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PCCW- ein weiteres Stück im Puzzle!!

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PCCW- ein weiteres Stück im Puzzle!! Trader

PCCW- ein weiteres Stück im Puzzle!!

March 07, 2000 12:13 Pacific Century CyberWorks Invests in Intelligenesis Corp.
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NEW YORK--(BUSINESS WIRE)--March 7, 2000--Pacific Century CyberWorks Limited ("PCCW" HKSE: 1186), the Hong Kong listed technology flagship of Pacific Century Group today announced an 8 percent stake investment in Intelligenesis Corporation, a software company developing artificial intelligence technology.

Webmind(TM), Intelligenesis' flagship product, is an artificial intelligence system that not only understands the meaning of concepts expressed in text, speech and numerical data patterns, but also creates its own ideas based on the information it accesses. The technology can be used in various applications, such as financial trading and automatic categorization of textual and numerical data.

"This is an exciting opportunity for us to invest in this innovative technology with the potential to revolutionize the way individuals and businesses interact with computers," said Alex Arena, Group Managing Director, Pacific Century CyberWorks. "We haven't even begun to imagine all that will be possible with `digital intuition.' Lifeless data and text will start to resemble everyday human knowledge and understanding."

"PCCW's investment will help us push information technology past the current boundaries," said Andy Siciliano, CEO of Intelligenesis Corp. "Our technology, Webmind(TM), will be the engine behind an advanced generation of web-based financial and information services, solving the very problem of information overload created by new technologies."

About Intelligenesis Corporation

Intelligenesis Corporation is a development-stage software company pioneering a new breed of digital intelligence for the Internet information economy. The Company is developing an artificial intelligence software architecture that understands the meaning of concepts expressed in text, speech, and numerical data patterns. By transforming documents and databases into a dynamic mind-like network of associations, WebMind can distinguish meaning in unstructured text, where the bulk of human knowledge is stored. In this way, human experience and psychology can be quantified for use in business analytics and decision-making. The Company intends to use the WebMind engine to develop a portfolio of advanced web-based financial and information products and services. Two of these products are in an advanced stage of development, and are expected for release this year. Intelligenesis currently has approximately 90 employees located primarily in New York City and Brazil.

About Pacific Century CyberWorks

Pacific Century CyberWorks Limited (PCCW), the Hong Kong-listed technology flagship of the Pacific Century Group ( is comprised of three main businesses: Pacific Convergence Corporation, CyberWorks Ventures and the Cyber-Port project.

Pacific Convergence Corporation (PCC) plans to be the world's leading provider of broadband Internet services, to be initially launched in Asia and serving 130 million cabled households. PCC's NOW (Network of the World) will offer the world's first fully converged service with interactive digital video viewing and Web access beginning with the first phase in 2000.

CyberWorks Ventures (CWV), PCCW's Internet incubator company, has invested in some 40 companies around the world, including technology enablers, e-commerce and content companies.

PCCW's strategic partners number among the world's leading Internet and technology companies, including Intel, the world leader in semiconductor design and manufacture, CMGi, America's foremost Internet incubator, and Hikari Tsushin, Japan's second biggest Internet company.

CONTACT: Intelligenesis Corporation
Lisa Pazer, 212/324-2001
Pacific Century CyberWorks Ltd.
Joan Wagner, 852-2514-8883 or 852-2514-8647
Fleishman-Hillard, for PCCW
Sandra Chu, 415/356-1017

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