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Probleme bei der Darstellung von ARIVA.DE?


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26.06.00 18:55
MONDAY, JUNE 26, 2000 7:16:00 AM EST
LOS ANGELES, Jun 26, 2000 (BUSINESS WIRE) -- The Hartcourt Companies Inc. HRCTHCT,, today announced that its SinoBull subsidiary, Shanghai Guo Mao, has established a strategic alliance with International Finance News, a leading financial newspaper published by People's Daily in China.

Shanghai Guo Mao, a leading network provider of financial products relating to futures and equities, will provide financial content, including daily market index charts and currency charts, to International Finance News for its "International Currency" and "Stock Market" sections.

International Finance News is published daily by People's Daily in three editions: Overseas, East China and South China. Shanghai Guo Mao will act as one of two content providers for market index charts; the other is the Reuters Group, a worldwide leading financial information and news group.

Dr. Alan Phan, chairman and CEO of Hartcourt, said: "People's Daily is among the most widely read newspapers in China. We are honored that Shanghai Guo Mao has been selected along with Reuters to be a financial content provider. This alliance is a clear indication of the success of our Chinese subsidiaries in providing high-quality financial information, as well as the recognition that SinoBull has achieved status as an authoritative resource."

About People's Daily

People's Daily, first published in 1948, publishes nine newspapers and six magazines. For more information, visit ( and International Finance News (

About Shanghai Guo Mao

Guo Mao is a subsidiary of SinoBull Group. It is principally engaged in the business of developing financial content for media and broadcasting networks in China. The company's programs cover information relating to Chinese and other Southeast Asian markets, as well as those in Europe and the United States.

Shanghai Guo Mao is the leading provider of real-time financial information and financial-related software to securities brokers, financial institutions, corporations, financial service companies and serious individual investors in China.

About the SinoBull Group

SinoBull is a technology-driven financial services group providing retail investors and financial institutions in Greater China with access to comprehensive financial information and the ability to execute financial transactions online.

SinoBull offers these services through four major channels: financial portal, online trading platform, data broadcasting and financial technology solutions. Ltd. is planning to complete an initial public offering later this year. Their proprietary content is available at

About Hartcourt

The Hartcourt Companies Inc. is a holding and development company that is building a network of Internet and telecommunication service companies in The People's Republic of China (China), including Hong Kong, in partnership with Chinese entrepreneurs as well as Chinese government-owned entities.

Its mission is to become one of the leading broadband applications infrastructure providers in Asia, including the development of broadband networks and vertical market focused content for broadband and wireless applications.

Detailed information on Hartcourt and its major subsidiary SinoBull, which has developed a financial services Web portal and a platform providing secure online stock trading for major brokerage firms in China may be obtained via the company's Web site,

Forward-looking statements

Certain statements in this news release may constitute "forward-looking" statements within the meaning of Section 21E of the Securities Exchange Act of 1934. Such forward-looking statements involve risks, uncertainties and other factors, which may cause the actual results, performance or achievement expressed or implied by such forward looking-statements to differ materially from the forward-looking statements.

The Financial Relations Board Inc. serves as financial relations counsel to this company and is acting on the company's behalf in issuing this bulletin and receiving compensation therefor. The information contained herein is furnished for information purposes only and is not to be construed as an offer to buy or sell securities.

CONTACT:The Hartcourt Companies Inc.
Jack Westfield, 310/410-7290
The Financial Relations Board
Kristen Kopay (general information)
Carl Dameron (media)
Ed McNally (investors/analysts)
Today's News On The Net - Business Wire's full file on the Internet
with Hyperlinks to your home page.

Copyright (C) 2000 Business Wire. All rights reserved.

Distributed via COMTEX.




26.06.00 19:10
FANTASTIC für 11 Euro verschenkt

Dafür HARTCOURT weiter aufgestockt :-))

Auf lange Sicht die wesentlich bessere Perspektive !

Sehr schön LOL, langsam wird ja ein richtiger Börsenfreak aus dir !!!! .

26.06.00 19:46


29.06.00 04:02

I´ve sent an e-mail to HRCT regarding the NAS listing and got the following answer I´ld like to share with you. Sounds not too bad to me ;-)

Hello .....,

About our application, we received a formal request for clarification on the previous materials sent and on some accounting information from subsidiaries in China. The NASD has been given the contact information for the team from Ernst & Young who researched SinoBull and their subsidiaries, such that information can be verified and methods determined for projections. BDO is also in full cooperation to assist our NASD case agent as quickly as possible, as is our legal firm handling the filing. Our legal firm is in weekly contact with the NASD case agent, to assist in clarifiying any minor points. Hartcourt is very confident of a NASD approval, but since the application is an ongoing process, it is very difficult to predict when the filing would be approved. Much of our problems stem from the fact that Hartcourt's operations are in China and our rapid pace of acquisitions that continued to alter our application. While the NASDAQ listing is a top priority, Hartcourt will not sit on its hands for any single event, and we continue to build the business, expand operations, and look to new opportunities. Fortuntately, Hartcourt's NASDAQ approval should make SinoBull's NASDAQ listing a minimal process, since Hartcourt's application basically encompasses what SinoBull's application would be. Also, any further subsidiaries of Hartcourt that would seek a NASDAQ listing would also fare much better, similarly as child Agilent had an approved parent HP.

As we await approval, Hartcourt prepares for our July 6th formal SinoBull ceremony and press conference, with technology presentations to the press, etc. To support the name recognition and status with influential members of Beijing's and China's society, SinoBull is hosting the SinoBull Charity Night with the China Charity Association in Beijing on August 5th. The gala event, we anticipate should garner the national spotlight with over 200 members of the media invited. In the near future, we are working to finalize the proposals for the lead underwriter for SinoBull. And in China, we continue to strive to be the best in our directions, always looking to either build it or acquire it.

Remember to see our live interview with AOL MarketTalk on July 5th. Thank you for your interest and support of The Hartcourt Companies.

Klingt nicht schlecht, finde ich auch.

hey, hjw, du alter Hartcourt-experte ...

30.06.00 12:47
bevor ich meine Englischkenntnisse erweitere, erklär doch bitte was nicht schlecht klingt, ich kann mit diesen ellenlangen mails nicht so viel anfangen.

Mich würden zudem einigen Analystenmeinungen zu HRCT interessieren, nach dem auf und ab der letzten 2 Wochen.

Derweil ein Hartcourtfan bleibend                           alk

alk99, les dir mal die gestrige Meldung (29.6.) durch, hrct machte auf.

30.06.00 12:54
einen guten sprung nordwärds.

NEWS zur chin. Internet-Entwicklung : Erfolg für HRCT ist nun progr.

30.06.00 14:49
30Jun2000 USA:
China`s Largest Internet Stock Brokerage Firm to Deploy China E-Commerce Technologies` Solution for ... 12:03 GMT
China`s Largest Internet Stock Brokerage Firm to Deploy China E-Commerce Technologies` Solution for Online Stock Services.

FREMONT, Calif.-(BUSINESS WIRE)-June 30, 2000-China E-Commerce Technologies Co. Ltd. (CECT), a wholly owned subsidiary of Internet Corporation, announced today that it has signed an agreement with China Communication Securities Co., Ltd. to promote CECT`s set-top-box solution for online stock and financial services starting in Guangzhou, China.
China Communication Securities is the largest Internet stock brokerage firm, with a nationwide network that trades on China`s Shanghai and Shenzhen Stock Exchanges. China Communication Securities plans to expand its online customer base by distributing CECT`s user-friendly Internet Appliance to its customers.
CECT will begin delivery of the set-top box solution in July to China Communication Securities` trading clients for online stock and financial services at home. CECT provides secure, seamless "one-stop" full service transactions, which include an ISP network connection, portal services, and fund transfers between the bank and the stock brokerage firm with ease and efficiency. Currently, most Chinese investors must go personally to their stock brokerage branches to do stock transactions.

"This user-friendly Internet Appliance is well suited for the vast number of Chinese consumers who want convenient access to stock and financial services without the complexity of operating a PC," stated He-Tien Yu, General Manager of Guangzhou China Communication Securities. "Actively promoting the use of this TV-based solution to our clients will further solidify us as the leader in this rapidly growing industry."
"With this endorsement by China`s largest Internet securities brokerage firm, we have positioned ourselves to become the Internet Appliance solutions leader in delivering online stock and financial services to consumers in China," said Johnston Chen, president and chief executive officer of Internet Corporation. "Our proven low cost, easy-to-use solution has now moved into the mainstream as we take on an active role in promoting the growth of the Internet market in China."
"Guangzhou is a city of over 11 million people and one of the three major Internet hubs within China along with Shanghai and Beijing. Starting in Guangzhou, we plan to rapidly expand throughout China," Chen continued.
According to the China Securities Regulatory Commission, China has over 44 million people active in securities trading in the Shenzhen and Shanghai stock exchanges at the end of 1999. Internet stock services is expected to be one of the fastest growing industry with number of Internet subscribers expected to double from 8.9 million last year to nearly 20 million in year 2000, based on statistic published by China Network Information Center.

About Internet Corporation

Internet Corporation, a Cayman Islands company, is headquartered in Fremont, Calif. China E-Commerce Technologies Co. Ltd. (CECT), a wholly owned subsidiary of Internet Corporation, provides Internet Service Provider (ISP) subscription services and application services for online banking, stock brokerages and e-commerce merchants in China. CECT is the first portal that provides a secured online payment linking service for television-based Internet Appliance.

CONTACT: Kalt Rosen & Co. for Internet Corporation Howard Kalt, 415/397-2686.

Source: BUSINESS WIRE 30/6/2000


HARTCOURT NEWS Diese news überzeugt mich noch nicht ""Plans to E.

30.06.00 15:49

SFJ: Ist mir schnurz, ob Du überzeugt bist, das ist so, als ob in Ham.

30.06.00 16:44
Bratwurst platzt. Ich bin auf jeden Fall wieder eingestiegen und es reicht mir aus, wenn ICH überzeugt bin. Alle Zweifler zu überzeugen ist garnicht Sinn der Sache. Es geht darum, seine eigene Meinung zu fixieren. Ich lasse HRCT auf 2 Jahre liegen und sichere mir so meine 1000% Geinn minimum.

Ich Hab Harcourt bei 6,60 gekauft der kurs ging hoch bis 13,00 und ich bin.

30.06.00 16:58
Raus.Ich meine nur, da muss mehr kommen in news sonst geht der kurs in Keller.
Ich warte noch bevor ich wieder einsteige.
schönes wochen Ende

Steve der Engländer.

Hartcourt’s Secret of Success In China

Follow Up: Hartcourt’s Secret of Success In China

By Jack Burney
Published by
06/30/2000 02:58 PM CST

Background: Hartcourt (OTCBB: HRCT) has made truly amazing progress in an “invasion” of the budding Chinese internet business, as detailed in a recent OTC News Network story. Now, a Hartcourt executive reveals the secret of that success.

Dennis Poon, an executive of Hartcourt, wrote to give us some late news and to reveal the secret of the company’s success in China.

“We find ourselves in an advantageous position of being perceived as a China-domestic company via our China-based subsidiaries, while energized with US capital and technical expertise,” Poon wrote.

Poon also wrote about Hartcourt’s SinoBull subsidiary, UAC Stock Exchange Online, which “has developed the ‘Pocket 162’, a revolutionary secure wireless solution for Chinese-based users that provides Internet access as well as online trading capabilities for Chinese investors and brokerages.

“This WAP-enabled hand-held device offers anywhere, anytime wireless Internet access. (It) was successfully demonstrated at a recent financial technology workshop in Beijing that was jointly organized by UAC Stock Exchange Online, China Telecom, the Beijing Government Technology Council, and the National Telephone & Telegraph Bureau.

“With China Telecom ("CT") developing its own WAP applications (, UAC has been granted a license to use CT's technology for the ‘Pocket 162’ and other PDAs that UAC is developing for use in China's emerging wireless market.”

Poon also wrote of events coming up after the holiday. “On July 5th VP of Corporate Finance, Jack Westfield will be interviewed by AOL MarketTalk. July 6th will be our launch ceremony for our portal in Beijing. And on August 5th will be our SinoBull Charity Night in Beijing with the China Charity Association, which should be a China-media event.

” Writer’s Comment: This enterprising company foresaw the emergence of the internet in China and moved swiftly to establish acquisitions and partnerships in China to virtually become a Chinese company. The Chinese seem to have accepted Hartcourt with its many Chinese “disguises” as one of its own, and that’s good for business. This is private enterprise doing what the diplomats never could.


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