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News zu e-New Media (HK128, Quam)

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News zu e-New Media (HK128, Quam) Turbo

News zu e-New Media (HK128, Quam)

e-New Media to Benefit from "Encrippling" Technology

Feb 14,2000 - 18:30:51 HKT
e-New Media (0128), announced that its subsidiary Broadbridge Media has developed a new computer security technology called "encrippling" which can prevent users from using pirated software. The technology can generate three income streams to e-New Media: First, the sharing of turnover with corporate users; second, income from granting permitted user right; and thirdly, the imposition of trading fee.

e-New Media said they will increase their shareholdings in Broadbridge to 70 per cent by the third quarter of this year. Furthermore, they will join hands with China Telecom (Hong Kong) (941) to develop a net charger technology and a result is expected to be seen this May or June.

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e-New Media Raises Holdings in US Firm

Feb 14,2000 - 15:52:53 HKT

e-New Media (0128) announced that it will exercise its options to increase its investment in US-based Broadbridge Media LLC. e-New Media will then obtain the exclusive right in Europe regarding several technologies including hypercd, hyperdvd and hyperbroadcasts owned by Broadbridge.

Broadbridge will issue 3-year convertible secondary bonds to e-New Media. If fully converted, the amount will account for 25 per cent of Broadbridge's enlarged capital. With a series of options on hand, e-New Media can increase its shareholdings in the US partner to some 70 per cent.

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