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Probleme bei der Darstellung von ARIVA.DE?

INFONET - Empfehlung von Zockeronline neue ad hoc unter:

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 INFONET - Empfehlung von  Zockeronline neue ad hoc unter: Auhof

INFONET - Empfehlung von Zockeronline neue ad hoc unter:

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 INFONET - Empfehlung von  Zockeronline neue ad hoc unter: KarottenZuechter

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Infonet Announces Completion of Its First Phase in Building One of the World's First Global Gigabit Networks


EL SEGUNDO, Calif., Jan 26, 2000 (BUSINESS WIRE) --

Becoming a Facilities-Based Global Provider and Meeting the Mission-Critical Data Communications Requirements of Multinationals

Remain the Key Strategic Drivers Infonet Services Corp. (NYSE:IN), a leading provider of global communications services for multinationals, today announced the completion of phase one of its $850 million global network capacity expansion program.

Phase one, completed in the last six months of 1999, added 2.1 gigabytes of network capacity, thereby increasing Infonet's current global network managed capacity to more than 11 gigabits. At its targeted completion by the end of calendar 2001, Infonet's globally managed network capacity will measure more than 20 gigabits. In this initial phase, network capacity was added in the European, trans-Atlantic, U.S., Asia-Pacific and trans-Pacific segments of the network.

Infonet's network expansion plans call for it to become the first global network services provider to wrap the world in "gigabit capacity, " thereby creating the world's first global gigabit network. Additionally, in doing so, Infonet would have the market advantage of becoming one of the world's first global facilities-based value-added services providers.

"Infonet continues to expand its network in order to be positioned to meet the mission-critical data communications needs of its existing and future multinational enterprise clients. Infonet plans to meet those needs without limitation either for ourselves or for our clients," said Jose A. Collazo, Infonet's chairman and president.

"More importantly, Infonet's proven experience as a value-added services supplier is now being coupled for the first time with the advantages of a facilities-based provider. Doing this we believe represents a unique and compelling competitive combination for multinational enterprises," he concluded.

Infonet Services is a world leader in providing global communications services to multinational enterprises. Infonet provides Internet, intranet, ATM, electronic commerce and integrated voice/data solutions plus a full suite of messaging and collaborative products and services. Infonet's services are supported locally in more than 60 countries and territories around the world.

The World Network from Infonet is accessible terrestrially or via satellite worldwide. Infonet trades publicly on the New York and Frankfurt stock exchanges under the ticker symbol "IN." News and information are available at

Copyright (C) 2000 Business Wire. All rights reserved.

Distributed via COMTEX.
CONTACT:       Infonet Services Corp., El Segundo, Calif.
              Mike Radice, 310/335-2875




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