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Probleme bei der Darstellung von ARIVA.DE?

Neuigkeiten von Fantastic!

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Neuigkeiten von Fantastic!


Hier die neueste Ad Hoc von Fantastic, allerdings auf Englisch:

Wednesday 26th April, London - BTopenworld, BT’s new high
growth Internet business,  announced their plans for a mass
market broadband portal and high-speed Internet service
from July 2000. The service - branded BTopenworld - will be
aimed at consumers, small businesses and teleworkers.

Ben Andradi, chief operating officer of BTopenworld said, “
I am pleased to be working with The Fantastic Corporation
as part of BTopenworld. Our existing relationship with The
Fantastic Corporation together with their expertise in data
broadcast and in particular its application over ADSL, will
be very important to us in the development of our broadband
offering. The fact that Fantastic’s system is independent
and can be used to broadcast to a range of different
devices, over fixed and mobile environments, gives us
flexibility to work with a wide range of partners. We look
forward to a very exciting future with them.”

Based on asymmetric digital subscriber line (ADSL)
technology, BTopenworld will emphasize compelling content
and applications, personalization, ease of use, competitive
pricing and comprehensive customer support – positioning it
at the forefront of the second wave of the Internet.

BTopenworld will be enhanced significantly and expanded in
the future. By early 2001, BTopenworld will offer its
customers a unique Personal openworld Portal (PoP), a
personal gateway to content and applications accessible
from a range of devices including WAP mobile phones, multi-
phones, PCs or the TV.

In the UK Fantastic and BT have a joint venture company,
Fantastic Corporation (UK) Ltd.

Further information:

Cornelia von Dewitz
Corporate Public Relations

The Fantastic Corporation™
- first in broadband multimedia -

Tel  +41-41-728 87 82
Fax  +41-41-728 86 58

Zug - New York - London - Hamburg - Singapore -Lugano
Sydney - Tokyo - Milan - Paris - Washington DC - San Francisco

Die dt. Übersetzung erscheint immer mit ein paar Tagen Verspätung, was mir nicht gerade erklärlich ist. Nun denn.


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