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Probleme bei der Darstellung von ARIVA.DE?

Neusten News zu Deepgreen und Terrex

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Neusten News zu Deepgreen und Terrex Risiko

Neusten News zu Deepgreen und Terrex

Good news Michael,

Deepgreen made a huge announcement yesterday. This has nothing to do with dotcom business, it only has to do with coal in USA and a powerstation in India. Because it is not a " sexy " internet comment, it is possible the markets may not react. But already the newspapers in Melbourne and many Brokers say in public that the value of DGM is now 0.20 to 0.30 ASD with this new increase in earnings. After the powerstation in India is announced ( very soon ), that value will rise to $1.50.

This is not insider knowledge it is in all the daily papers in Australia today.
I will paste these commentaries here and maybe you could post them in Germany:

The saga continues.....
Despised by some, adored by others, DGM continue to perplex investors with their pootential. Glimpses of that potential recently manifested when DGM set what must be an ASX record volume of some 320 million shares and meteorically, if briefly, surpassed 7 cents before sanity prevailed, seeing the price settle back to the low 5 cent range before the end of trading.

Flash in the pan? or the emergence of a viable, genuine, well managedcompany? One must remember that DGM is only just one year old. The performance of DGM previous to the latest super novae performance was nothing to write home about price wise, however, they are definitely the undisputed champions of volume records. From the reading I have done on DGM's early

history the company always seemed to be embroiled in controversy and attendant volatility. No doubt this was due to the attempted buy out of the then fledgling Sausage Software and other potential Dot.Com adventures. ( Noteworthy here, for those interested, Star Mining also made a failed attempt to avail themselves of Sausage. Listed in the top 20 shareholders of DGM is a company called Rezal Pte Ltd (15,000,000 FPO & 750,000 options DGM). Now call me suspicious if you like but this is remarkably similar to Razal. Lord Razal sits on the board of Star Mining. Curious isn't it? I have often observed the apparent correlation in share price and volume movements in both DGM and Star. So I have formed this indelible impression in my mind of a link between DGM, SCN, KID, QTK, ZYL...some of which are not inventions of my free associative mind. Curious also that Star and DGM made bids for the same company at the same time (SAS) which both failed. Both have experienced a similar share price movement on absolutely no news. I can make allowances for DGM as they do have some substance which is
borne out by the recent activities outlined below. Star however, since the demise of the Sukhoi Log gold project in Siberia, have been as good as defunct, gone, dead, forgotten, purposeless, faceless wanderers. It is a wonder they were not delisted with debts in the order of 156 million and no apparent revenue sources. To be fair to Star, it was not entirely their fault that Sukhoi failed. The Russian government pulled the plug on SCN and left them with no right to anything at Sukhoi. Star retorted by taking their case to the world court of appeal(Geneva?). It was the opinion of that court that Star was entitled to compensation from Russia. But we
are talking of a Russia in the grasp of massive upheaval. The demise of Communism and subsequent economic reform to a free market left many Russians starving in the streets in freezing conditions. Those in the right place at the right time with the right knowledge capitalized, as they had always longed to do, on this opportunity to grasp profit and power. Russia at that stage
couldn't give a hoot what the world wanted from it but were very interested in what the world could give them ( just a few billion in loans and first aid......they went on the dole! they are blowing up Chechyna! ). That was the
emergence of the Russian Mafia, the Russian version of a free market economy . It is no wonder Star have had to wait so long for this case to come to resolution, which I believe it now has. That is a fairly simplistic and incomplete description of the chain of events, the outcome of which has resulted in Star being debt free and having approximately $56million cash. But hush!..can you hear that? me either...eerie silence. ) Deepgreen currently has a substantial holding in Kidz.Net (750,000 FPO & 3.1 million Options). This holding originated from DGM's holding in Walhalla Mining which eventually became Kidz.Net. The recent performance and expected improvement in Kidz.Net has substantially revalued this investment. I may yet stand corrected but Kyriakou, MD of KID,ZYL,QTK fame was an director of DGM at one stage. Clearly DGM have had tech sector investments as a core priority from the outset. Why they have never fully traversed this route is a contentious issue. As I understand it they would have to rename the company to allow this to happen in Australia. Recent suggestions of DGM being involved in a tech deal in Germany, where DGM are listed, to form I-Journey, a travel related net portal, are not without foundation with respect to the above. I do not know this for sure but I assume listing rules in Germany are not as restrictive in that sense, thus allowing DGM to trade across both the tech and
resource sectors without impediment. The fact that they also have substantial and valuable resource assets
may be the reason for this.
DGM are earning 25% of the Cassiar/DGM Magnesium and White Asbestos project in British Columbia. Some 8 billion pounds of Magnesium, enough for 50 years production and @1,000,000 tonnes of white asbestos sufficient for 20 years production. This
is all contained in the tailings from the original Cassiar mine(yes Cassiar is the name of the place not just the company). As such the raw feed stock is simply scraped up and processed, a very cheap operation by comparison to mining it. To highlight this the tailings are approximately 23% magnesium which was considered uneconomical by the original miners, testament to the high quality of the resource. (both the Asbestos and the Magnesium are contained in the same ore, Magnesium Silicate, Serpentine or Greenstone...the stuff we look for when looking for Gold in West Aus) The first of the White Asbestos which is of very high quality was produced in December last year and was delivered to customers on the 18/01/2000. The Magnesium project has gained a major investor in Koralu Aluminium a Hyundai group company. Koralu will finance this operation initially to the tune of 26.5 million to acquire a 35% interest. This may eventually be taken to 65%. Koralu will also be entitled to a percentage of the metal production. This of course will be for various requirements of Hyundai for one as Magnesium is becoming more popular amongst various manufacturers( trains, planes, automobiles and beer cans!..magnesium displays the strength characteristics of steel but is substantially lighter) Magnesium has two markets. One is an open world market and the other is a very tightly regulated North American one. On the open European market Magnesium can fetch, on recent figures, up to $2.45 lb while in the American market $1.50 lb. DGM also have coal deposits of very high quality suitable for metalurgical purposes. These resources are spread all over the world from Virginia in the USA to Bangladesh. The Bangladesh deposit was acquired from BHP( through Asia Energy a
company recently transferred from Barton Capital to DGM..of which Barton have retained a minority holding). Due to its proximity to one of Indias largest power generation plants ( about 50klm) there is a ready market for this coal. India has expressed great interest in bringing this resource on stream as quickly as possible. Suffice it to say there will be no shortage of available funds or market for this product.  So all in all DGM have a world class resource portfolio which is nowreturning a cash flow. Magnesium Silicate fibre is returning @ $500 tonne. Production is scheduled for 50,000 tpa.This gives... 50,000x500=$25,000,000 @ 25%=$6,250,000 DGM's way per annum.                                                                                                                                                                       (Initial production during commissioning and break in of the processing plant will be 18,000 tonnes, this constitutes the recent
first shipment in January of high grade fibre....$2,250,000 DGM’s they have money coming in ) The Magnesium at projected annual production rate of 60,000 tpa would equal approximately 132,275,132 lb X Av $2.00lb=$264,550,264 @ 25% =$66,137,566 pa. Total revenues >from Cassiar alone are roughly $72,387,566pa This equates to EPS @17 cents ... using 1.3billion shares as there are a heap of oppies and preference shares which convert at 20/1 and which recently traded up @1.00
Dgms last price of @3.0 cents would then give a PE of 0.001 ???*#@ Now that is cheeeeeep Now all you people with Economics degrees etc don't go tearing too many strips off me. The above are only quick estimates and do not reflect a detailed breakdown. The above is just an attempt to get a handle on what DGM are potentially worth. I do have all the documents with the
works here but for the sake of brevity. I have given it a KISS . If someone out there would like to do a thorough rundown please do.

The investment in Kidz,net at Fridays close is worth $1,882,000 , handy if they want some cash in a hurry. This looks like increasing substantially again with The Kid looking like growing up....but it looks like they may not need to get rid of the kid due to Cassiar.  What DGM's coal assets are worth is another issue.  Now call me spike if you like but that does not sound half bad.

DOT or NOT It is what they 'have' got. That makes the difference to me.  I wonder what the next chapter will read like? Hmmm as an after thought...if you intended to become a world player you would need a billion or so shares wouldn't you?


I'm sorry if this is long but here is an other article ( very important ! )


So perhaps this is where the rumour has some substance...........

AEC's representatives met with senior ministry officers >from the Government of Bangladesh in December 1999 and they expressed strong interest in the development of the project.  Consequently, AEC has

************THIS BIT**********************
been invited to send a delegation to Bangladesh in late February 2000                                                  ******************************************
to provide a detailed briefing to a group of department heads reporting to the Prime Minister with a view to receiving assistance
to expedite the project's development.  Now, will they clinch the deal.....

The Puhlbari coal deposit as defined by BHP contains 360,000,000 tonnes of coal. That is worth 12.1 Billion Dollars at todays approximate coal price of $32 tonne. DGM own 51% of Asia Energy so they are in for 6 Bills of that. But Asia Energy intends to build and run the power station as well. They will sell this energy to India and Bangladesh.

Work it out for your self..DGM have substantial and high quality resource assets and now they are on the verge of the power generation market.


Once again, sorry if this is very long and needs translation, but when the market really understands what this means the value of DGM will rocket. Also this information came to the market a few minutes before closing. The last trade of the day was one person buying 10,000,000 shares !
Now, all of Melbourne speaks well of DGM. And with all this good news hopefully we make good money !

Terrex---- About TXR, I had news that the price stays low because big investors are holding the price down ( by selling small amounts at low price ). This is a strategy to allow their friends to buy lots of stock cheap and after two weeks they let it go for profits. It's a interesting theory.

Also, I have found a broker for trading OTC in America. They say 2-3 weeks untill I begin. With luck, I will buy ABMI in time.

Have a very good day. It will be hard for me today because I teach music all day but my mind will be thinking of shares.

Regards Michael.


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