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Rumour PCCW(1186)Cable & Wireless Friday sign C&W HKT(0008)acquisition

 (Infocast News) Still were there different rumours about the acquisition in C&W HKT
 (0008) yesterday. As reported by Oriental Daily, it was rumoured that
 Pacific Century CyberWorks (1186) (PCCW) will sign an agreement in relation to the
 acquisition of the stakes of C&W HKT with UK-based Cable and Wireless
 on Friday, and that PCCW plans to place shares again. At the closing yesterday, is was
 also rumoured that CITIC Pacific (0267) will join into this acquisition
 event but CITIC Pacific has once again denied.

 Meanwhile, there was also a hearsay that Singapore Telecommunications (SingTel) will
 withdraw from such an acquisition event. SingTel emphasized when
 meeting the securities sector yesterday that the company will aim at developing the
 telecommunications market in Asia, including seeking chances to acquire
 internet service providers and to apply for telecoomunications licences in different
 countries, and forming alliances with strategic partners. However, the company
 strictly refused to talk about the acquisition event.  

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