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Probleme bei der Darstellung von ARIVA.DE?

Re: hi eurasian

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Re: hi eurasian estrich

Re: hi eurasian

20.09.99 02:28
we are sinking together. stick to your teles, wait for half a year, we´ll be rising together again. anyway, we are not the only ones. most people are sinking with all kinds of stocks. stay cool, we have to slip through this pinhole called october, see you then.
yours, estrich
Re: hi eurasian estrich

Re: eurasian

do not touch mobilcom, don´t even think about it. very very risky. there are much more interesting stocks to a lower level to buy within the next six weeks, that offer bigger chances to rise. that a former jewel has come down is not a reason to catch that falling knife. it´ll cause you bloody fingers. so far to mobilcom.
are you following the conversations in german? there is another posting about mobilcom on this board right now.

there is something that i want to add to teles. ronin, a well accepted authority on this board concerning chart-technics has said that in a stable environment teles seems to have found its bottom at 35*. well, it seems that the environment is not stable, but it is too late to panic. anyway i´ll go this way. moods can change quite fast and shareholders have only a short memory, nobody will think about ever having felt that fear that people have right now and everybody will regret not to have bought on such special offers. i guess soon moods will change and people will jump back into the sea.

yours: estrich

p.s. if you want to know more, you have to say something about your stategy.

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