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HARTCOURT explodiert!!!!NEWS!!!

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HARTCOURT explodiert!!!!NEWS!!! Trader

HARTCOURT explodiert!!!!NEWS!!!


                 Hartcourt Subsidiary and China Cable Networks - CCN
                 - to Jointly Develop the'CCN Financial TV Channel'
                 Prior to WTO Approval
                 Thu May 25 09:14:00 EDT 2000

                 LOS ANGELES, May 25, 2000 (BUSINESS WIRE) --

                        Technology Would Provide Access to Real-Time Financial Content to
                                       80 Million Chinese Cable TV Users

                The Hartcourt Companies Inc. (OTC:HRCT)(Frankfurt:HCT), today
                announced that its subsidiary, Shanghai Guo Mao Financial Corporation, has
                formed a strategic partnership with China Broadcast and Television Cable
                Networks Ltd., also known as China Cable Networks (CCN).

                The alliance calls for a multi-year effort to jointly develop and deploy a
                financial TV channel to be marketed to 80 million Chinese cable TV subscribers
                across all Chinese provinces and cities.

                The agreement calls for China Cable Networks to utilize its leading TV
                broadcasting expertise and integrated technologies and services for broadcasting
                cable channel signals to market the "CCN Financial TV Channel" with content
                developed by Shanghai Guo Mao Financial Corporation.

                The content would be transmitted via satellite and ground transceiver systems
                optimized for cable TV networks. The financial content will include real-time
                market data, market commentary, financial news and analysis, interviews, paid
                programming as well as advertisements.

                "We are very pleased to collaborate with China's leading cable TV company, China
                Cable Networks," said Hartcourt Chief Operating Officer Dr. Charlie Yang. "The
                development and launch of the planned CCN Financial TV Channel should put the
                partnership into a leading position similar to that enjoyed by CNBC (NYSE:GE) or
                CNN Financial (NYSE:TWX) TV programming broadcast in the United States. We are
                very excited at the prospect of capturing the attention of this market, which is
                currently 12 million viewers larger than the U.S. market.

                "Our advertising revenue when combined with the licensing revenue from
                participating provincial cable TV service providers will contribute
                significantly to our bottom line. We have proved to our investors again that
                Hartcourt is not a '' company. Our success is built on the expertise of
                our corporate officers in providing total IT solutions to the financial industry
                and a leading financial content provider in China," Dr. Yang concluded.

                Dr. Alan Phan, Chairman and CEO of Hartcourt commented: "For the last two
                months, our SinoBull subsidiaries have aggressively expanded their operations in
                Greater China.

                "Beijing-based UAC Stock Exchange Online Ltd. recently announced that a third
                Top Ten Chinese brokerage firm was being added to its trading network; Financial
                Telecom Ltd. (Hong Kong) acquired 51% of a data transmission network, and
                StreamingAsia Ltd. was selected to deliver sports-related video and audio via
                the Internet for the Chinese National Sports Networks. More importantly,
                Hartcourt was chosen to set up the China Law Web site for the People's Supreme

                "Each of these achievements are remarkable in themselves. Taken as a whole, our
                progress has been surprising in the slow-moving world of China. With the PNTR
                and WTO agreements likely to be approved by the U.S. and other world powers,
                Hartcourt is strategically positioned to benefit fully from these new

                About China Cable Networks (CCN)

                CCN ( is the leading TV and broadcast full-service provider in
                China. It is jointly owned by various provincial and municipal cable companies
                including: Beijing Cable, Guang Dong Cable, Zhe Jiang Cable and Wu Han Cable as
                well as Xinhua News Agency. It utilizes the national and local cable TV networks
                in China to form a national data and information service network and offer
                value-added services to over 80 million Chinese cable TV subscribers.

                         About Shanghai Guo Mao

                Guo Mao is principally engaged in the business of developing financial content
                for broadcast over existing TV channels and networks in China. The company's
                programs cover information relating to Chinese and other Southeast Asian
                markets, as well as those in Europe and the United States. Guo Mao is the
                leading provider of real-time financial information and financial-related
                software to securities brokers, financial institutions, corporations, financial
                service companies and serious individual investors in China.

                         About Hartcourt

                The Hartcourt Companies is a holding and development company that is building a
                network of Internet and telecommunication service companies in The People's
                Republic of China (China), including Hong Kong, in partnership with Chinese
                entrepreneurs as well as Chinese government-owned entities. Its mission is to
                become one of the leading broadband applications infrastructure providers in
                Asia, including developing broadband networks and vertical market focused
                contents for broadband applications. Detailed information on Hartcourt can be
                obtained via the company's Web site,

                         Forward-looking statements

                This news release includes forward-looking statements that depend on
                circumstances that may or may not occur including the performance of the
                companies now held, the acquisition and performance of new companies and other
                factors listed in the company's Form 10-KSB for the period ending Dec. 31, 1999.
                Changes in these factors could alter the company's financial performance and
                future prospects.

                     CONTACT:          The Hartcourt Companies Inc.
                                       Jack Westfield, 310/410-7290
                     Today's News On The Net - Business Wire's full file on the Internet
                     with Hyperlinks to your home page.

                     Copyright (C) 2000 Business Wire.  All rights reserved.

                     Distributed via COMTEX.

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