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Atlanta, March 24 (Bloomberg) -- Giovanni Linari, managing director of global telecommunications for Sema Group Plc, Europe's No. 2 computer-services company, comments on the company's acquisition strategy:

London-based Sema agreed on March 15 to buy LHS Group Inc. for $4 billion in stock to expand sales of billing software to wireless phone companies.

On whether more acquisitions are planned:

``Yes. This is the first step that can give Sema access to the United States. We are really looking at the U.S. as a country where we want to do a lot of things. We want to grow very fast in the next few years.

We are looking for more in e-commerce, the Internet area, in Web integration.''

On cost savings from merger:

``What we are looking for is to optimize revenues, not reduce the costs.''

On competing with Amdocs Ltd. and Convergys Corp. to gain larger companies as customers:

``The world is becoming global. Just look at Vodafone AirTouch. If you want to deal with these companies, you have to become global.''

Mar/24/2000   10:27  

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