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Probleme bei der Darstellung von ARIVA.DE?

$$$$$$$$$Heisser Stock-Tipp fuer 2000$$$$$$$$$$$$

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$$$$$$$$$Heisser Stock-Tipp fuer 2000$$$$$$$$$$$$ brainy

$$$$$$$$$Heisser Stock-Tipp fuer 2000$$$$$$$$$$$$

26.01.00 14:35
Kuerzel QCCM (nur in USA, keine WKN), ist in DEM Zukunftssegment im Telekomsektor, den sog. Prepaid-Phonecards. Noch voellig unentdeckt, kaum Volumen, aber der Artikel anbei wird das sehr schnell aendern (siehe unten)! Der Artikel ist vorab im Netz gestanden, das Magazin wird erst jetzt von vielen gelesen, und dann geht's los! Mehr Infos auf, dies ist die Investor Relations Firma fuer QCCM (und auch von AUTC und MWMD, schaut Euch die auch mal an, super Werte, noch kaum gelaufen!). Mehr dazu auch auf unter QCCM, AUTC oder MWMD!

Q Comm Picked As One Of The Top Ten Companies To Watch For 2000 OREM, Utah, Jan 5, 2000

Q Comm Internatinal, Inc. (OTC Bulletin Board: QCCM) ("Q Comm"), a prepaid telecommunications service provider, has been named one of the Top Ten Companies To Watch for 2000 in the current January Issue of Intele-Card News Magazine, the prepaid telecommunication Industry's leading publication.

The Intele-Card News Top Ten To Watch program is an annual selection by the publication's editorial staff of the most promising prepaid telecommunications companies for the coming year. While it admits that there's no scientific formula for its selection methodology, Intele-Card News notes that majority of the Top Ten companies selected last year have expanded and grown significantly in 1999. For inclusion in the Top Ten To Watch for this year, Intele-Card News considered dramatic company growth from one year to the next; product innovation; steadfast progress in building a company brand; and a demonstrated commitment to support the prepaid industry. Among the public companies selected this year, in addition to Q Comm, are Shared Technologies Cellular, Inc. (Nasdaq: STCL) and PubliCARD Inc. (Nasdaq: CARD).

"This recognition is a testament by the prepaid telecom industry's leading authorities of Q Comm's vision and business plan implementation, " said Paul Hickey, CEO of Q Comm International. "We know we're in an explosive industry with the right product solution, strategic plan and management team. This combination is already paying big dividends and we're very excited about the growth and plan implementation coming in 2000."

ABOUT Q COMM Q Comm International Inc., a leading provider of proprietary and prepaid telecom services including phone cards, wireless, and dial tone, sells it products through high-transaction, small to mid-size retail environments throughout the U.S. The company markets direct to retailers as well as through its expanding national network of telecom resellers. At the core of Q Comm's marketing strategy for its prepaid telephone products and services is Qxpress(TM), the Company's versatile, revolutionary POSA terminal that dispenses the telephone units at retail locations for all of the Company's products. The Qxpress terminal virtually eliminates a retailer's concern with security, theft, inventory and shelf space limitations. Qxpress(TM) is designed to act as a conduit for multiple telecommunications carriers, can be easily programmed to meet a retailers pricing needs and prints out flexible activity reports. The unique pay-as-you-go Qxpress terminal looks similar to a credit card transaction terminal, is easy to use, does not require a merchant to stock active, prepaid telephone products, eliminates initial start-up costs, and offers additional solutions to the marketplace that traditional services fail to deliver.

The prepaid phone card and prepaid wireless markets are two of the fastest-growing segments in the telecommunications industry. Independent researcher, The Yankee Group, estimates that these markets will grow to over $4.3 billion and $20 billion, respectively, by the year 2002. Q Comm is confident that it will be a major player in these markets given the company's established distribution channels and its extensive experience in the telecommunications industry.

This press release includes forward-looking statements that are made pursuant to the "safe harbor" provisions of the Private Securities Litigation Reform Acts of 1955. While these statements are made to convey the Company's progress, business opportunities, and growth prospects, readers are cautioned that such forward-looking statements represent management's opinion. Actual Company results may differ materially from those described. The Company's operations and business prospects are always subject to risk and uncertainties.

SOURCE Q Comm International, Inc.

(Voluntary Disclosure: Position- Long; ST Rating- Strong Buy; LT Rating- Strong Buy)

$$$$$$$$$Heisser Stock-Tipp fuer 2000$$$$$$$$$$$$ IZ

Interessanter Chart bei comdirect: ATL bei 0,00 Euro! :-) o.T.


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