E-Forms Integration With IDM

                 Unisys ( has
                 browser-enabled and upgraded its
                 entire suite of imaging and workflow
                 components, but the real “solutions”
                 story behind e-@ction Business
                 Process Solutions is best-of-breed
                 partnerships. At AIIM, Unisys
                 announced new integrations with
                 PureEdge for electronic forms,
        for fillable forms and
                 Readsoft for forms processing
                 solutions. This adds to existing partnerships with Kodak for scanners
                 and Plasmon for storage.

                 The InternetForms Commerce System from PureEdge provides a
                 legally binding Web/XML-based replacement for traditional paper
                 forms with provisions for security and electronic signatures.
       ’s FormFiller technology lets customers fill out forms online,
                 but it prints out a barcoded version of the form that can be mailed to
                 the customer for their signature. The returned document is
                 automatically matched with the original data, saving extraction and
                 entry expenses while also providing a legal record. When paper forms
                 can’t be avoided, Unisys has experience integrating ReadSoft’s Eyes
                 & Hands forms processing solution. At AIIM, Unisys announced its
                 successful completion of a forms system at the Minnesota
                 Department of Economic Security, where the tax branch copes with
                 2,500 forms per day.

                 Unisys has upgraded its own workflow and imaging technologies with
                 fully browser-based clients, multi-domain administration for
                 enterprise-wide deployment and more robust workflow time and event
                 triggers. The integrator has DOD-certified technology for records

                 Web Content/ Data Capture

                 Bringing content and data capture to
                 the Internet, Mitek
                 ( has developed
                 WEBrowz, an automated tool that lets
                 you select elements on a Web page
                 and capture them at a specified
                 interval or period in time. The system
                 can poll and capture the same page or
                 elements within a page using multiple
                 user inputs. Stock brokers, for example, could query and capture
                 data from a Web-based financial analysis engine using a pre-defined
                 list of stock symbols. It’s applicable to any application requiring
                 historical or trend analysis or point-in-time records.

                 Mitek says WEBrowz differs from Web crawlers in that it lets you
                 capture elements of pages or multiple selected pages instead of
                 whole pages or sites. The system also applies Mitek’s ICR and
                 document understanding technology to otherwise non-readable text
                 embedded in GIF or JPEG images. The WEBrowz interface uses dialog
                 boxes, drop-down menus and other familiar GUI features to make
                 capture and delivery of data and images point-and-click simple.
                 Information is stored to user-defined text files or databases.

                 Web Input For E-Business

                 ActionPoint Designer and ActionPoint
                 Dialog Server from ActionPoint
                 Technologies (formerly Input Software)
                 let you create interactive forms and
                 insert business rules into the process
                 of filling out forms. The Designer
                 creates extensions to XML that hold
                 information about relationships among
                 elements within the schema. You could
                 set up “if, then” sequences so that if a
                 customer chooses a particular product, accessory choices for that
                 choice would pop up. HTML pages with embedded JavaScript are
                 pushed to the browser. When a customer goes through an
                 ActionPoint dialog, they encounter an interactive Web page through
                 which they can make calculations and product choices without
                 feeling like they’re filling out a form. The dialog responds to their
                 choices and skips questions and fields that don’t apply. The system
                 can output a traditional form including the customer’s data in a PDF
                 file that can be archived or printed, signed and returned to meet the
                 requirements of a legally binding form. You can connect the
                 ActionPoint product to InputAccel Enterprise Server (also shipping in
                 the second quarter) in order to connect these interactive forms to
                 back-office databases, workflows and line-of-business applications or
                 ERP systems.

                 Personalized Forms Response

                 This software leverages the
                 technology Cardiff (
                 acquired when it bought Adobe spinoff
                 AudienceOne in February. AudienceOne
                 software delivers personalized
                 documents via the Web and
                 print-on-demand systems. Cardiff’s
                 new AudienceOne Personalization
                 Server is a combination of Cardiff’s
                 Teleform HTML+Forms, which lets you
                 design and process HTML forms, and the AudienceOne Publisher,
                 which converts existing documents created in Word, Quark, Adobe
                 InDesign and other publishing products into personalized content. As
                 an example, a bank could offer a short loan form on their Web site
                 and upon receiving entered data, instantly send the customer a
                 customized loan packet. Pricing starts at $25,000 per server.

                 Color OCR & Forms Processing

                 ReadSoft ( trained
                 its internal OCR engines to read color
                 JPEG images (as well as traditional
                 bitonal TIFFs) for the 5.0 version of
                 their forms processing software.
                 ReadSoft says this results in up to a
                 20% improvement in accuracy over
                 OCR of bitonal images because of the
                 extra information provided in color
                 files. Another advantage of color is
                 that the system can automatically identify forms based on the colors
                 they contain. ReadSoft Eyes & Hands for Forms 5.0 lets you create a
                 form in Microsoft Word that automatically generates a form definition
                 and a printable form. You can later add attributes like verifications
                 and database lookups within Eyes & Hands. The template you create
                 in Word can also be turned into a Web form. That collects data in
                 XML format. This version of Eyes & Hands has a COM-based
                 architecture and an optional SQL 7 database.

                 Automated Document Indexing

                 Capture vendors have automated
                 structured and even semi-structured
                 documents, but SERbrainware from
                 SER ( looks like
                 the next wave in classifying and
                 indexing paper-based information with
                 minimal user intervention. Using a
                 combination of full-text OCR and
                 artificial intelligence, SERbrainware can
                 analyze even completely unstructured documents and automatically
                 classify and extract data for indexing or transaction processing.

                 The SERbrainware technology is trainable, but you teach it on
                 document types instead of specific examples of every document
                 you’ll encounter. Rather than relying on traditional recognition zones
                 or barcodes, the technology takes advantage of today’s high-speed
                 processors to examine the entire document. If you train it on an
                 invoice, for example, it is designed to classify and extract the crucial
                 data elements from any invoice, even if it wasn’t trained on that
                 specific form. Validations, lookups and quality assurance features
                 ensure accuracy. The end result is a system that will minimize
                 pre-scan batch preparation time and post-scan classification and
                 data entry costs.

                 SER is a leading workflow and document management vendor in
                 Europe. It entered the US market last year by acquiring Macrosoft
                 (now SER Macrosoft). SERbrainware is currently in beta testing in
                 Germany, and it is expected to be integrated with the Synergy 2000
                 integrated document management system by late summer.

                 Electronic Signatures For The Web

                 ForThe ePersona wizard from Silanis
                 Technology ( lets
                 people create electronic signatures in
                 a simple way and use them in many
                 common applications. The user can
                 create a signature once by signing a
                 piece of paper and faxing it to a Silanis
                 server. Silanis emails the signature
                 back to the user’s desktop as a TIFF
                 file, encrypts it on the user’s PC and links it to an audit trail that
                 confirms who created the signature and when, and that it’s
                 authentic. Users of Silanis’ ApproveIt electronic signature host
                 software can sign a synchronized Palm Pilot or Windows CE device
                 every time they need to approve a file. A pen pad can also be used
                 to generate a vector signature. These signatures can then be
                 embedded in any Microsoft Word, Excel or Outlook, Adobe Acrobat,
                 JetForm FormFlow, HTML or XML file. The signature is
                 password-protected - you can’t use it unless you type in the right
                 PIN. Once you’ve put a signature on a document, the signature will
                 become invalid if the file is changed. This makes digital signatures
                 viable and secure over the Web for electronic commerce. You can
                 test it by getting a free electronic signature at

                 Toolkit For Linux

                 With Rastermaster Version 9.0,
                 Snowbound ( has
                 ported their imaging toolkit library to
                 Linux. This will let imaging application
                 developers port their products over to
                 Linux without having to write their own
                 versions of imaging libraries or obtain
                 alternate sources. Rastermaster
                 libraries come complete with sample
                 applications and their source code.
                 Rastermaster for Linux ($3,000) has
                 been tested under Red Hat Linux and should work on any big-endian
                 Linux hardware.

                 Snowbound has also updated Rastermaster Java, bringing it in line
                 with the native Rastermaster toolkits and making the Java code fully
                 reentrant, which is important for multi-threaded applications. With
                 fully re-entrant Java code, developers can now make Java
                 applications that can approach traditional executable binaries for
                 stability and utility.

                 Snowbound is selling licenses to fully coded Java applications. Called
                 Snaplets, these are full applications written in Java that can be
                 customized for the user. The applications enable image file viewing
                 over the Internet by any Java-enabled client.

                 High-Speed Color Scanner

                 The FasTrac scans an incredible 200
                 pages per minute (400 ipm duplex) at
                 200 dpi in color. Doubling the speed of
                 the ImageTrac scanner from IBML
                 (, the FasTrac scans
                 mixed and uniform documents in 24-bit
                 color. We like the open vacuum
                 transport, which keeps mixed
                 document types on track. An
                 easy-to-use touch-screen control panel eases operation. The
                 FasTrac includes IBML’s SoftTrac software, which lets you specify
                 what types of images (JPEG, TIFF or both) and data (OCR, ICR,
                 barcode) you want to capture. From one scan you can generate
                 three images: a color JPEG, a bitonal and a form with red, green or
                 blue color dropout. This meets all your archiving and data capture
                 needs in one step. A simplex, single pocket FasTrac starts at
                 $255,000 for hardware, software installation and training.

                 Mid-Range Color Scanner

                 The Digital Science Scanner 4500 from
                 Kodak (
                 offers duplex color scanning at an
                 affordable price. Where its
                 predecessor, the 3590C, scanned
                 documents in color on one side and
                 bitonal on the other, this scanner
                 outputs color and bitonal images on
                 both sides. The color image can be
                 used for archiving while the bitonal is
                 suitable for optical character recognition. Output of four images per
                 page in duplex mode is made possible by a bundled ISIS driver
                 developed by Pixel Translations and Picture Elements. Incorporated
                 into the scanner is Perfect Page technology, which starts with
                 Kodak’s advanced CCD arrays for better image quality. The software
                 performs contour tracing around each document for more accurate

                 The 4500 scans 45 ppm at 150 dpi (color) in portrait page
                 orientation. With duplex scanning and simultaneous color and bitonal
                 output, you can capture as many as 180 images per minute. The
                 4500D (duplex) is priced at $31,990. The optional (pre-scan)
                 imprinter brings the price to $34,990.

                 Bitonal Production Scanner

                 Fujitsu ( announced a
                 new production scanner at AIIM, the
                 high-speed M4099D, which handles 90
                 ppm/180 ipm at 200 dpi (bitonal,
                 portrait). It comes with ScanRight
                 IPC-3D, the latest version of the
                 manufacturer’s built-in image
                 processing software. ScanRight offers
                 five pre-scan settings that let you
                 adjust the scanner for categories of
                 image types: Normal, Background/Foreground, Clean-up Noise, Forms
                 and Magazine. We thought the image quality in the demos looked
                 very good. The scanner comes with length and width multifeed
                 detection, duplex red, green and blue dropout, a one-year onsite
                 warranty and an optional post-scan endorser. Best of all, the M4099D
                 is priced at $20,995.

                 Partitionable DVD Jukes

                 Asaca ( has fielded
                 an impressive array of new features on
                 their DVD-RAM jukeboxes, adding
                 significant value to products
                 introduced last year. The AM-250DVD
                 ($30,000) holds 200 to 250 discs and
                 one to six DVD-RAM drives. The
                 AM-750DVD holds 600 to 750 discs and
                 up to 12 DVD-RAM drives. The
                 AM-1450DVD ($90,000 - $200,000)
                 holds 1,100 to 1,450 discs.

                 The two largest jukeboxes offer pass throughs that allow up to eight
                 boxes to be

                 connected side-by-side and discs to be moved from one cabinet to
                 the next. Dual picker robots flip the discs to take advantage of
                 double-sided DVD-RAM discs. Other features include an electronic
                 system for quickly identifying disc magazines, SCSI and fibre channel
                 connectivity and extra space for installation of the jukebox server.

                 Asaca jukes now feature a QNX (embedded Unix-based) control panel
                 complete with an Apache Web server that lets you modify and
                 monitor the jukebox over a network. It can send alerts in case a fault
                 appears in the jukebox. The library can be partitioned into separate
                 logical libraries that can share slots and drives. This simplifies library
                 management across multiple departments.

                 Value DVD Jukebox

                 Kubota has long been a manufacturer
                 of magneto-optical libraries sold
                 through companies such as Maxoptix
                 and Globalstor. Now Kubota will be
                 selling DVD-RAM jukeboxes in the US
                 under its own name.

                 The SA-1600, DJ20 and DJ40 are all
                 based on Kubota’s proven MO designs.
                 DVD-RAM discs are kept in their hard
                 plastic cases, and the robotics flip
                 discs to make use of their double-sided capacity.

                 Kubota ( has upgraded their robotics by
                 moving the motor and electronics from the picker to the base for
                 faster exchange times. The DJ20 and DJ40 ($5,125 and $9,000) have
                 20 and 40 slots, respectively, with an average swap time of 2.5
                 seconds. The SA-1600 ($33,400 - $97,200) is a large jukebox with a
                 rotating picker.The base unit has 2 to 16 drives and 382 to 436 slots.
                 Integrate up to four base units to reach a maximum capacity of 1840
                 discs for more than 9.5 terabytes.

                 Rimage DVD-R Duplicator

                 Rimage ( brings the
                 4.7 GB-per-side DVD-R format to the
                 duplication market with the Producer
                 2000 Protégé DVD-R ($45,000). This
                 120-disc automated duplicator
                 features two Pioneer DVD-S201
                 recorders that have been ruggedized
                 and fitted with extra cooling for
                 reliability in production environments.
                 You can make identical or unique discs
                 at the same time, and a Prism thermal printer lets you add custom

                 The Protégé DVD-R duplicator is built on the same platform as
                 Rimage’s CD duplicators. The software runs on a dedicated Windows
                 NT computer. You can execute duplication jobs from this computer or
                 submit them over a network from a remote machine. The recorders
                 each take about 60 minutes to create a full 4.7-GB DVD (recording
                 about as fast as an 8x CD recorder).

                 The Protégé will take on storage-hungry applications such as audio
                 and video, medical images and large document collections. It’s
                 perfect for firms that need to widely distribute large amounts of data
                 that can’t be efficiently transmitted over a network.

                 Network-Attached Mass Storage

                 Grau’s Infinistor Virtual Disk System
                 combines their Infinistore Tape Library
                 with a dedicated Windows NT server
                 and specially optimized tape archive
                 software to offer a complete network
                 attached enterprise storage appliance.
                 The system ranges from 2.5 TB
                 ($100,000) up to 20 TB ($400,000),
                 with costs as low as $0.02 per
                 megabyte (uncompressed).

                 The library hardware holds 200, 250 or 340 AIT-2 tape cartridges and
                 up to 16 drives. The library’s controller uses a Java application  
SER Systeme -  Best of AIIM   - Auszeichnung auf Messe in New York Bandit

SER -> ariva

04.05.00 11:44
Auf dieser Messe waren neben vielen Internationalen Ausstellern auch die deutschen CE Computer , Ixos und Easy vertreten. SER hat meines Wissens nach als einziges europäisches Unternehmen eine Auszeichnung erhalten

Weitere Infos gibts unter oder unter:

SER Systeme -  Best of AIIM   - Auszeichnung auf Messe in New York ChallengeFF

Fleißarbeit----------- Dank

05.05.00 13:36
Hallo Bandit

Ich verfolge immer wieder deine fleißigen Postings über SER

Leider hift es im Moment auch nicht viel,

Aber einige Leidensgenossen(auch ich ) halten dadurch ihre SER fest

Nun muß das Unternehmen durch Zahlen wieder Vertrauen gewinnen dann wirds auch wieder besser - vorher sehe ich keine Besserung

Gruß Challenge FF

SER Systeme -  Best of AIIM   - Auszeichnung auf Messe in New York Bandit

Re: SER Systeme - Best of AIIM - Auszeichnung auf Messe in New York

Ich glaube auch , daß sich vor den Zahlen nicht viel tun wird.
Die erwartungen dürften aber auch sehr niedrig geschraubt sein ,da viele Blätter (wie z.B. BO ) schon ähnlichen Debakel wie bei Ixos erwarten.
Wenn die Ergebnisse in line sind dürfte es wieder losgehen. 2000 dürfte wohl ein wesentlich besseres Jahr für SER werden, vor allen die Amis werden jetzt so langsam auf Brainware aufmerksam.

    Internationale Auszeichnung für SERbrainware:

    "Best of AIIM 2000" Award in New York

    Neustadt/Wied, New York, 05.05.2000

    SERbrainware wurde mit dem "Best of AIIM 2000" Award
    ausgezeichnet. Die Zeitschrift Imaging & Document Solutions
    Magazine prämierte die besten Imaging- und
    Dokumenten-Management-Produkte, die auf der diesjährigen AIIM
    2000 in New York vorgestellt wurden. In der Kategorie "Automatische
    inhaltliche Dokumentenerschließung" setzte sich SERbrainware als
    Sieger durch. In ihrer Begründung bezeichnet die Jury SERbrainware
    als „neue Generation der Klassifizierungs- und Indizierungs-Software
    für Informationen, die mit einem minimalen Anpassungsaufwand für
    den Benutzer auskommt“.

    Aus dem Angebot der wichtigsten Hersteller und Anbieter von
    Dokumenten-Management- und Imaging-Software auf der führenden
    internationalen Fachmesse AIIM in den USA ermittelte die Zeitschrift Imaging
    & Document Solutions die Kandidaten für die „Best of AIIM 2000“ Awards. In

    mehr als 80 Präsentationen und Produkt-Vorstellungen prüften die Mitarbeiter
    der Zeitschrift die innovativsten Produkte. Zusätzlich wurde für die Beurteilung
    die Meinung von Industrie-Analysten, Beratern und externen Journalisten

    „Wir sind selbst fasziniert von den Möglichkeiten, die SERbrainware bietet.
    Deshalb freuen wir uns natürlich sehr über die Auszeichnung „Best of AIIM
    2000“, betont Dr. Phil Storey, Vorstandsmitglied der SER Systeme AG.
    „Dabei stellt die auf der AIIM gezeigte Lösung für die automatische
    Klassifikation und Extraktion nur einen von vielen Anwendungsbereichen für
    SERbrainware dar. Auf ihrer Grundlage entwickelt SER weitere, innovative
    Lösungen für Knowledge-Management, Dokumenten-Management, Workflow
    sowie eBusiness.“

    SERbrainware ist eine Software-Engine für die inhaltliche Erschließung und
    Klassifikation unstrukturierter Dokumente. Sie basiert auf einem neuronalen
    Netz, das - ähnlich wie der Mensch – Dokumente „liest“ und sie entsprechend
    den Vorstellungen des Anwenders klassifiziert. Dazu benötigt SERbrainware
    im Unterschied zu herkömmlichen Systemen keine festen, aufwendig zu
    pflegenden Regeln, sondern es „lernt“ mit Hilfe von Beispieldokumenten, nach
    welchen Präferenzen die Informationen klassifiziert werden sollen. Diese
    Eigenschaft gab auch für die Jury den Ausschlag für die Auszeichnung von

    Die auf der AIIM gezeigte SER-Lösung auf der Basis von SERbrainware
    analysiert und klassifiziert nicht nur, sondern extrahiert auch die gewünschten
    Daten aus unstrukturierten wie aus strukturierten Dokumenten und stellt sie
    für andere Anwendungen zur Verfügung.Den vollständigen Text des Imaging
    Magazins finden Sie unter Weitere
    Informationen zu SERbrainware finden Sie unter  

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