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HARTCOURT NEWS 8.06.00  !! hjw2


08.06.00 15:44
Company Press Release
SOURCE: The Hartcourt Companies Inc.
SinoBull Group Selected by Anshan Securities Co. To Provide Online Trading in Shanghai
Strategic Alliance Between Hartcourt's Subsidiary and China's Leading Brokerage Firm Is Another Step to Solidify SinoBull's Market Position in China
LOS ANGELES, June 8 /PRNewswire/ -- The Hartcourt Companies Inc. (OTC Bulletin Board: HRCT; Frankfurt: HCT),, today announced that its SinoBull subsidiary was selected by Anshan Securities, a leading Chinese securities firm, to provide a complete online trading solution based on UAC's platform to Anshan's regional offices in Shanghai. Installation of the system utilizing China Telecom's 162 secured packet data networks is expected to begin immediately. SinoBull Group and Anshan Securities also signed a strategic alliance memorandum that calls for a multi-year technology provider and preferred client relationship. The alliance will further expand Anshan Securities' online trading capability to all other regional offices after the initial implementation in Anshan's Shanghai branch office.

In 1999, China Telecom and UAC Stock Trading Online, now a SinoBull Group subsidiary, formed a strategic partnership relationship. UAC is the first and only operating agent to utilize the China Telecom's national packet data network (ChinaPac, or 162 network). UAC has since started to deploy a national stock online trading network based on ChinaPac. The network, built and operated by China Telecom, was designed to transmit sensitive financial data nationwide in a fast and secure manner.

Jiang Tai, President of Shanghai Guo Mao, now also a SinoBull Group subsidiary, said that the Anshan Securities is a leading and well-respected full service securities firm in China. Anshan's Shanghai office is the first securities brokerage firm in Shanghai to use China Telecom's 162 network. We are very pleased to work with Anshan Securities to introduce SinoBull's online trading platform and solutions to Shanghai's financial industry.

Dr. Charlie Yang, Chief Operating Officer of Hartcourt commented: ``Our strategic alliance with Anshan Securities reflects both parties' commitment in jointly promoting advanced online trading technology and products to financial institutions in Shanghai. Shanghai has developed very fast over last few years and could surpass Hong Kong in next 5 to 10 years as the new financial center in China. This is also the first step in a possible joint venture between Hartcourt and Anshan Securities once the Chinese government allows foreign participation in brokerage services.''

About the Anshan Securities:

Anshan Securities was established in 1988 based in Liaoning Province upon the approval by the People's Bank of China. The Company is the first member of China Securities Association, and is the member of Shanghai Stock Exchange, Shenzhen Stock Exchange, and All-China Stock Exchange Joint Quotation System. The Company has 14 business offices and over 500 staff members.

About the SinoBull Group:

SinoBull is a technology-driven financial services group providing retail investors and financial institutions in Greater China with access to comprehensive financial information and the ability to execute financial transactions online. SinoBull offers these services through four major channels: financial portal, online trading platform, data broadcasting and financial technology solutions. Ltd. is planning to complete an Initial Public Offering later this year.

About Hartcourt:

The Hartcourt Companies, Inc. is a holding and development company that is building a network of Internet and telecommunication service companies in The People's Republic of China (China), including Hong Kong, in partnership with Chinese entrepreneurs as well as Chinese government-owned entities.

Its mission is to become one of the leading broadband applications infrastructure providers in Asia, including the development of broadband networks and vertical market focused content for broadband and wireless applications. Detailed information on Hartcourt and its major subsidiary SinoBull, which has developed a financial services Web portal and a platform providing secure online stock trading for major brokerage firms in China may be obtained via the company's Web site,

Forward-looking statements

Certain statements in this news release may constitute ``forward looking'' statements within the meaning of Section 21E of the Securities Exchange Act of 1934. Such forward looking statements involve risks, uncertainties and other factors, which may cause the actual results, performance or achievement expressed or implied by such forward looking statements to differ materially from the forward looking statements.

HARTCOURT NEWS 8.06.00  !! Herkel

Habe ich vorhin schon gelesen. Wie wird der Kurs reagieren ? o.T.

08.06.00 15:51
HARTCOURT NEWS 8.06.00  !! hjw2


08.06.00 16:07
HRCT Profile Information: Updated 6/8/2000

Business Summary
HRCT is a holding company with a primary focus in online services in Asia. Hartcourt capitalized on its experience and connections in China to focus on the most promising area of the China market: the Internet. The ultimate goal of Hartcourt is to be the leading Internet company in Asia with a planned 18 acquisitions through year 2000. HRCT's currently announced joint ventures Sinobull, Innostar, China Law and SCIC have laid the ground and have enabled HRCT a giant step toward establishing itself as a major provider of on-line services in China. HRCT has also signed a term sheet agreement to acquire a major percentage of an ISP in China…announcement/acquisition pending due diligence by Morgan Stanley.

Company Website -
Company PR's:
Shares outstanding: 30 million Float: 18 million estimated

Nasdaq Application:

Key Company relationships:
Auditors: BDO International…
Sinobull Business Plan: Ernst & Young…
Investor Relations: Financial Relations Board…
China Telecom/Bejing Telecom:
Financing: Swartz Private Equity, LLC:

What is joint venture?
Sinobull is a financial services provider/portal focusing on online trading, financial information and market data. Sinobull's revenue base encompasses advertising, licensing, online trading provider, vertical and horizontal content agreements. will provide investors throughout Mainland China the resources of trading equities/futures/options online, gather extensive financial research information, real time quotes, message boards and a future planned financial cable TV network .Sinobull is a strategic partner in China Telecom's new campaign to obtain 10 Million new ISP subscribers by the end of 2001.

UAC Online…
operates the first and only nationwide licensed online trading network in mainland China, connecting investors with their stock brokerage offices via ChinaPAC; China telecom's nationwide secure 162 packet switched private network through computer, Legends "Stock Easy" set top boxes, and Palm PDA's…
National License:

Financial Telecom Ltd...
is a financial databank providing real-time stock quotes and other information of Hong Kong listed-companies to institutional and retail investors. FTL has been in business for 16 years and had HK $16.6 million in revenues in 1998.
is the leading Internet Broadcaster who provides comprehensive audio and video delivery or Streaming solutions to businesses, professionals, organizations, web site owners and content publishers. Our powerful network infrastructure enables us to stream superior-quality multimedia advertising, live event broadcasting and on-demand audio and video contents over the Internet to target web-enabled audiences all over the world.

LogicSpace Ltd.
is wholly owned Streaming subsidairy and an Internet consulting and web application development company that provides a wide range of Internet services, including web page design, system architecture and solution implementation.

Gou Mao of Shanghai …
Specializes in futures, indices and commodities data, which will complement the financial information database of Hua Xia Info, and the financial delivery systems of FinTel.

China Broadcast and Television Cable Networks Ltd
A multi-year effort with Shanghai Guo Mao to jointly develop and deploy a financial TV channel to be marketed to 80 million Chinese cable TV subscribers across all Chinese provinces and cities. The development and launch of the planned CCN Financial TV Channel should put the partnership into a
leading position similar to CNBC or CNN Financial programming broadcast in the United States

Shangdi Network of Beijing…
is one of three owners of Hua Xia Info, the financial data and media arm of Hua Xia Securities, the second largest brokerage firm in China. Through this relationship, SinoBull will obtain coverage and promotion from Hua Xia Info's cable TV financial channel, similar to Bloomberg TV. Hua Xia Securities will provide the brokerage house to process online stock trades.

Other relationships:
Legend computer
Through joint development with Hua Xia Securities, Legend will produce inexpensive cable TV set top boxes for those investors wanting the ease of online trading, but without computer use. Legend is the largest manufacturer of computers in Mainland China, and the "Stock Easy" set top box will showcase the Sinobull Financial Portal.

Sinobull Customer Relationships:
Hua Xia securities:
Xiagcai Securities:
Guosen Securities of Shenzhen (
Anshan Securities Co
Streaming Asia customer list:

ISP acquisition (announcement/acquisition pending DD by Morgan Stanley)…per the first quarter 2000 10Q report…

"On April 27, 2000, Hartcourt signed a Stock Purchase Agreement Term Sheet with a third party to form a new entity of which Hartcourt desires to purchase fifty-one percent (51%) of the outstanding shares of the capital stock and the third party agrees to retain the remaining forty-nine percent (49%) of the outstanding shares. The transaction is to close no later than 45 days following the execution of this Agreement during which time all due diligence shall be completed, which includes evaluation of the third party and the operating company by Morgan Stanley, a legal opinion of counsel as to the acceptability of the proposed structure of Hartcourt's acquisition of fifty-one percent (51%) of new entity, financial reviews, et al. On April 28, 2000, Hartcourt entered into an agreement with another third party who opened the escrow and deposited $10,000,000 on behalf of Hartcourt. Hartcourt is currently performing its due diligence and expects to complete the transaction."

What Is Innostar?

Innostar is a development stage nationwide Internet Service Provider (ISP) and IP Phone Service in China. Innostar has been operating an IP Phone Service in Beijing for the last 14 months, in cooperation with a leading Chinese telecom company. ESAT Inc. was partnered to provide in providing high-speed Internet connections via satellite. Over the 3 months Innostar's partners and plan will unfold to become worth 5 times that of the Sinobull IPO. Innostar JV is due to IPO in the spring of 2001.

eSAT Inc:
Website: :

What is SCIC?
Sichuan China Integrated Cable Network Co. Ltd. (SCIC) is the newest of HRCT's joint venture investments. In combination with Shenzhen Sinlan Investment Co, SCIC will use the exclusive TV cable network in the capital city of Chengdu, Sichuan province to synergize Sinobull and Innostar.
Due to IPO in year 2001

What is China Law?
China Law Corp. announced an exclusive license with the PRC/Supreme People's Court to obtain the rights of online publication of the court cases and judicial interpretation of the Supreme People's Court of the PRC. HRCT has been selected by China Law Corp. to develop Internet access to the decisions of China's People's Supreme Court available through HRCT's Internet sites.

Other Relationships and Acquisitions:
eMPACT Solutions:

Dr. Alan Phan: Chairman and CEO Hartcourt companies
Michael Bianco: CEO Sinobull
Simon Shi Zhang: CEO UAC
Stephen Tang: CEO FTL
Dr. Charlie Q. Yang: COO HRCT
Mr. Duc Duong: CTO HRCT
Mr. Manu Ohri: CFO HRCT
Jack Westfield: Vice president of Corporate Finance HRCT
Mr. Frederic Cohn: Director and Vice President HRCT

HARTCOURT NEWS 8.06.00  !! hjw2


11.06.00 01:30
Autor:  Rente_mit_40
Datum:  07/06/2000 - 19:08
Board:  Asien

Wertung bisher:  

H A R T C O U R T - VERSION 1.1 (19.4.2000)  

Amerikanische Internet-Beteiligungsgesellschaft, deren Focus auf dem Internet-Markt der Zukunft liegt: Asien/China  

Alle Beteiligungsgesellschaften (außer UAC) erwirtschaften Profite  

Hält 2 von nur 4 chinaweit gueltigen Internet Service Provider (ISP)-Lizenzen  

CEO: Dr. Phan  


Gewinn und Wachstum durch den Erfolg ihrer Beteiligungsgesellschaften.  

Kernkompetenz der einzelnen Gesellschaften so kombinieren, daß ein schlagkräftiges Gesamtkonzept und ein Maximum an Synergien entsteht.  

Weitere Joint-Ventures und Partnerschaften aufzubauen.  


Die Nr.1 im Bereich Finanzinformationen und Online-Trading in Cina zu werden  

Zu den Top Internet Company`s in Asien gehören  


~~~~~~48 %  

Achtung, nach dem IPO ist die Beteiligung nur noch 38%  

Finanz-und Online-Trading Portal, besitzt  

~100 % UAC~  
Anbieter von Online-Trading für Brokerage-Firmen in China  

~100% FinTel~  
Information Service Provider, spezialisiert auf Real-Time-Übertragung von Finanzdaten und -nachrichten über Festnetz- bzw. Wireless-Systeme  

~100% Streaming Asia~  
Top Internet Software Company in Hong Kong. Liefert Streaming Media Lösungen und gestaltet Webseiten.  

~100 % Shangdi Network~  

Strategisch, um beteiligt zu sein an:  

~35% Hua Xia Network~  
China`s Finanzdaten-Anbieter Nummer 1 - ähnlich Bloomberg TV and CNBC. Entwickelte Set Top Box in Partnerschaft mit Legend Holding, dem grössten Computerhersteller in China, und Microsoft um Benutzern Online-Trading  
zusätzlich zum Internet-Zugang verfügbar zu machen. Auf diesen Set Top Boxen wird als Finanzportal voreingestellt sein, wodurch zum Finanzportal Nr. 1 in China aufsteigen kann.  

~100% Guo Mao~  
Real-Time Finanzdaten-Anbieter in Shanghai (China) ao  

~~~35% Innostar~~~  

Bereitstellung von wireless ISP und IP Phone Service via Satellit in China  

~~~30 %eMPACT Solution Inc. ~~~  

Spezialisierung auf Webhosting, Systemdesign und -management, Transaktionsauslastungs- und Sicherheitsüberwachung für E-Commerce Firmen.  

Eine der größten chinesischen Web Management Companys, die Hostdienstleistungen für B2B E-Commerce und B2B Auction Business anbietet.  

~~~ 10 % ESAT ~~~  

US-Technologie-Firma, spezialisert auf high-speed Internetverbindungen via Satellit  


Los Angeles  


Ca.20 Millionen Shares,  

Insider Ownership ca 6 Million ($), Public Float ca 11 Million ($)  

Marktkapitalisierung ($) = Kurs * ca 20 Millionen ($) = ca 110 Millionen ($)  



E&Y-Report Abschluß  
Abschluß und Präsentation des HRCT-Finanzreport durch E &Y diese Woche. Ein Erscheinen kursbeeinflussender Investoren und Partner wird erwartet.  

HRCT-NASDAQ-NMS-Listing (2-3 Q 00)  
Aufstieg vom NASDAQ OTC-BB zum NASDAQ-NMS-Wert ermöglicht fairen und MM unabhängigen US-Kurswert. Top-Investmenthäuser werden Analysen herausbringen. Marktkapitalisierung / IPO (3-4 Q 00)  
Konservative Bewertung soll bei 400 Millionen $ liegen.  
Nach IPO an GEM (später NASDAQ) ist höheren Bewertung denkbar : 800-1200 Millionen $ Beteiligung  
HRCT-Shareholder werden voraussichtlich an der IPO beteiligt => schöne, Kursgewinne CEO  
Präsident und CEO Michael Bianco, Garantie für den durch erstklassige Investment-Erfahrung und politischen Kontakte (u.a. zu China`s Präsidenten) und Merill Lunch Kaufangebot`s Wertschätzung zeigt ein Angebot von Merill Lynch (Angebot 85% zu kaufen)  

Innostar MK / IPO Innostar (2-3 Q 01)  
Bewertung Innostar soll erheblich höher als liegen (? 2000 Millionen ?)  
IPO ist nächstes Jahr geplant. The Innostar project is still scheduled to begin development (Mai 2000)  

Asien / China / WTO  
Positionierung im zukünftig größten und aktuell am stärksten wachsendem Internetmarkt.  
China`s andere Kultur und Regeln verzögert ein rasches Auftreten von US-Giganten.  
Der Bonus in China lange, gute Kontakte und Vertrauen (!) zu besitzen ist unschätzbar und verhindert ein erfolgversprechenden Aufkauf Hartcourts.  


An der OTC gehandelte Werte sind starken Kursschwankungen unterworfen.  

Hartcourts-Erfolg ist stark abhängig von China`s Regierung und dem Erfolg der CEO`s. Ein Rüchtritt o. ä. von Dr. Phan / M. Bianco könnte erhebliche Kurskonsequenten nach sich ziehen  

Aktueller Kurswert extrem unterbewertet. Zum HRCT-ATH (20) sind es + 230%, wobei innerhalb der 20 nach m.M. keine Zukunftsperspektive (1-2 Jahren) mit eingepreist ist.  

Warnung von HRCT CEO Dr. Phan  
In past letters, I have warned shareholders of the short-term risks and the burst of the Internet bubble. I kept repeating that if you are a daytrader, or an investor who cannot afford to hold long, please sell your shares.  
Quelle :  


Hartcourt könnte zum Blue-Chip in China aufsteigen. Die Akzeptanz und politischen Beziehungen in diesem Land, der Besitz von zwei gültigen ISP-Lizenzen, die Phantasie in China (über Satelit) Finanz-und Online-Trading aufzubauen und vom zukünftig weltweit größten Internet Kundenpotential zu profitieren, könnte eine extrem lohnenswerte Vision sein.  

~~~Extrem konservative Bewertung~~~  

Annahme: (400 Millionen) u. Innostar (1000 Millionen)  

Hartcourt MK = 150 Mio ( 38%) + 350 Mio (35% Innostrar) = 500 Mio  
Hartcourt Share Price = 25 $  

~~~Spekulative Bewertung~~~  

China Internet Users : 20 Millionen (2001), 205 Millionen (2010)  

5 % der 20 Mio I-User handeln Aktien , jeder fünfte mit = 200 000 User  

Direktanlagebank <=> 180 000 Usern <=> 5 000 Mio $ <=> 200 000 User <=> ca 5 000 Mio $ (?)  

Hartcourt 38 % von 5 000 Mio = 1 900 Mio  

Hartcourt MK 2001 : = 1 900 Mio (?)  
Hartcourt Share Price 2001 = 90 $ (?)  
Hartcourt Share Price 2010 = Faktor 10 ? = 900 $ (???)

HARTCOURT NEWS 8.06.00  !! hjw2

Re: HARTCOURT/Sinobull/Nokia NEWS 12.06.00 !!

12.06.00 17:58
HARTCOURT NEWS 8.06.00  !! hjw2

Hier die Nokiameldung

Nokia Demonstrates the World's First WAP Applications Over WCDMA

HELSINKI, Finland--(BUSINESS WIRE)--June 9, 2000--Nokia has successfully carried out the world's first WAP service over a trial WCDMA system. The tests were completed in Beijing China, where Chinese language WAP services were transmitted via the WCDMA system and radio network.

Nokia has WCDMA experimental system in Beijing, including network elements and terminals. The experimental system is operated and tested in co-operation with the RITT (Research Institute of Telecommunication Transmission), a division of the Ministry of Information Industry in China.

The experimental system was opened at the beginning of the year. RITT and Nokia have been in co-operation to develop the technical features of the next generation mobile technology, focusing on the special requirements in China.

"The demonstration of seamless interoperability of WAP over WCDMA proves that these technologies offer a future proof path towards Mobile Internet Services," says James Lin, President Nokia (China) Investment Co. Ltd.

Nokia has experimental WCDMA field systems installed at facilities around the world, including Beijing, Hong Kong, Espoo Finland, and Yokosuka Japan. In addition, Nokia has built Mobile 3G Demonstration Centres for use by partner operators in Europe to undertake full evaluation and demonstration of 3rd generation applications in a completely live working environment. The Nokia WCDMA experimental systems provide sufficient network equipment, software and terminal prototypes to allow thorough testing of WCDMA technology. With this system, Nokia customers can experience samples of potential future applications and mobile Internet access at speeds up to 384 kbit/s.

Nokia can offer operators what few others in the industry can; a complete end-to-end WAP solution, including WAP gateways, WAP portal, mobile terminals, browsers, tools for WAP -based content creation and delivery, and systems integration services. In addition to infrastructure, Nokia Professional Services provides comprehensive service solutions for planning, deploying, managing, and enhancing WAP solutions.

Nokia is paving the way to the mobile information society with its innovative products and solutions. The company is the leading mobile phone supplier and a leading supplier of mobile, and broadband IP networks, related services as well as multimedia terminals. In 1999, Nokia's net sales totaled EUR 19.8 billion (USD 19.9 billion). Headquartered in Finland, Nokia is listed on the New York (NOK), Helsinki, Stockholm, London, Frankfurt and Paris stock exchanges and employs more than 56,000 people. Visit the Nokia website at


Nokia Networks

Communications Department, + 358 9 5113 8193


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