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Mit den neuesten Meldungen zu MXIP WKN915157 melde ich mich mal kurz und wünsche allen ein arbeitsfreies Wochenende, was ich leider nicht haben werde. Bei MXIP scheint es langsam mal wieder nach oben zu gehen!
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November 04, 1999 11:11

MAX Internet Communications Receives Best Product Award in the Communications Category at VARVision
DALLAS--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Nov. 4, 1999--Voxcom Holdings Inc., d.b.a. MAX Internet Communications Inc. (OTC BB:MXIP), announced today that the MAX i.c.Live 3600 won the award for Best Product in the Communications category at the VARVision trade show last week in Palm Desert, Calif.
The "Best of VARVision Awards" are voted on by the Value Added Resellers to recognize vendors whose products and programs lead the industry. MAX Internet won the Best Communications Product over four top nominees including AT&T, AltiGen Communications, Tri-Link Technology and Virtual Ink Corporation.

"We are pleased to have received such an outstanding award from the VAR community and key influencers of new technology in the marketplace. The recognition endorses the MAX i.c.Live Internet Media Processor technology not only within the industry, but also enforces the company's commitment to establishing the standard for two-way synchronized audio and video communications over the Internet," said Thomas Fehr, Chief Marketing Officer, MAX Internet Communications.

Dennis Masella, Vice President Marketing of VARVision commented, "The VARs take the award process very seriously. The Best of VARVision Award signifies the VARs recognition of MAX Internet Communications and its innovative product."

Vision Events International is a subsidiary of the Gartner Group Inc., the world's leading authority on information technology representing over 11,000 organizations. VARVision, hosted twice yearly by Vision Events, is a focused and comprehensive trade event where manufacturers of information technology solutions do business in guaranteed private boardroom appointments and one-on-one sessions with the industry's leading Value Added Resellers and System Integrators. Vendors build relationships with more than 200 VARs and System Integrators representing over $50 billion in buying power.
October 25, 1999 15:11

MAX Internet Communications Announces Tech Data Distribution Agreement for Max i.c.Live Internet Media Processor Product Line
DALLAS--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Oct. 25, 1999--MAX Internet Communications (OTC BB:MXIP) today announced a distribution agreement with global technology products distributor Tech Data Corporation.
Through the recently established MAXConnection Certified Channel Program, Tech Data will distribute MAX Internet Communications' products based on the MAX i.c.Live(TM) Internet Media Processor(TM), such as the MAX i.c.Live 3600 card and the MAX i.c.Live Video Communication Station(TM), to authorized resellers throughout the U.S and South America.

"The agreement with Tech Data, one of the world's largest and most respected distributors of technology products and services, significantly extends Max Internet Communications' ability to meet product orders from certified MAXConnection VAR partners," said Thomas Fehr, Chief Market Development Officer for MAX Internet Communications. "Tech Data will help MAX Internet Communications deliver on its promise to change the way people communicate by making true-motion, two-way synchronized video communications over the Internet available and affordable."

Given the increasing increasing popularity of video conferencing among Fortune 1000 companies, resellers can expect to see incremental sales opportunities for products like the MAX i.c.Live Internet Media Processor," said Roy Applebaum, vice president and general manager of product marketing for Tech Data's networking division. "We look forward to working with MAX Internet Communications to provide our resellers with, state-of-the-art high speed video technology for the Internet at an affordable cost."

About Tech Data

Tech Data Corporation (Nasdaq/NMS:TECD), founded in 1974, is a leading full-line distributor of more than 75,000 technology products worldwide. The Fortune 500 company and its subsidiaries distribute to more than 70 countries and serve over 100,000 resellers in the United States, Canada, the Caribbean, Latin America, Europe and the Middle East. Tech Data provides extensive pre- and post-sale training, service and support as well as high-quality configuration and assembly services and a full range of electronic commerce solutions. The company generated sales of $11.5 billion in its most recent fiscal year, which ended Jan. 31, 1999.
October 25, 1999 08:48

MAX Internet Communications Announces Certified Distributors for the U.S. and Canada
DALLAS--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Oct. 25, 1999--MAX Internet Communications (OTC BB:MXIP) launched its Certified Channel Partner Program, the MAXconnection, with the appointment of U.S. distribution partners Graphics Technologies Inc. (GTI), International Computer Graphics (ICG) and Canadian distribution partner Forefront Graphics Inc.
These distributors will begin the channel initiative of fulfilling demand for the MAX i.c.Live(TM) product line through certified VARs, and system builders within the U.S.

"The combination of industry strength and depth that these partners offer strongly supports our company mission which is to rapidly enable the market with the most exciting new Internet video technology for video conferencing, video streaming and video entertainment," said Thomas Fehr, Chief Market Development Officer for MAX Internet Communications. "MAX i.c.Live 's patented Internet Media Processor technology, combined with the rapid deployment of DSL and cable modem broadband Internet access, is enabling a new communication standard for two-way communications over the Internet to emerge."

"The combination of the MAX i.c.Live's Media Processor technology and GTI's experience in bringing leading edge graphics and video products to market, will enable the foundation of a knowledgeable channel to deliver this exciting new product to market," said Jeff White, Vice-President of Purchasing for GTI. "We look forward to working with MAX Internet Communications in establishing this new Video Communication standard."

"Industry dynamics are changing, and we see the next emerging technology to be broadband Internet communications," said Robbie Chikhani, Executive Vice-President for ICG. "The MAX i.c.Live(TM) products provide the missing link to enable high quality Internet video communications. We look forward to delivering the MAX i.c Live(TM) product line to the marketplace and are excited to be a part of the coming video revolution."

"The emergence of broadband connectivity via DSL and cable modems, combined with a LAN environment, enables the infrastructure for widespread video communication over the Internet," said Frank Squizzato, President of Forefront Graphics. "The most significant usage of broadband will be Video Communication. The MAX i.c.Live(TM) products provide the missing link to enable the complete solution. We are very excited to be certified as a MAX Internet Communications Certified Distributor for Canada and look forward to bringing the MAX i.c.Live(TM) product line to market."

About Graphics Technologies Inc.

Graphics Technologies, Inc. it is a leading specialty distributor of premium computer and graphics products, software, and peripheral products to sophisticated computer resellers. GTI is a privately held technology wholesaler based in Minneapolis, specializing in high end premium computers and graphics products such as notebooks, scanners, graphics cards, monitors and other peripherals. GTI also specializes in business-to-business sales and offers unique purchase programs, solution-oriented sales, integration and configuration services and post-sales support. Find more information on GTI at

About International Computer Graphics, Inc.

International Computer Graphics, Inc. based in Union City, Calif. was founded in 1985 by Mike Ahmar as a distributor of graphics peripherals for the CAD market. ICG has been able to develop and maintain strong vendor relations, a fact which has enabled the company to expand its distribution to multimedia, computer graphics, document imaging, and CAD products. ICG is proud to offer its customers a knowledgeable sales staff, great value, and national coverage through its nine sales and shipping locations. For more information, visit

About Forefront Graphics, Inc.

Forefront Graphics Corporation is one of North America's largest distributor's of high performance desktop computer graphics and digital video solutions. Forefront services over 800 digital video, animation, and CG dealers, VARs' and System Integrators located throughout Canada, United States and Mexico. With over fifteen years of experience, Forefront has garnered exclusive distribution/integration responsibilities for such manufacturers as Discreet Logic, IBM, Compaq, Inscriber, Matrox, Insync, Incite, and many other digital video/graphic products. Forefront Graphics can be found at

About MAX Internet Communications:

MAX Internet Communications, Inc. (OTC BB:MXIP) manufactures and markets a PC Internet Media Processor Card, the MAX i.c.Live 3600(TM), and an Information Appliance, the MAX i.c.Live Video Communication Station(TM). The core technology of both products, the MAX i.c.Live Internet Media Processor(TM), delivers the power to conduct true-motion, synchronized video and audio communications and high-quality video and audio streaming over a broadband Internet connection. The MAX i.c.Live Internet Media Processor(TM) also integrates full DVD and Dolby AC-3 surround sound for the most complete and affordable video communication and entertainment solution available on the market today. For more information about MAX Internet Communications, visit the company's Web site at
October 25, 1999 08:46

Max Introduces Internet Communications Appliance; MAX i.c.Live Video Communication Station Enables True-Motion, Two-Way Video Communications Over the Internet for $1,499
DALLAS--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Oct. 25, 1999--MAX Internet Communications (OTC BB:MXIP) today introduced the MAX i.c.Live Video Communication Station(TM) (MAX i.c.Live VCS(TM)), an Internet communications appliance that enables true-motion, two-way synchronized video and audio over the Internet for $1,499 per unit.
The MAX i.c.Live VCS(TM) is an easy-to-use appliance about the size of a DVD player that is up and running with a quick connection to a broadband Internet source and a display device, like a television or a computer monitor. The MAX i.c.Live VCS(TM) comes with a camera, a microphone, a remote control and an on-screen menu for selecting services.

The MAX i.c.Live VCS(TM) supports high-quality, two-way video communications and video streaming simultaneously with its patented Max i.c.Live Internet Media Processor(TM) technology. Additional state-of-the-art entertainment features like Dolby Digital (AC-3)(R) audio coding and Digital Versatile Disc (DVD)(R) output make the MAX i.c.Live VCS(TM) an ideal, affordable solution for a range of business and consumer applications, including:

    --   Corporate and government video collaboration, video mail and
         video conferencing

    --   Training and education needs like distance learning and
         multimedia enhancement

    --   Customer service applications including video call center

    --   Family video conferencing activities and home theater

    --   Medical applications including telemedicine, expert
         consultation and training

    --   Video security monitoring

    --   Senior citizen care
"The MAX i.c.Live VCS(TM) makes the video conferencing capability that PictureTel, Polycom and VTEL have provided for the boardroom accessible for a wide range of desktop, workplace and home entertainment applications," said Thomas Fehr, Chief Market Development Officer of MAX Internet Communications. "Its added ability to provide two-way video over a broadband Internet connection with readily available cable modem and DSL services makes it all the more affordable and appealing for a wide range of uses."

Pricing and Availability

The MAX i.c.Live VCS(TM) will be available throughout North and South America by year-end 1999 through certified distributors including Tech Data, Graphics Technologies Inc. (GTI), International Computer Graphics (ICG) and Forefront Graphics at a suggested retail price of $1,499.
October 22, 1999 11:33

MAX Internet Communications Launches Brazilian Subsidiary; Brazilian Congress Specifically Requests MAX i.c.Live as Key Solution for Distance Education
DALLAS--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Oct. 22, 1999--Voxcom Holdings, Inc., d.b.a. MAX Internet Communications Inc. (OTC BB:MXIP), today announced their expansion into the Brazilian market with the opening of a wholly-owned subsidiary, MAX Internet Communications Do Brasil Ltda. The Company has appointed Mr. Leo Freitas to be the Managing Director for the new subsidiary.
Mr. Leo Freitas is an engineer by trade as well as by education with a master's degree from Florida International University in Miami and Berklee College of Music. He founded Florida Tech Solutions, a Miami-based consulting firm for hardware and software companies in Latin America. Mr. Freitas successfully introduced into the Brazilian market a digital wireless communications system through TechniTel, and also negotiated several telecom deals between foreign entities and the Brazilian Federal Government. These deals enabled the alliance of the local OEM's and the Brazilian Government on the Video Education Program. This program was approved by the Brazilian Congress on July 20, 1999, and specifically requests the MAX i.c.Live 3600 card to be the key solution for distance education in Brazil. Mr. Freita's knowledge of the Latin American computer industry will be essential for the distribution and marketing strategies of MAX Internet Communications products in Brazil.
October 19, 1999 19:17

VOXCOM HOLDINGS INC files annual meeting proxy.
Excerpted from DEF 14A filed on 10/19 by VOXCOM HOLDINGS INC:
VOXCOM HOLDINGS INC files annual meeting proxy.
                       To Be Held November 15, 1999
   Notice is hereby given that the annual meeting of the stockholders of
Voxcom Holdings, Inc. will be held on November 15, 1999, at 10:00 a.m.
(Registration to begin at 9:30 a.m.), local time, at the MGM Grand Hotel, Las
Vegas, Nevada, for the following purposes:
Item.           1.   To consider and vote upon a proposal to elect Lawrence R. Biggs,
   Jr., Ronald L. Brown, Larry Cahill, Harold L. Clark, Dr. Alexander Dehmel,
   Donald G. McLellan, Brian K. Norman and Brahil Santos as directors of
   Voxcom Holdings, Inc.
Item.           2.   To amend the company's Articles of Incorporation to change its
   name to MAX Internet Communications, Inc.
Item.           3.   To amend the Company's Articles of Incorporation to increase the
   number of authorized shares of common stock to 50,000,000.
Item.           4.   To approve the adoption of the MAX Internet Communications, Inc.
   1999 Stock Option Plan;
Item.           5.   To ratify the selection of Grant Thornton LLP as the company's
   auditors; and
Item.           6.   To transact any other business that properly comes before the
   meeting or any adjournment thereof.
   Only stockholders of record at the close of business on October 18, 1999,
are entitled to notice of, and to vote at, the meeting or any adjournment
thereof.  The stock transfer books will not be closed.
   We would like you to attend the meeting, but understand that you may not be
able to do so. For your convenience, and to ensure that your shares are
represented and voted according to your wishes, we have enclosed a proxy card
for you to use. Please sign and date the card and return it in the enclosed
envelope as soon as possible. We have provided you with a postage-paid envelope
to return your proxy card. If you attend the meeting, you may revoke your proxy
and vote in person.
                            By the Order of the Board of Directors
                            Leslie D. Crone,
Dallas, Texas
          (End of item excerpt.)
Executive Compensation
The following summary compensation table sets forth certain information
regarding compensation paid during each of the three fiscal years ended June 30,
1999, 1998 and 1997, to the persons serving as the company's chief executive
officer and each executive officer whose annual compensation exceeded $ 100,000.
                      Annual Compensation                               Awards               Long-Term Compensation
Name and                                                     Restricted      Securities
Principal       Fiscal                                         Stock         Underlying        LTIP          All Other
Position        Year        Salary       Commissions/(1)/      Awards        Options/SAR's     Payouts       Compensation
Lawrence R.     1999        $151,392        $103,169         $1,600,000          400,000          0                  0  
Biggs, Jr.      1998         151,392         562,252                  0                0          0                  0  
Chairman        1997         151,392         384,655                  0                0          0                  0  
Donald G.       1999        $102,000        $ 52,084         $1,600,000          400,000          0                  0  
McLellan        1998         102,000         280,490                  0                0          0                  0  
President       1997         102,000         192,328                  0                0          0                  0  
Gwynda Gee      1999        $105,076        $     13         $  130,000           62,500          0                  0  
V. President    1998         101,458          39,057                  0                0          0                  0  
          (End of item excerpt.)
The information provided through this news feed is excerpted from documents
filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and should not be
relied upon without review of the full documents filed with the SEC.  In no
event will Internet Financial Network, Inc., its officers, directors,
employees, stockholders or agents, be liable to you or to any third party for
any damages, costs or expenses arising or incurred in connection with any
action taken or failure to act that is based upond the information contained
in or omitted from this news feed or the documents filed with the SEC.

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