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08.06.00 19:56
Ehemaliger Airtouch-Profi kommt ins Team von IJNT. Zuvor bei PacTel, dann bei Airtouch und nun kommt der Harvardabsolvent zu IJNT, wenn das keine gute Nachricht ist.
Das könnte IJNT nun engültig den Durchbruch gelingen lassen.
Mein Rating: Kaufen unter 7€...vergesst nicht, dass der Wert bereits auf über 20€ von unter 3€ kommend war.

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IJNT the dude
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ja mein gütester,

14.06.00 11:14
es hat gestern noch im after hour trading ind den usa 31.000 stück gegeben. schlußkurs 5,5. gibt ein gesamttagesvol. von 196k. 3,53% plus.
die neuen personalien lassen darauf hoffen daß bald ein neuer ceo verkündet wird. ich hoffe auf einen mann/frau mit format der/die (bevor die linksradikalen lila latzhosen tragenden feministinnen in diesem board anfangen zu krähen)dem technisch ruinierten kurs wieder aufschwung verleiht.

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daß ist zwar nicht der neue ceo, ist aber dennoch für 8.62% gut!
was der ceo dann bringt ?

IRVINE, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--June 14, 2000--IJNT.net Inc. (Nasdaq:NM:IJNT), an emerging integrated communications provider, which will soon be known as Universal Broadband Networks (``UBNetworks''), announced the addition of Stephen E. Pazian to its Board of Directors as an independent director.

``Mr. Pazian brings broad general management knowledge in wireless telecommunications, B2B and B2C Sales and Marketing to the Board, having occupied CEO and COO positions with Edison International, Ameritech, BellSouth Corporation and Bell Atlantic over the past 15 years,'' remarked UBNetworks Vice-Chairman Mary E. Blake.

Blake also said, ``We considered several eminently qualified candidates for this Board seat, focusing on the benefits such seasoned business executives could provide in charting the direction of the company and maximizing profitable opportunities. Steve Pazian's experience and connections as well as his in-depth knowledge of all aspects of building businesses in a highly competitive environment made Steve the clear choice; and we are gratified that he has agreed to join the UBNetworks Board.''

Pazian commented, ``I am enthusiastic about participating on the Board of this exciting company which is well positioned to deliver advanced communications and networking solutions customers are seeking. I am anxious to participate in the direction of UBNetworks and its strong management.''

Pazian is a graduate of Rochester Institute of Technology in business and holds an MBA with honors from the University of Georgia. Pazian currently serves as chairman of SoCal Ventures, where he assists start-up companies in executing their business plans and as a director of Wireless OnLine, a Los Altos, Calif. venture funded wireless infrastructure company.

Prior to that Pazian was the CEO of Edison Enterprises, three start-up businesses he grew to $200 million revenue and more than 4,000 employees. Previous to joining Edison Enterprises, Pazian was president of Ameritech's Security Monitoring Services, CEO of BellSouth's MobileComm paging business and COO of Bell Atlantic's cellular phone company, Bell Atlantic Mobile.

By way of correction to the company's previous news release dated June 8, 2000, Terry Kramer's current position should have been noted as Vodaphone AirTouch vice president of Corporate Development for the Americas and Asia, with responsibility for all merger and acquisition activity in those regions. Kramer is the immediate past president of Verizon Paging.

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