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LHS Annouces Integration of Its Leading Customer Acquisition Product ConVerge With Or

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LHS Annouces Integration of Its Leading Customer Acquisition Product ConVerge With Or Johnboy

LHS Annouces Integration of Its Leading Customer Acquisition Produ.

LHS Annouces Integration of Its Leading Customer Acquisition Product ConVerge With Oracle Purchasing
Integration is Part of Cooperative Applications Initiative
ATLANTA/MARLBOROUGH, Mass./FRANKFURT--(BUSINESS WIRE)--June 15, 2000--LHS Inc. (NASDAQ:LHSG - news; Neuer Markt:LHI), today announced the integration of its customer acquisition product ConVerge with Oracle Purchasing®under Oracle's Cooperative Applications Initiative (SM).

ConVerge is designed to accelerate customer acquisition and efficiently manage the operations of the retail, direct and indirect sales channels of the wireless industry. Through ConVerge, users create and track sales, take payment, manage cash and track inventory movement.

Now that the integration effort with Oracle Purchasing is complete, inventory information generated from the point-of-sale can be passed to a central Oracle application to assist in purchasing decisions, ensuring that service providers maintain proper inventory levels.

``Our participation in Oracle's Cooperative Applications Initiative extends the value of our joint customers' investment in our products,'' said Jerry Keefe, Senior Vice President and General Manager, LHS InfoCell. ``Specifically, users at the point-of-sale need access to only a single application to support inventory, sales and account payment functions. At the same time, they provide the detailed data needed by the central Oracle purchasing application to ensure efficient placement of inventory orders and tracking of inventory purchases.''

The integration with Oracle Purchasing® enables ConVerge application users to receive goods against purchase orders created centrally in the Oracle Purchasing application. Service providers benefit by having access to the information they need to guard against inventory shortages or excess inventory levels.

About the Oracle Cooperative Applications Initiative Program

Established in March 1994, Oracle's highly successful Cooperative Applications Initiative (CAI) enables best-in-class application software vendors to develop and sell standard, integration bridge products, linking their solutions with Oracle Applications. CAI expands the Oracle-based enterprise applications solutions set and allows customers to choose complementary applications that best fit their specific needs. Nearly 200 vendors are active in CAI today with over 100 integrations currently available off the shelf. For more information about the CAI program, visit or e-mail

About LHS InfoCell

LHS InfoCell Inc., a subsidiary of LHS Group Inc., is headquartered in Marlborough, Massachusetts. LHS InfoCell Inc. provides comprehensive point-of-sale applications aimed at reducing acquisition costs and automating business procedures for telecommunications operators. LHS InfoCell's products, installed at more than 18 major wireless carriers worldwide, provide total customer and distribution channel management from customer acquisition to customer retention. For more information, visit LHS Group's web site at

About LHS Group

LHS Group is a leading global provider of operating support system software and services to the communications industry. LHS products range from pre- and post-paid billing and customer care to enhanced services and acquisition software. They are installed at more than 300 customer sites worldwide. LHS has 18 global and regional partners (system integrators, international operators and equipment manufacturers) representing one of the largest implementation and support networks in the global customer care and billing market.

LHS' recently announced planned merger with Sema Group plc, will make the combined companies the new world leader in communications software and solutions - surpassing all competitors on a global basis in revenue, subscribers, sites and solutions.

In addition to its Atlanta headquarters, LHS has major offices in Frankfurt, Germany; Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia; Sao Paulo, Brazil; Boston and Miami, USA; and Zurich, Switzerland. LHS is listed with NASDAQ (LHSG) and on the Frankfurt Neuer Markt Exchange (LHI). For more information, visit LHS' website at

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