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Probleme bei der Darstellung von ARIVA.DE?


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Yesterday someone on this thread mentioned an article in China, that HRCT had reached an agrement with ChinaOnLine.
I E-mailed HRCT a few questions, and found the reply very interesting.....

Hello Carlos,

As to whether Hartcourt has an office in Hong Kong, essentially yes,
Hartcourt does. There may be some confusion with the business structure of
Hartcourt. A good way to look at it, is that Hartcourt is the parent
company, currently we own 48% of and 52% is owned by 14 other
partners, but Hartcourt maintains controlling interest. Then from, the 5 component companies are like divisions in the SinoBull
corporation (Financial Telecom, UAC Online Stock Trading,, Guo Mao, and Shangdi Network). Since we are the parent,
they are our subsidiaries. So Hartcourt essentially has offices in Hong
Kong, Beijing, Shanghai, etc. Hartcourt personnel uses their offices when
travelling, and those subsidiary companies also perform Hartcourt business
as well, although generally relating to business or general
legal, research, accounting, etc purposes.

Understandably, we cannot officially comment to such information regarding
developing business relationships until they are publicly announced. To
reiterate what Dr. Phan has said, Hartcourt has a high priority on
developing a relationship and significant, but minority ownership of a
major ISP and content portal in China. Re-emphasizing Dr. Phan's earlier
point, Hartcourt feels that such a successful venture would be a major

milestone, placing Hartcourt among the major players in the region.
Officially, the name cannot be released which company this is, as that may
hamper our ability in negotiations, since there are competing forces.

As to the possibility of an article written in Shenzhen about the
negotiation and possible leak of a possible near finalization, all things
are possible, but we cannot confirm or deny such an article. I personally
am unaware of a Shenzhen article. You may want to note that Shenzhen is one
of the primary regions for high tech development in China, among one of the
first. So the companies there are fairly developed and generally not in
start-up phases, as opposed to many new start ups in Shanghai and somewhat
in Beijing. Please note, as news does become official, Hartcourt will issue
a Press Release.

Thank you for your interest in The Hartcourt Companies.

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