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Probleme bei der Darstellung von ARIVA.DE?

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Mein B2B-Depot:

05.06.00 19:21
100 Commerce One gekauft bei 41,50€
100 Ariba gekauft bei 61€
300 Verticalnet zu 38€

Das macht richtig Spass wie die abgehen!

Noch wer im B2B investiert???????

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Schoen, wenn der Schmerz nachlaesst...

05.06.00 23:08
ich habe im Maerz CMRC zu E 87 gekauft und freue mich natuerlich auch, wenn es weiter nach oben geht. Das tut schon etwas weh. Ansonsten habe ich ISH (gekauft zu E 37) und EMC (gekauft zu E 40). Beide haben sich toll entwickelt. EMC ist immerhin in der Korrektur noch recht stabil geblieben. ISH ist mein kleiner ,,Liebling", den ich erst verkaufe, wenn ich kurz vor der Pleite stehe   =:)  
Die beiden grossen Damen der NASDAQ Mary Meeker und Abby Cohen sehen den gesamten B2B Sektor inzwischen wieder sehr positiv. Sie haben sich gerade gestern ueber ARIBA und Commerce One sehr bullish geaussert. Ich hoffe , dass sie Recht behalten. Weiterhin viel Erfolg
Gruesse Ami
Mein B2B-Depot: ami1

Top US-Investor legt B2B Fond auf !


 Monday June 05, 2000 (10:56 am ET)

                          Fund Whiz Alberto Vilar: The Net-Stock
                          Boom Is Just Beginning

                          And he's putting investors' money where his mouth is with his
                          new Internet B2B Fund

                          By David Shook, Business Week Online

                          NEW YORK, Jun. 05 (Business Week Online ) - Billionaire money
                          manager Alberto Vilar often correctly predicts the direction of the
                          market. So, when he says e-commerce stocks still have huge
                          untapped potential, some observers might think he's spending too
                          much time at the opera, his favorite pastime.

                          But, if anything, Vilar is probably watching the market even more

                          closely than usual. A star institutional investor for 30 years, Vilar has
                          managed a single mutual fund -- the top-rated Amerindo Technology
                          Fund -- since 1996. Now, Vilar is in the midst of launching two new
                          funds -- the Health & Biotechnology Fund and the Internet B2B Fund.

                          Given Vilar's record, either of these funds has the potential to really
                          take off. But the one to watch may be his Internet B2B Fund, launched
                          May 30. Focusing the fund on business-to-business Net stocks is a
                          daring move because B2B stocks fell off a cliff last year and still
                          haven't recovered. Vilar isn't fazed. "We think the Internet will be the
                          largest business and investment opportunity in history -- larger than
                          the Industrial Revolution," he said at a conference a few days ago.
                          "This sector is so explosive. It looks to us as though we're still very,
                          very early. What we see in five years will make the present seem like
                          a quaint anachronism."

                          "Top of the line"

                          If Vilar is right, the Internet B2B Fund could turn out to be a very hot
                          investment. Even now, only a few dozen pure Net funds exist, plus a
                          handful more under registration. And few fund managers have done a
                          better job of picking Net stocks than Vilar. He made a fortune for
                          investors by getting into Cisco, Microsoft, Yahoo!, and Amazon during
                          their infancy. After a rocky start (the fund was down 18% in 1997), the
                          Technology Fund was up 85% in 1998 and a phenomenal 248% last
                          year. "His track record is definitely top of the line," says Ramy
                          Shaalan, mutual-fund analyst for Wiesenberger Thomson Financial.

                          Vilar, 60, also has a long history of calling key turning points in the
                          market. Born in Cuba, he fled to Puerto Rico with his family when
                          Castro came to power in 1959. He eventually landed in the U.S and
                          started Amerindo in 1980. He has always been a top fund manager,
                          but he really came into his own with the rise of the Internet. One of the
                          first managers to invest heavily in Net stocks, he now divides his time
                          among the company's New York, San Francisco, and London offices.

                          Among his key market calls, he predicted the correction in the tech
                          sector in the spring of 1999. In April, 1999, he reduced his stock
                          holdings and raised the cash portion of his portfolio for several
                          months. As a result, according to mutual-fund researcher
                          Morningstar, Amerindo Technology Fund only lost 2% from May
                          through July of that year, while other hot Net funds tanked big-time.
                          Then, in a December interview with Business Week Online, Vilar
                          correctly predicted this year's correction in Net stocks (see Street
                          Wise, 12/15/99, "This Internet Bull Is Preparing for a (Temporary)
                          Bust"). His tech fund has taken a beating anyway: It was down 42%
                          as of the beginning of June, according to Morningstar.

                          Too concentrated?

                          Vilar's new fund may be even riskier, given that it'll be focused solely
                          on volatile e-commerce stocks. Vilar buys only 20 to 30 stocks for his
                          funds, making them highly concentrated and more sensitive to risk
                          and return on individual holdings. Analyst Scott Cooley of Morningstar
                          says Vilar's B2B fund seems unnecessarily concentrated. "I don't
                          think focusing on a sub-sector of the Internet makes sense. It just
                          becomes riskier," he says. But he's not willing to rule it out altogether:
                          "If anybody deserves the benefit of the doubt, Vilar does. The guy has
                          been right so many times before."

                          Clearly, this isn't a fund for the faint-of-heart. But if you want to take a
                          flier on Internet B2B, you won't find many better pilots than Alberto

                          05-Jun-2000 10:56:59 (02819242)   Copyright 2000 Standard & Poor's Investment
                          Advisory Services LLC. The information contained in this report may not be
                          published, broadcast, rewritten or otherwise distributed without prior written
                          consent from Standard & Poor's.

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