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LHS Announces Availability of Targys Customer Care Applications For BSCS

ATLANTA/FRANKFURT--(BUSINESS WIRE)--April 13, 2000--LHS Group Inc. (NASDAQ: LHSG)(Neuer Markt: LHI) today announced the availability of the Targys-based Customer Care Application for BSCS. This application, one of a series of new Targys-based applications, debuted this week at the Billing Systems 2000 show in London. This new Targys architecture coupled with the existing BSCS system dramatically increases the efficiency of the customer service representatives demanding tasks.

The new Customer Care Application was created specifically to save operators time and money by streamlining the customer care process with an optimized system for operator call centers or hotline centers. The Customer Care Application uses a powerful search engine to improve the customer care representatives response time when assisting customers with account questions. This provides customer service representatives a faster system to handle customer requests with more ease and efficiency.

Other features include user friendly enhancements such as simultaneous and reduced screen viewing, advanced processes in the menus, improved handling of credits to customers, online assistance and extended language support.

"The introduction of these new applications is a result of our commitment to provide the best possible solutions to our customers. When LHS was asked to help with streamlining customer care processes, we began building the Targys-based Customer Care Application for BSCS," stated Gary Cuccio, LHS president and chief executive officer. "We are excited about the benefits this new application will provide to our customers."

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