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Ölbohrung 2017

27.04.17 13:15
Seit Montag neuer Name, heute wurden die 2D Ergebnisse in Dubai besprochen und im laufe des Tages gibt es ein Video dazu. Ca. 4 Milliarden Barrel Öl in Kenia in ihrem Gebiet. Hier lässt sich also durchaus bis Ende des Jahres ein größerer Gewinn einfahren.  

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Los gehts

29.04.17 21:53
Kenya Ready to Export to INDIA ! by June 2017, SMB next.

Kenyan Crude Destined for Asian Markets
Monday, April 24, 2017
Reports have Kenya’s soon to be produced crude heading to China and India, not Europe as previously announced.
Kenya will begin its life as an African crude exporter in mid-2017. According to reports the first ships from Asia will arrive at Kenya’s Mombasa port for loading in early-June.
The crude is coming from the Lokichar area where Africa Oil and Tullow Oil have discovered significant resources. The oil will be transported to the Mombasa port by truck until the planned pipeline scheme moves forward.

Read more at www.stockhouse.com/companies/bullboard/...#3meiq1jBbre6pl1F.99
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Öl noch in 2017

18.05.17 21:28
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Mail von Simba

08.06.17 12:26
Update from Mark dated June 1, 2017
Most have probably seen: Been busy with work so haven't posted lately. Thanks for your email and continued support in Simba Essel Energy Inc. www.simbaenergy.ca There will be a new corporate presentation released however I think it is likely to occur once the NI 51-101 independent resource estimate has been completed by Sproule International. And yes you are correct the Company is planning a more comprehensive marketing campaign using the NI 51-101 report to help promote the Company more aggressively, specifically the upcoming drilling campaign in Kenya, scheduled for later this year! The Sproule report is due to be completed in the first or second week of July at which time Simba Essel Energy will have an updated, independent reserve estimate, volumetrics, potential hydrocarbons in place, as well as chances for success for drilling each lead (potential structure) that has been identified. I am hoping for other operational developments to be secured by then such as the 100% PSC ownership in Guinea (presently Simba/EGME hold 60% interest in the PSC). Negotiations are now complete and Simba is waiting for the final documentation from the government of Guinea. This is important because Simba was always promised the remaining 40% of the PSC since Simba purchased 60% of the PSC back in July of 2011. This could be announced in the next 3-4 weeks which should coincide with Simbas plans to shoot and acquire FTG (Gravity) surveys in both Guinea and Liberia later this year. The new corporate website is nearly completed and I am expecting it to be launched in the next 7-10 days. Simba will make an announcement and notify its shareholders when the new site goes live and is available for viewing. Please let me know if you have any other questions or concerns going forward. I'm pretty focused on Kenya and it is hard not to be excited. If we hit what the engineering estimates seem to imply should be looking at $1.50- $1.75. This is before Guinea of course. Obviously has taken a long time but good work does take time-- We're here on the cusp on a complete transformation of what was formerly Simba. Looking forward to defined targets in the Sproule report and going from there.

Read more at www.stockhouse.com/companies/bullboard/...#7JC4BXhCRiB5tjP7.99
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Neue Homepage

13.06.17 16:05
Noch bin ich hier der Einzige der schreibt, aber wenn es hier bis Ende des Jahres um mehrer 100 % hoch geht ärgert ihr euch. Heute neue Homepage online simbaenergy.ca/

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14.06.17 09:25
Nee, bin auch dabei :-)
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freut mich

14.06.17 09:33
Denke spätestens wenn der NI51-101 Bericht im Juli vorliegt werden hier größere Investoren Einsteigen. 300% in ein paar Tagen waren hier ja schon Mal drin. Bin mir sicher dass wir die bis Jahresende auf jedenfall wenn nicht sogar mehr sehen werden wenn auch in Q4 endlich gebohrt wird
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15.06.17 18:30
Wenn gebohrt wird, sehen wir hier ein Feuerwerk. Dafür ist die Gegend, in der gebohrt werden soll, zu interessant. Man muss sich einfach mal die Nachbargebiete ansehen. Und Essel steigt nicht ein um eine Liegenschaft verdursten zu lassen.  
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15.06.17 19:00
es ist ja nicht mehr lange bis gebohrt wird. Hoffe auf ein paar hundert Prozent bis Ende des Jahres. Es fehlt leider wirklich die Kommunikation zu den Aktionären
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Shorties verabschieden sich...

22.06.17 17:29
Ölbohrung 2017 Epi89

ruhig bleiben

22.06.17 18:07
bis zum Jahresende sehen wir hier ganz andere Kurse, so gut wie sicher!  
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22.06.17 19:37
Ölbohrung 2017 Epi89


22.06.17 19:51
40  000 Barrel pro Tag
2 Bohrungen in Q4 2017

jetzt bin ich noch zuversichtlicher, dass es im Juli mit herausbringen des NI 51-101 Reports mit den endgültigen Fakten hier schnell nach oben geht.
Ölbohrung 2017 Siro100


22.06.17 20:07
Nicht, dass wir uns falsch verstehen, ich bin hier ganz und gar nicht nervös

Ich freue mich auf Q3 und Q4
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Mich stört dieser Wahnsinns Spread

22.06.17 20:18
Bin bei 88 Energie dick drin, aber wenn ich hier in den nächsten Tagen welche zu um die 0,037 - 0,038 € bekommen leg ich mir ne Posi zu.

Liest sich generell nicht schlecht.
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Dann Kauf doch in CAN...

22.06.17 20:27
...da hast Du die Probleme mit dem Spread nicht. Du musst nur auf die Währungsschwankungen aufpassen
Ölbohrung 2017 Moneyplus

Geht leider über meine Bank nicht

22.06.17 20:29
Sollte vielleicht doch mal zum Broker wechseln  :-((
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22.06.17 20:42
88 Energy ist Fracking! Ganz schön mutig derzeit! Gehört nicht in diesen Thread aber by the way
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23.06.17 13:55
war das deine? ;)
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neue Mail von Simba

29.06.17 19:03
hanks for your email and continued support in Simba Essel Energy Inc.   www.simbaenergy.ca

The Sproule report (NI 51-101 compliant) is due to be completed in July, 2017 at which time Simba Essel Energy will have an updated, independent resource/reserve estimate including; volumetrics, potential hydrocarbons in place, as well as chances for drilling success for each lead (potential structure) that’s been identified from the data collected.

The report will also help Simba’s technical team to identify and pinpoint the first of several drilling targets for block 2-A, in Kenya!

Simba hopes to have other operational developments secured by then such as the 100% PSC ownership in Guinea (presently Simba/EGME hold 60% interest in the PSC). Negotiations are now complete and Simba is waiting for the final documentation from the government of Guinea. This could be announced in the next 3-4 weeks which should coincide with Simba’s plans to arrange for and shoot FTG (Gravity) surveys in both Guinea and Liberia later this year.

As at May 25, 2017, the negotiations for a new PSC have been completed and Simba has submitted a draft agreement to the government of Guinea for final approval. (from the most recent Quarterly financial statements released on May 30, 2017)

Simba Essel’s partner EGME have nearly completed acquisition process for a producing oil & gas asset based in Jordan. There will be more information available as the transaction is finalized however I can say this should have a direct impact on Simba Essel Energy when the project has been finalized. I cannot elaborate much further at this time but there will be clarification when the asset is officially acquired by EGME and any implications concerning Simba will be disclosed.

Regarding the drilling rig for Kenya, Simba Energy’s partner, EGME entered into a definitive agreement to acquire a new skid mounted drilling rig. The AC-VFD drilling rig possesses power of 2,000 HP and it will be used by the Company during its exploration activity on Block 2A.

Simba Essel Energy are anticipating confirmation from its partner, EGME as far as when delivery of the drilling rig for Kenya is expected. The Company will make a formal announcement and update its shareholders when there is definitive information available.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any other questions or concerns.

Best regards,


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es geht los

11.07.17 21:46
sehr hohes Volumen in den USA und CAN
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Hier kommen bald Meldungen

13.07.17 13:08
Kurs zieht wieder an
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16.07.17 11:01
Am 20.07 trifft sich das Management in Vancouver um den Sproul Bericht zu besprechen.
Nicht mehr lange, um hier günstig einzusteigen. Wie man ja sieht zieht der Kurs an der Leitbörse in CAN an und auch das Handelslvolumen, sind wohl insidsrkäufe.
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The UNISOL Magazine

04.08.17 12:34
Ölbohrung 2017 Epi89

News von Simba, alles nur noch eine Frage der Zeit

06.08.17 16:03
Schnell nächste Woche zu günstigen Preisen einsteigen.

Dear Simba Essel Energy Shareholder,

The Sproule report (NI 51-101 compliant) is almost ready to be released and Simba Essel Energy will have an updated, independent resource/reserve estimate including; volumetrics, potential hydrocarbons in place, as well as chances for drilling success for each targeted lead (potential structure) that’s been identified from the data collected.

The report’s processed seismic data will also help Simba’s technical team to identify and pinpoint the first high-ranking drilling targets for block 2-A, in Kenya.

There was a technical meeting held last week in Calgary whereas Sproule International provided a detailed and comprehensive presentation of their geological data analysis to Simba Essel Energy’s technical team.

Next week there is a Board of Directors meeting scheduled in the UAE where EGME is located. Once all of the processed geological data has been examined, analyzed and approved by Simba’s Board of Directors and technical team, the Company will issue a news release to its shareholders and disclose all of Sproule’s new geological analysis for block 2-A, Kenya!

I would guesstimate that it will be approximately 2 weeks before a formal announcement can be made and the new 51-101 compliant, independent report can be disclosed to investors and shareholders.

EGME have been amassing an impressive technical team of geologists, geophysicists, petroleum engineers and an extremely competent team of experienced drilling and exploration professionals. Nearly all the key pieces are now in place in order for drilling and exploration in Kenya to advance with respect to this unique partnership between Simba Essel Energy and EGME.

Simba’s partner Essel Group Middle East (EGME) will make a formal announcement when the drilling rig is ready to be shipped and delivered to Kenya, on Simba Essel Energy’s behalf. Simba will then be able to inform its shareholders when the drilling rig will be mobilized, set up and constructed for the full scale drill program in Kenya.

I'm sorry I cannot disclose any other details at this time, I have to act in accordance with TSX disclosure policies with respect to upcoming material announcements.

Ölbohrung 2017 Epi89

neues über Block 2A

09.08.17 13:39

mir ist es fast schon peinlich hier ständig alleine Neuigkeiten zu posten.
bei spekunauten hat auch mal einer was zu Simba geschrieben.
denke hier knallt es demnächst richtig :)
Ölbohrung 2017 Siro100

In CAN wird fleißig gesammelt

30.08.17 20:09
Das kann man sehr schön beobachten
Ölbohrung 2017 Epi89

neuwahlen in Kenia

01.09.17 18:00
ich denke die Wahlen in Kenia verzögern das ganze hier ein bisschen. Da die Wahl annuliert wurde müssen wir noch etwas auf Daten der Sproul Berichtes warten, da dieser der Regierung auch vorgelegt wurde. In den nächsten 60 Tagen muss die Neuwahl stattfinden. In Q4 wird denke ich nicht mehr gebohrt, wird wohl eher Q1 2018. Trotzdem steckt hier enormes Potential was keiner so richtig sieht. Essel hat ja schon geschrieben dass sie 40 000 Barrel pro Tag fördern wollen. Dieser Wert beruht mit Sicherheit auf Infos die ihnen schon vorliegen.
Ölbohrung 2017 Epi89


12.09.17 14:02


es sieht immer besser mit Simba aus. Die Planung zur Bohrung. laufen weiter auf Hochtouren.  
Ölbohrung 2017 Epi89

Erklärung für Verzögerung

07.10.17 01:09

I completely understand your frustrations with the delays which have prevented Simba from being able to release its new 51-101. However there were some minor changes/amendments requested by Simba and EGME's technical team that Sproule was trying to incorporate and finalize in order for the report to be authorized for release.
Simba Essel Energy Inc. is expecting to receive confirmation this week or early next week that final approval has been received at which time Simba can then release the Sproule (NI 51-101 compliant) independent resource/reserve estimate to its shareholders and the investing public regarding block 2-A in Kenya.
There are no issues concerning Simba and the upcoming Kenya election run-off that is about to take place in a few weeks.
I am aware that Gensource Potash (GSP) and EGME have parted ways and ended their joint venture partnership however this does not affect Simba and its relationship with EGME whatsoever. It is my understanding that no money ever exchanged hands between Gensource and EGME.
With regards to Simba, EGME has invested quite a bit in Simba’s projects to date and they also own 22% of the Company’s issued and outstanding shares!
Simba and its partner EGME continue to work diligently towards advancing all of Simba’s current projects in Africa. It shouldn’t be too much longer until Simba is able to update its shareholders with a formal announcement.
Mark Sommer
VP Corporate Communications
Simba Essel Energy Inc.
SMB – TSX Venture
Suite 210-905 West Pender St.
Vancouver, BC V6C-1L6
#604-629-9647 - Direct
#604-641-4450 - Office
#855-777-4622 - Toll free
P Please consider the environment before printing this email.
From: Robert ZZZ[mailto:robert.ZZZ@ZZZ.ZZ]
Sent: Friday, October 06, 2017 12:20 AM
To: Mark Sommer
Subject: A question
Hello Mark,
Could you please explain delays in news flow?
Is the work on the Kenya block and others ongoing?
Is it related to the political situation in Kenya (new public elections)?
There has been an article www.businesswire.com/news/home/...rd-Potash-Corp-Joint-Venture putting EGME as an unreliable JV partner.
Is everything ok as per the JV between Simba and EGME?
Is EGME fulfilling its obligations as per the JV?
Investment community of perhaps smaller investors into Simba is getting concerned due to all these information.
Many thanks for your answers,
Robert Oil & Gas E&P Select All None
Energy Select All None
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19.10.17 21:18
Hi xxx,

My apologies, I know it’s been frustrating for investors and shareholders who are anticipating Simba’s new Sproule independent resource/reserve estimate report (51-101 compliant). However Simba has just received the final report from Sproule and are close to releasing the news to the investing public and Simba’s shareholders.

Once the Board of Directors have signed off and approved the news for release for dissemination, Simba will be in a position to make the announcement public and issue a formal news release.

Thank you for your patience and continued support.

Best regards,

Ölbohrung 2017 Epi89


06.11.17 18:19
Ölbohrung 2017 Epi89


18.11.17 01:35
Lieber Simba Essel Energy Aktionär,

Simba Essel Energy plant die Veröffentlichung eines operativen Updates für die nächsten Explorationsentwicklungen für Block 2-A in Kenia.

Der unabhängige Sproule-Bericht (51-101) empfahl, dass der simpelste und kostengünstigste Weg zur Entwicklung von Block 2-A für Simba und seinen Partner EGME wäre, zusätzliche seismische (3D) zu erwerben, um die Geologie weiter zu beschreiben und die Gesamtchancen zu erhöhen. für ein erfolgreiches Bohrprogramm!

Es ist wichtig anzumerken, dass die Bedingungen des Joint Venture mit EGME Simba einen 100% igen Freibetrag für alle Explorationsaufwendungen in Kenia zur Verfügung stellen, einschließlich aller seismischen Kosten und der Bohrung von zwei (2) Explorationsbohrungen.

Momentan ziehen Simba und EGME die Empfehlung von Sproule in Erwägung, eine kleine Menge 3D-Seismik in einem bestimmten Zielgebiet zu erwerben, in dem viele der neuen Leads und besten Bohrungsaussichten derzeit existieren. Dies könnte die beste Option für das Unternehmen und seinen Partner sein, bevor es seine erste Explorationsbohrung durchführt, die noch im Jahr 2018 gebohrt werden soll.

Das Unternehmen wird operative Aktualisierungen zu allen aktuellen Vermögenswerten von Simba bereitstellen und den Aktionären Pläne für die nächste Explorationsphase in Block 2-A in Kenia vorlegen.

Simba wird eine Pressemitteilung herausgeben, sobald diese Entscheidungen und Entwicklungen angekündigt und mit der investierenden Öffentlichkeit und den Aktionären geteilt werden können.

Ölbohrung 2017 Epi89

Update Bohren 2018


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