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SAP - Zusammenarbeit mit Öl und Gasindustrie

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SAP - Zusammenarbeit mit Öl und Gasindustrie Elster

SAP - Zusammenarbeit mit Öl und Gasindustrie

Habe gerade info von SAP erhalten:

Nach den manchmal eher bedächtigen Analysen der letzten Zeit vielleicht Anlaß zu neuem, weiteren Schub. Einigen Analysten zufolge werden sich Gewinn und Umsatz so entwickeln, dass ich für 2000 für SAP ein Kursziel von 1200 sehe, was mich freut, da ich einen Call beim STand von 380 gekauft habe :-).

Statoil and SAP Team Up to Create First Open Online Marketplace For Oil and
Gas Industry Through

New Global Vertical Marketplace Significantly Increases Companies' Operating
Efficiencies; Open to All Members of the Oil and Gas Industry
WALLDORF, Germany - Jan. 18, 2000 - SAP AG (NYSE ADR: SAP), the leading
provider of inter-enterprise software solutions, today announced that
Statoil, the world's second-largest supplier of crude oil, and SAP will
co-develop the first open global online marketplace for the oil and gas
industry. SAP will provide the infrastructure through, an open
collaborative business environment of personalized solutions on demand, and
host the marketplace to enable leading oil and gas companies to collaborate
and conduct commerce over the Internet. Statoil will include a select number
of its suppliers to participate in the pilot of the marketplace.
The Marketplace for the Oil and Gas Industry will be open to all
members of the oil and gas industry. The initial focus of the marketplace
will be on procurement of equipment and services for upstream and downstream
business including maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) goods and
services, spare parts, equipment, and oil field services. Statoil, whose
procurement's costs reached $4 billion in 1999, expects a substantial cost

savings from the Marketplace for the Oil and Gas Industry.
"With intense global competition, oil and gas companies need to continuously
develop innovative ways to increase the efficiency of their operations to
maintain a competitive edge," said Dieter Rafalsky, head of the SAP AG
Industry Business Unit for the oil and gas industry. "With the new
Marketplace for the Oil and Gas Industry, oil and gas companies will be able
to embrace the Internet to expand market reach, reduce operational costs and
improve customer satisfaction. SAP is extremely pleased that Statoil has
chosen to participate to deliver the first open online marketplace for the
oil and gas industry."
For buyers, the marketplace will result in reduced transaction costs, quick
and easy evaluation of product alternatives, simplified handling of calls
for tender, increased market transparency, and up-to-date product
information. Benefits for sellers include expansion of markets, lower costs
of sale, focused market presence, reduced transaction costs, reduced time of
accounts receivable open, simplified handling of calls for tender, and
reduced marketing cost. The Marketplace for the Oil and Gas
Industry is expected to begin operating in the second quarter of 2000.
"Statoil's continued success in a highly competitive market is dependent on
our ability to remain on the forefront of utilizing new technology," said
Peter Tronslin, vice president of Corporate Procurement and Industry
Relations, Statoil, who has process responsibility for the integrated supply
chain. "We expect SAP to provide us with the technology we need to address
the requirements of the industry. We're pleased to work together with SAP
and expect that the pilot will help to realize our strategy."
About SAP
As the market leader of inter-enterprise software solutions, SAP is
leveraging its strength in industry-focused business software and the
world's largest enterprise software customer base to deliver provides an open collaborative business environment of
personalized solutions on demand. This enables companies of all sizes and
industries to fully engage their employees, customers and partners to
capitalize upon the new Internet economy. allows people to harness the power of the Internet to work
smarter, better and faster by optimizing supply chains, managing strategic
relationships, reducing time to market, sharing virtual information, and
increasing productivity and shareholder value.
SAP is listed on several exchanges including the Frankfurt stock exchange
and NYSE under the symbol "SAP." The SAP(tm) World Wide Web site can be
found at
About Statoil
Statoil - Den norske stats oljeselskap a.s. - is an international integrated
petroleum company, owned by the Norwegian state, with a net operating
revenue in 1998 of NOK 107 billion. The company is one of the world's
largest net sellers of crude oil, and a substantial supplier of natural gas
to Europe. It ranks as the biggest retailer of petrol and other oil products
in Scandinavia. The group is the leading player on the Norwegian continental
shelf, and has gradually expanded its international upstream operations in
recent years.
# # #
SAP, and all SAP product and service names herein are trademarks
or registered trademarks of SAP AG.
Other product and company names herein may be trademarks of their respective
© Copyright 2000, SAP AG

Stefan Gruber
Investor Relations
Neurottstrasse 16
D-69190 Walldorf
T +49 6227 7 61135
F +49 6227 7 46331

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