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Probleme bei der Darstellung von ARIVA.DE?


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SVCAG SCHMIDT. kein aktueller Kurs verfügbar
MXIP Förstina


15.12.99 16:59
Gerade aktuell in New York + 12 Prozent. Man hat ja schon vor längerer Zeit hier auf dem Board über MXIP gesprochen. Jetzt scheint es langsam aufwärts zu gehen. Macht es Sinn jetzt noch einzusteigen?
MXIP hugo

Re: MXIP- Kursziel 22 Dollar!

15.12.99 17:07
MXIP Förstina

Vielen Dank, Hugo!

15.12.99 17:19
Stehen übrigens sogar schon bei 9 !!!! Scheint ja ´ne ganz heiße Sache zu sein!
MXIP hugo


15.12.99 17:31
An der Internetpräsenz wird noch gebaut, natürlich nur an der deutschen...
Die amerikanische lautet

Könnte mir durchaus höhere Kurse vorstellen, falls die an den Neuen Markt gebracht werden.

MXIP hugo


15.12.99 19:26

November Newsletter

The end of the year and the start of a new millennium is rapidly approaching.   With Thanksgiving quickly upon us, we at MAX Internet want to extend our "thanks" to all of you who have followed and supported us.  We are very excited about the opportunities that lie ahead.  All of us here are working very hard to end the year strong and begin the new year with many exciting things to come.   Again, we appreciate all you -- clients, shareholders, family and friends!


Some of you may have seen our advertisement which began running last month.  For those of you that haven’t seen it, you can access it from last month’s newsletter at the end of the "advertising" section.  During the month of October, we ran the ad in VAR Business, Computer Reseller News, InfoWorld and Information Week.  This month we will appear additionally in Smart Reseller, PC Magazine, PC Computing, Internet Week, Internet World and Teleconferencing to name a few.  Additionally we received a fabulous write up from a popular magazine in the United Kingdon, PC Plus.  The writer states at the end of his article that "…this could be the start of a home multimedia extravaganza."

Additionally, we announced the launch of our newest product utilizing the MAX i.c.Live Internet Media Processor technology – the Video Communication Station or VCS. This product will serve as our retail or consumer product.  In fact, we like to refer to it as our "grandfather product" coined by our President, Don McLellan, who was able for the first time to see his granddaughter who lives in Australia.  The VCS is the size of a DVD player and connects right to your TV or monitor and, with the click of a remote mouse, allows you to video conference to anywhere in the world, send video e-mails, stream video and browse the Internet.  It has an easy-to-use menu in which you simply click on the feature you would like to use.  It is great for those who are computer illiterate or simply want the availability of the video features from the comfort of your den and/or office.  The VCS will be viewed for the first time at the COMDEX trade show in Las Vegas this month.

Trade Shows

As you may have read in our press release on Thursday, November 04, MAX Internet Communications won the Best Product in the Communications Category at the VARVision trade show in Palm Desert, California.  So, as you would correctly conclude, we had a great reception to our product!  More importantly, being that the recognition was received from the VAR community and the key influencers in the technology marketplace, it gives MAX i.c.Live tremendous credibility within the industry.

Other trade shows this month include the TeleCon trade show in Anaheim, California the first week in November, as well as the long awaited COMDEX in LasVegas. COMDEX is one of the largest technology trade shows held, which is where many of the new products on the market are debuted in terms of E-commerce, Networking/Communication, Information Appliances and Platforms.  At COMDEX we will be unveiling and demonstrating our Video Communication Station (VCS) as I mentioned earlier in the Newsletter.

Awards / Reviews and Latest News

Be sure to check our web site at for the latest news, awards and reviews. You can view photographs as well as read more details about the Best Communications Product Award that we received at VARVision. (see "latest news" on Nov.04, 1999).

MAX Team Additions

First, I would like to welcome Bill Brinkman as our new Vice-President of Sales for North America.  Bill comes to us from GTI, where he was the V.P. of Corporate Development.  Prior to GTI, Bill was the Director of North American Sales for NSA Hitachi where he worked for 9 years.  Prior to Hitachi, Bill worked for SGS/Thompson for 5 years, and 3 other firms, providing him with 20 years of experience in the IT business, as well as a consumer products background with Heinz.  Bill's mandate will be to head up all strategic and tactical sales efforts for the MAX i.c.Live product line for North America.  Bill will have the responsibility of managing the U.S. and Canadian sales team. His official start date is next Monday, November 15th, and he will be joining us at Comdex.

For those of you that have called our offices recently, you may have noticed that there’s a new voice answering the phones – her name is Laura Martin.   She was born and raised in Winona, Mississippi and graduated from Winona Academy and attended Holmes Junior College.  Laura worked for the John Richard Collection in Greenwood, Mississippi and just moved to Dallas in late September.  She enjoys reading, watching TV, water skiing and spending time with her friends and family. We’re glad to have her at MAX Internet!

Also, joining us last month is Carsten Hafermas, who will serve as Technical Assistant for our German subsidiary.  Carsten came to visit Dallas for several days to meet all of us here as well as go through some technical training.  Other than the fact that he is very tall, he is also very experienced!  He will be a great asset to Ranier Thieme and his team in Germany.


This month we will be announcing our first quarter numbers for the period ending September 30, 1999.  They will be published on or before November 15 – just in time for our shareholder’s meeting.  We have some great things brewing this month, and this current quarter, which we hope will be reflected by calendar year end.   Stay tuned for more to come….


We made two press releases this past month in regards to our agreements with Tech Data, ICG, GTI and Forefront Graphics (see "latest news" on Oct.25).   These were all distributor agreements which are a crucial element to our selling cycle.  Basically, VARs and system integrators rely on distributors such as these, Tech Data being one of the biggest, to build and/or supply them with product.  VARs and the like are more apt to represent a particular product or product line that is readily available at these distributors.  We will continue to pursue expanding our distributorship through such agreements.  It makes the MAX i.c.Live products more accessible in all parts of the world.

Shareholder Update

As a reminder, our shareholder meeting is in Las Vegas on Monday, November 15, 1999.   Most of you should have received your Proxys and annual reports in the mail. Please be sure to return your cards either in the envelope provided or directly to the company.   If you didn’t receive an annual report, feel free to send me an e-mail and I can get one out to you.  Also, for those of you planning to attend the meeting, it will be at the MGM Grand Hotel in the 101 South Concourse Room at 10:00.  Their phone number is 702-891-1111 if you need to make room reservations or have any questions.

Contact Information

For any readers that are not currently a shareholder, feel free to contact our Investor Relations Department at for investment information or for further updates or questions.  I may be reached at 214-691-0055.  I welcome your calls – because the best shareholder is an informed shareholder! Thank you for your continued interest in MAX Internet Communications and we look forward to many great things to come!

Leanne K. Sievers

Director of Investor Relations

About MAX Internet Communications

MAX Internet Communications Inc., located in Dallas, Texas is a publicly traded and reporting technology company (OTCBB – MXIP) which exclusively manufactures and markets the MAX i.c.Live product.  The MAX i.c.Live hardware and software technology is a Media Processor solution, currently available as an add-in peripheral integrated within a PC or emerging Information Appliance enabling a total video communications solution for home or business.  The product is designed with the power to conduct true motion synchronized video & audio communications and high-quality synchronized video & audio streaming over a broadband Internet connection.  The MAX i.c.Live Media Processor also integrates full DVD and AC3 sound for the most complete video communication and entertainment solution available on the market today.  As Internet usage explodes households and businesses alike are taking advantage of the convergence of widening bandwidth, broadband services and multimedia communications.

Except for historical matters contained herein, the matters discussed in this document are forward-looking statements and are made pursuant to the safe harbor provisions of the Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995. These forward-looking statements reflect assumptions and involve risks and uncertainties which may affect Voxcom Holdings, Inc.'s business and prospects and cause actual results to differ materially from these forward- looking statements.

MXIP brainy

danke fuer diese news hugo

16.12.99 10:42
Ich fuehle mich sehr gut mit meinen MXIP. Wir mussten ja lange warten auf Positives, aber hatte nie das Gefuehl in eine schlechte Company investiert zu haben! Mal sehen wie 2000 wird, Neuer Markt IPO/Listing waere toll, aber auch so sollte sich MXIP gut halten im naechsten Jahr(tausend). Ich will auf alle Faelle die 20 sehen!

gruss - brainy
MXIP hugo


17.12.99 10:45
Hi Brainy,

ich denke, das mit MXIP wird ein schoenes Weihnachtsgeschenk.

Schaut Euch bei dieser Gelegenheit mal SVC und die adhoc von gestern an!!!
MXIP hugo

Fakten zum Kursziel gibt es unter:

17.12.99 11:48
MXIP hugo

Tipp: heute wird die 10 Dollar-Marke getestet!!! o.T.

17.12.99 15:14
MXIP Bärenkiller


17.12.99 19:54

TOPP-Wert mit TOP Zukunft. Kaufen bevor es zu spät ist.
MXIP hugo


22.12.99 14:32
schaut mal unter vorbei....

Vielleicht wird es ja heute mal wieder Richtung Norden gehen!
Was sag ich, ganz sicher!
MXIP Bertolucci


Was ist die neue Meldung unter kling-jelko? Die Nachricht der Beteiligung stammt doch vom Juni 1999!?

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