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To the Copenhagen Stock Exchange
                               and the press

                                                               Copenhagen Stock Exchange Message 5/2000
                                                                                    February 21, 2000

                               i-data business unit LASAT signs agreement with MobilCom’s TelePassport

                               LASAT Networks, an i-data international (i-data) business unit, has signed a distribution
                               agreement with TelePassport regarding its Masquerade II Internet thin server product. The
                               agreement means, that Masquerade II will be distributed in Germany through
                               TelePassport’s parent company, MobilCom, which is one of Germany’s leading

                               telecommunication companies. i-data expects that the agreement can mean sales of a
                               significant number of Masquerade II units this year, which supports the company’s growth

                               TelePassport’s parent company, MobilCom, has more than 300 salespeople in Germany.
                               Masquerade II will be sold together with an Intranet solution delivered by the software
                               company Channel One.

                               Ingo Walterscheid, Managing Director, TelePassport Denmark, comments:
                               "We expect, that the growth rates for Internet and Intranet solutions for small to
                               medium-sized businesses will be huge. We have looked at various products on the market,
                               and we feel that LASAT’s Masquerade II Internet thin server is one of the most’s technically
                               robust and user friendly products on the market. Vi expect a great deal from the agreement
                               with LASAT, and we’re looking forward to working with them."

                               "The agreement with Tele Passport and MobilCom supports our strategy of entering into
                               partner agreements with leading telecommunication companies worldwide," says Claus
                               Christensen, President of LASAT Networks. "We are very excited about the agreement,
                               and we have great expectations for it."

                               LASAT’s Masquerade II Internet thin server provides Internet connectivity for small to
                               medium-sized companies, and includes the most commonly used Internet tools, including
                               a firewall (security), mail server, and web server. Masquerade is based on the Linux
                               operating system, and is among the most user friendly Internet solutions on the market.

                               MobilCom and TelePassport will exhibit the Masquerade II solution on the CeBIT tradeshow
                               in Hannover from February 24 to March 1, 2000.

                               MobilCom is one of Germany’s leading telecommunication companies, with revenue of
                               DM2.8 billion in 1999. MobilCom has approximately 1 million cellular subscribers, more
                               than 147.000 pre-selection customers and more than 5 million regular fixed-network and
                               Internet users. The company had approximately 2900 employees at the end of 1999. More
                               information is available on the Internet at

                               For more information:

                               Investor Contact:
                               Karsten Dyhrberg Nielsen; Senior VP, Legal Counsel & Investor Relations
                               Tel.: (+45) 44 36 61 03

                               Media contact:
                               Jakob Faarvang, Public Relations Manager
                               (+45) 44 36 62 05

                               About i-data international a-s

                               Headquartered in a suburb of Copenhagen, Denmark and with American headquarters in
                               Arlington, Virginia, i-data international a-s (i-data) is an international IT company comprised
                               of two business units:

                                    LASAT Networks is one of Europe's leading vendors of Internet connectivity and
                                    security products, with an emerging presence worldwide.
                                    i-data Printing Systems is a market and technology leader in the workflow & output
                                    management market, with distribution worldwide.

                               i-data international has an installed base of several million units, and currently has
                               approximately 250 employees worldwide. i-data international is a publicly traded company
                               on the Copenhagen Stock Exchange. More information is available on the world wide web

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