LHS ranks #16 in "200 Best Small Co.'s "Forbes Magazine"

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LHS ranks #16 in

LHS ranks #16 in "200 Best Small Co.'s "Forbes Magazine"

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LHS ranks #16 in "200 Best Small Co.'s
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LHS ranks #16 in "200 Best Small Companies" listing
published annually by FORBES Magazine (11/1/1999)

The November 1, 1999 issue of FORBES Magazine features our company with a ranking of 16 amongst the "200 Best Small Companies" -

" In this age of virtually-anything-goes dot.com, it's comforting to remember that, as the old song by Herman Hupfeld goes, the fundamental things apply. And so it is
with our annual list of the hottest 200 small companies in America. There's not an Internet stock among them - for the simple reason that FORBES
has very strict financial performance standards for this exclusive club. For starters, that means clear evidence of profits - a five-year average annual growth in earnings
of 10%, which no Web company can come close to - just to qualify
as a candidate for the list. Dozens and dozens of financially solid companies still don't make the cut. Those that survive - a fair cross section of America's service and
manufacturing economy - are a battle-hardened bunch of competitors".

FORBES Magazine - November 1, 1999 - Page 225

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