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PaineWeber rated CISCO Systems BUY

   NEW YORK, Nov 23 (Reuters) - PaineWebber said on Tuesday it started its coverage of computer networking firm Cisco Systems Inc. with a buy rating.
  -- Set $125 price target.
  -- "Cisco is the primary equipment beneficiary from the growth in data and the Internet."
  -- "We expect Cisco to grow its revenue by more than 40 percent again in 2000 to over $17 billion."
  -- "Cisco's movement into the faster growing and potentially much larger market of carrier-class data networking products will give rise to its next leg of growth."
  -- Cisco's shares closed at 87-1/2 on Monday on the Nasdaq stock market.
  ((--Wall Street Desk, 212-859-1730))

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Tuesday, 23 November 1999 15:00:33
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