pcclf interview cnn mit lee von heute

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pcclf interview cnn mit lee von heute schaumermal

pcclf interview cnn mit lee von heute

11.01.00 20:28
23:29  11-JAN-2000
Pac Cen Cyber <1186.HK> may list unit on Nasdaq

HONG KONG, Jan 11 (Reuters) - Pacific Century CyberWorks Ltd <1186.HK> chairman Richard Li said on Tuesday his company might list a subsidiary on Nasdaq <.IXIC> when time was right. "I think at the appropriate time we may list one of our subsidiaries in Nasdaq to fulfil the pure play appetite," Li told CNN in an interview.

He did not elaborate.

Pacific Century CyberWorks is a leading technology stock in Hong Kong, and has aroused enthusiasm for technology plays locally.

Li said Hong Kong was an Internet centre in Asia excluding Japan.

"I do believe today that Hong Kong is probably the Internet centre in Asia outside of Japan," he said. "There are by our estimate over 40,000 people who have left their full time job in the past 18 months and there is close to 2,000 new start-ups sprung up in the past eight months alone in this space," he told CNN. Li noted Hong Kong had already been moving from a property-driven market into a technology-focused market in the past six to eight months, with the government pushing ahead a policy that encourages technology development.

((Hong Kong Newsroom +852 2843-6590, Fax +852 2845-0636 hongkong.newsroom@reuters.com)) .

pcclf interview cnn mit lee von heute schaumermal

sorry, mit Li, nicht Lee. oder luv? o.T.


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