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Probleme bei der Darstellung von ARIVA.DE?

Endlich, Deltathree in Nasdaq +%41,71!!!

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Endlich, Deltathree in Nasdaq +%41,71!!! franc

Endlich, Deltathree in Nasdaq +%41,71!!!

09.06.00 22:07
und seit einer Woche +% 130, Weiß jemand den Grund?
Endlich, Deltathree in Nasdaq +%41,71!!! General

Deltathree heute +10%

01.02.05 17:15
Nun, 4 1/2 Jahre später die Begründung ;)

DDDC VoIP industry may be hitting critical mass -- Smith Barney (3.92 +0.14)

Smith Barney out positive on VoIP technology, as they believe the Voice over Internet Protocol will dramatically change the telecom and cable industries. Firm believes that now it is inflection point as the VoIP industry could finally be hitting critical mass - just as satellite radio hit critical mass early last year. While cable companies are best positioned to benefit from the VoIP trend, the major telecoms are also warming up and all of them are now offering or are close to offering VoIP services. Firm notes that one of these Baby Bells, SBC, recently announced a deal with Deltathree to provide VoIP services. This offering is reportedly now being tested in Los Angeles, Chicago, Dallas and San Antonio, and reportedly scheduled for a broader roll-out possibly as early as February of 2005.  
Endlich, Deltathree in Nasdaq +%41,71!!! General

Deltathree der VoIP-Star

01.02.05 17:17
schaut euch mal diesen Wert an!
Denke der Wert hat viel Potenzial!
VoIP fängt jetzt an zu laufen und Deltathree wird die jetzt die Früchte ernten können!
Die lauen Jahre sind vorbei!

Was meint ihr?
Endlich, Deltathree in Nasdaq +%41,71!!! General

Deltathree Selects XO Communications

01.02.05 17:22
Deltathree Selects XO Communications to Enhance VoIP Services in Key U.S. Markets
Tuesday February 1, 7:45 am ET

RESTON, Va. and NEW YORK, Feb. 1 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- XO Communications, Inc. (OTC Bulletin Board: XOCM.OB - News), the nation's largest facilities-based provider of national local telecommunications services focused exclusively on businesses, today announced that it has been selected by deltathree, Inc. (Nasdaq: DDDC - News) to provide wholesale voice services that will enable deltathree to enhance its Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) solutions to businesses and consumers in twenty U.S. metropolitan markets.

Utilizing the XO IP network and wholesale voice services, deltathree will expand its core VoIP network and service capabilities to better serve residential consumers and business customers with advanced VoIP-based telecommunication solutions. XO will provide deltathree wholesale voice services to expand existing coverage in key U.S. markets such as Denver, Orlando, Salt Lake City, San Antonio, San Diego, Spokane and Tampa, with additional markets to be named in the future.

XO will provide primary rate interface (PRI), additional direct inward dialing (DID), and voice termination services to increase the diversity of high quality call routing for deltathree local and long distance traffic. deltathree voice traffic will be carried across the XO IP network at the highest level of priority with call traffic converted into IP format and then directed onto deltathree's VoIP network.

"We're very pleased to be selected by deltathree to support the latest U.S. enhancement of deltathree's worldwide VoIP network," said Ernie Ortega, president of Carrier Sales at XO Communications. "With the growing popularity of broadband telecommunications services like those offered by deltathree, XO is well positioned to provide wholesale solutions that help next generation telecommunications providers diversify and expand their networks and execute the delivery of their advanced VoIP services to customers across the U.S."

"As deltathree expands the market for VoIP solutions across the service provider, reseller and consumer markets it is crucial that deltathree's VoIP network continues to add diversity and scale in order to accommodate new customers, advanced applications, and higher call volume. After extensive due diligence, deltathree selected XO to support the enhancement of our U.S. VoIP network capabilities. In enlisting XO, deltathree helps ensure that it has additional network capacity and service levels required to support our future growth in key U.S. markets while maintaining the reliability and call quality our consumer customers have come to expect when reaching out to their family and friends, and our reseller and service provider customers require when offering these services to their own customers," stated Shimmy Zimels, chief executive officer of deltathree.
Endlich, Deltathree in Nasdaq +%41,71!!! General

Deltathree gestern in USA +27% nachbörslich +4% o. T.

02.02.05 08:24
Endlich, Deltathree in Nasdaq +%41,71!!! General

Heute wieder +7% supi (OT) o. T.


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