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Probleme bei der Darstellung von ARIVA.DE?

Pacific Rim: Endlich wieder gute News. Einstieg in B2C. Geht's aufwärts ? mvT.

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Pacific Rim: Endlich wieder gute News. Einstieg in B2C. Geht's aufwärts ? mvT. checkit

Pacific Rim: Endlich wieder gute News. Einstieg in B2C. Geht's aufwär.

28.05.00 20:09
Mit Ozzie-Shopper und Plexus Int. (WKN 929017) will PCR nun wieder Dampf machen. Das wurde auch Zeit. Der PCR-Kurs hat von 1,07 in 01.00 auf jetzt 0,38 nachgegeben.
Gute News wurden auch zur Tochter Money-Planners veröffentlicht:
Gewinn +38%, Umsatz +204%. Da PCR eigentlich zur Old-Economy (Versicherungen, Fonds u.ä.) gehört und zusätzlich New-Economy mit interessanten Beteiligungen betreibt (Plexus, Ecat, Grange usw.), geht es bald wohl wieder so langsam aufwärts.
Beachtenswert ist auch, dass der CEO Garry Crole seine Aktien innerhalb der letzten 2 Monate auf mittlerweile 1,8 Mio = 6% aufgestockt hat.
Entspreche Infos sind unter
zu finden. Dort Companie-Announcements.


Press Release: E-Tail The Ozzie Shopper Way
Document date: Fri 26 May 2000 Released time: Fri 26 May 2000 13:47:31
Document No: 179599  Document part: A
Market Flag: N
Classification: Other


HOMEX - Perth                                                        


Australian consumers are clearly moving towards the internet with
sales in online business increasing. Pacific Rim Investment
Corporation Ltd is one company that realises e-commerce is the
direction all retail outlets should be heading towards.

Not concerned by the recent failings of some online businesses,
Pacific Rim has focused on consumer fears and created an e shopper
friendly website

Just as the mobile phone has become a human necessity, so to has a
personal computer. More and more consumers are purchasing computers
and connecting to the internet, where they purchase products because
it is convenient. Garry Crole, Managing Director of Pacific Rim
believes e commerce is where all retailers should be moving to
increase their bottom line and provide better customer service. is seeking to fill the void between retailers and
on line shoppers, by providing a platform to enable the two to meet,
creating a twofold benefit for both retailer's future growth and
customer satisfaction and convenience. is looking to provide three areas of sales,
firstly on the internet for the new age consumer, secondly through a
1800 toll free number, so consumers can compare prices while out
shopping at a retail store and thirdly by giving members reasons to
shop through member specials both online and offline.

Ozzie Shopper currently sources products from over 300 different
retailers with fellow listed company Plexus International Ltd and has
a product range of over 150,000 brand name goods. Consumers and
members can be confident that our products are quality products when
they see a name they can trust. Members receive the same warranties
and guarantees as they would if they were purchasing from a retail

It is expected that Ozzie Shopper will have member benefits at
hotels, travel agencies restaurants, wine cellars and a significant
number of off line retailers within the next six months.

G Crole

Pacific Rim: Endlich wieder gute News. Einstieg in B2C. Geht's aufwärts ? mvT. checkit

Sorry. Hier der Nachtrag zu Money Planners:

28.05.00 20:31

Money Planners Profit Upgrade-Launch of E Commerce
Document date: Wed 24 May 2000 Released time: Wed 24 May 2000 11:15:04
Document No: 179463  Document part: A
Market Flag: Y
Classification: Progress Report - Other


HOMEX - Perth                                                        

Pacific Rim Investment Corporation Ltd (Pacific Rim) intends to
launch the e commerce business on June 1st

Ozzie Shopper Pty Ltd is a business developed to provide shareholders
and clients of the Financial Services Company value added benefits
whilst generating profitability and a platform for the marketing of a
wider range of services and benefits to the general public both on
and off line.

The business has been developed in house and in conjunction with
Plexus International Ltd a listed company and will launch initially
to Pacific Rim's 500,000 retail financial services client and
shareholder base offering free membership for the first twelve

Simultaneously a sales unit will market memberships to the general
public at an annual membership subscription of $39.95, this will
include joint marketing with a number of AFL clubs, member groups and
strategic partners on an initial sharing of the initial

The company will generate revenues from sales, subscriptions, on line
advertising, email advertising and a share of on line sales. The
platform will also provide an increased database to market its range
of financial services products.

The current content includes a range of popular National products in
excess of 150,000 white and brown goods sourced from over 300
competing merchants. Members are able to shop on line using a secure
site or off line by utilizing Pacific Rim's 1800 toll free number.

Additional member benefits will follow the June 1st launch, which
will see members receiving discounts off real world retailer prices.
It is Pacific Rim's intention to increase member benefits by
including real world discounts on Software, Travel, Hotel
Accommodation, Restaurants and Car Rental.

Ozzie Shopper has projected revenues of 2.1 million in year 2001
growing to 23.2 million in 2002 with profit forecasts commencing in
July 2000.

The $400,000 establishment of the site has been funded by Money
Planners Australia Pty Ltd and is a low maintenance business that the
company expects to be cashflow positive within the first six months.

Despite the abnormal spending Money Planners is pleased to announce a
38% increase in revenue to 30/4/2000 and a jump of 250% in Nett
profit before tax for the same time last year.

Pacific Rim is very excited about continuing to build a strong
revenue base, centralised around Financial Services Distribution and
providing complimentary client and shareholder services as advised

Pacific Rim is continuing discussions for the acquisition of further
financial services distribution aiming to reach a client base of
1,000,000, funds under advice of 3 billion and an adviser base of
1,000 within the next 12 months.

Shareholders and clients will receive an OZZIE SHOPPER information
pack, with application forms, in the next week.

G Crole

For more information please contact Gary Crole on (03) 9890 9033.

Pacific Rim: Endlich wieder gute News. Einstieg in B2C. Geht's aufwärts ? mvT. checkit

PCR und WO: Bei WO wird wieder nur gepusht ohne Ende. Keine kritis.

WO ist für mich echt zum "Kot..." Ich habe zwar selber PCR, aber bei WO sind ja nur PCR-Jünger. Bei Ariva ist wenig los, bei WO ist viel los, aber eben nur Gepushe. Das dortige Gelaber muß man sich echt nicht antun...
Da lobe ich mir (wie sie auch sei..) so kritische Stimmen wie Kicky. Bei WO gibt es nur Gepushe, dort traue ich eigentlich fast keinem Posting.

EUER seit WO depressiver CHECKIT

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