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Fed: +.25 % Turbo

Fed: +.25 %

02.02.00 20:19
Fed raises rates
  2:19 p ET
The Federal Reserve raised short-term interest rates by a quarter point Wednesday, in line with expectations. The move brings the fed funds rate to 5.75 percent and the discount rate to 5.25 percent. The Fed said it remains concerned that increases in demand will continue to exceed growth in potential supply, which would feed inflation.  

Fed: +.25 % Turbo

und die Komplettfassung:

02.02.00 20:24
Fed lifts benchmark rates
Raises fed funds rate, discount rate a quarter point each to slow growth
February 02, 2000: 2:21 p.m. ET

NEW YORK (CNNfn) - The Federal Reserve raised short-term interest rates by a quarter point Wednesday in an effort to slow the U.S. economy and ensure that inflation doesn't flare out of control.
   The move, which was widely expected, raised the fed funds rate -- the target rate at which commercial banks lend to each other overnight -- to 5.75 percent. The less-tinkered-with discount rate -- the rate at which the Fed's 12 district banks lend directly to financial institutions -- was also raised a quarter point to 5.25 percent.
   In its newly revamped statement accompanying its rate decision, the Fed also said that the balance of risks toward inflation gaining speed down the road was "heightened," suggesting more rate increases may be in store.
   It was the fourth quarter-point increase in less than eight months and implemented to slow the economy's progress. Higher rates make borrowing for consumers and businesses more expensive, typically slowing economic activity. The next Fed meeting is slated for March 21st.  
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was ? ist bei dir NOrden unten ? oder ?

02.02.00 20:26
sind doch eigentlcih schlechte Nachrichten für die Börse..egal ob erwartet oder nicht !
Fed: +.25 % Turbo

Wie letztes Mal: erstmal Südwärts (DJ11022 -19, Nas 4076 +24, S&P 1.

02.02.00 20:29
Fed: +.25 % papadope

Re: Fed: +.25 %

02.02.00 20:30
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Denke es wird Zeit nach Asien umzusteigen,Euroland ist doch noch etwas zu

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