egghead halten oder verkaufen ????

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egghead halten oder verkaufen ???? DaLuigi

egghead halten oder verkaufen ????

30.11.99 16:17
was ist denn bloß los da bei den EIERKÖPFEN ?? von meiner bank höre ich nichts !
setzen die denn dieses jahr auch wieder zur ralley an , oder besser aus`m depot schmeissen??
egghead halten oder verkaufen ???? Avatar

Egghead - Onsale

30.11.99 17:13
Tja, so wie's aussieht heißt es halten.

Oder kann man die Eggheads auch verkaufen, wenn die neuen Aktien "Egghead New" oder wie auch immer sie heißen mögen noch nicht eingebucht sind??
Denn das soll erstmal ca. 3 Wochen dauern ...

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egghead halten oder verkaufen ???? daz1


30.11.99 17:24
huete ist nicht nur egghead down sondern auch amazon etc. weiter wird nach meldung von eggheads ir eggsd am 7th dec wieder auf eggs umbenannt. all das was man jetzt beobachten kann, ist nach mM, zurückzuführen auf die ungünstigen symbol changes. eggs -> onsl -> eggsd --> eggs und der frozen aktien. in den usa wurden scon bei einigen brokern die changes am fr aktualisiert. bei uns, naj ich hoffe, näster woche. auch dass man sich auf das eggs anstelle der onsl symbol geeinigt hat führt anscheinend zu verwechslungen. wäre onsl gewählt worden wurden kurse um die 20 ganz normal aussehen wobei eggsd bei 20 einige verunsichern. schlechte pr, ir zu einem ungünstigen zeitpunkt haben anscheinend einige anleger verunsichert bzw. verärgert. tiefer wird es kaum noch gehen, ansonsten wäre der alte kurs ja bals noch höher als der der neuen eggs.


egghead halten oder verkaufen ???? daz1

Hier der Grund für die Misere!

30.11.99 20:57
Investors yawn at early online sales
By Troy Wolverton and Dawn Kawamoto
Staff Writers, CNET
November 29, 1999, 1:10 p.m. PT

E-tailers today reported a strong start to the online holiday shopping season, but investors failed to catch the spirit of the season.

Internet behemoth America Online reported that 4 million of its 19 million members made an online purchase last week, spending three times the amount spent during Thanksgiving week last year. E-commerce giant said that 2.5 times more orders were placed on its site during the past weekend than during the same weekend last year.

Macy's online Web store, Yahoo and Borders Online all reported similar gains.

"I would say that [the numbers] are within our expectations, and we expected the highest volume of shopping [online] that anyone's ever seen," said Amazon spokesman Paul Capelli.

Similar news last year sent e-commerce stocks flying to record valuations. But this year the reaction has been muted largely because expectations have been high for several weeks. Shares in Amazon, Yahoo, AOL and dipped slightly today.

"The numbers are better than we expected to see out of the chute," said Forrester Research e-commerce analyst David Cooperstein. But he added that "online retailers have to cross a high bar to meet expectations."

Henry Blodget, a Merrill Lynch analyst, concurred in a report that he issued today. "Data released over the weekend show that online holiday shopping is off to a strong, though not extraordinary, start. We continue to expect the stocks in the group to be strong over the next few weeks, but also continue to think it likely that they will pull back early in [2000]."

Blodget noted that while Amazon reported Thanksgiving Day sales grew 2.5 times, last year the growth was about 4 times.

He added that last year's Thanksgiving performance proved an "excellent proxy" for fourth quarter revenue growth, which jumped 300 percent more than the previous year. This year's holiday performance indicates a strong--but not amazing--fourth quarter lies ahead, Blodget said.

In addition, he said portals Yahoo and Lycos are viewed with little investor enthusiasm because the companies are new to e-commerce.

"It's hard for Amazon to really surprise investors. Everyone expects a good Christmas, so it has to be a really good Christmas to beat everyone's expectations," said John Segrich, an analyst with CIBC World Markets.

By comparison, as news trickled out last year about the success of online holiday retailing, many Net stocks soared.

"Last year was a breakout year for e-commerce," said Abhishek Gami, an equities analyst at William Blair. "People were taken a bit by surprise, and remembering that they got in ahead of time [this year], driving these stocks higher significantly over the past couple of months."

In August, many Net companies and analysts began issuing their expectations for the holiday season, and investors took note. Between Aug. 2 and Nov. 24, Amazon climbed 86 percent, Yahoo was up 75 percent, America Online jumped 81 percent, eBay nearly doubled and was up 13 percent. Some laggards during the same period included CDNow, down 18 percent, and, down 48 percent.

During the past few months, many companies also launched massive ad campaigns. Investors are now looking for a payoff.

"We'll have to wait till January to see the fourth quarter figures come in to see how successful the holiday season was," said David Simons, managing director of Digital Video Investments. "In particular, I am interested in seeing the return on investment that they have been throwing on advertising on TV and radio."

Analysts also note that this year there will be less holiday cheer for second-tier e-commerce players and more differentiation in the market.

Last year, all e-commerce and portal companies were lumped together, said Alan Mak, an analyst with Argus Research. So when Yahoo indicated it was facing a strong holiday season, other Internet stocks rose in tandem because there were few companies in the space. This year it's different.

"This year, there are more players, and its content and commerce--not just Internet," Mak said. He added that lesser known companies such as Cyberian Outpost will not receive the run-ups that they encountered last year.'s Sandeep Junnarkar and Greg Sandoval contributed to this report.

egghead halten oder verkaufen ???? daz1

Und noch eine posittive Meldung ;)

30.11.99 20:58
Tuesday November 30, 1:39 pm Eastern Time

Company Press Release Launches Live Auction
Feed to Is Premiere Provider of Hardware and Software Products to
Small Businesses

MENLO PARK, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Nov. 30, 1999--®, Inc.
(Nasdaq:EGGSD - news), a leading Internet retailer, today launched a ``live'' auction
content feed to, an innovative destination site providing business-related services,
tools and information for small and growing businesses. is also a premiere provider of hardware and software products for's
Marketplace - which offers deals on brand name products and free shipping on purchases made at's site.

Through this agreement, will send ``live'' data of current pricing information on
computer products and office equipment, such as desktops, laptops, monitors, printers, modems,
scanners and other products to every 15 minutes. Buyers can place a bid for an
item by linking to the auction item of their choice directly from

In addition to the auction feed, provides's customers with the latest
hardware and software products from, the premier computer products web site for
consumers and businesses. Through this agreement, will waive shipping charges to
customers purchasing computer products through

`` is an ideal way to reach small business that are looking for product resources and
services to help them run their businesses more efficiently,'' said Barry Peters,'s

director of customer acquisition. ``We are pleased to be the premiere provider of hardware and
software on their site and to offer a wide array of computer auctions.''

`` auctions allow to offer its members a way to save time and money by
allowing them to bid for business-related products online,'' said Tom Bennett,'s vice
president of marketing. `` filters the web to provide the best online services and
information, and the addition of auctions will enhance our site by providing a real
money-saving purchasing service to our customers.''

About AllBusiness, ``Solutions for Growing Businesses(TM),'' is the virtual business partner for
growing businesses. Through the site, entrepreneurs and business managers can access tools and
services to solve common business problems, get expert advice, build their business network, and
purchase products and services. Founded in November 1998, the company has grown to more than
40 employees with offices in San Francisco's financial district. is a privately held
company financed by Canaan Partners, Intel Corporation, and Technology Crossover Ventures
(TCV). For more information, please visit

About (Nasdaq: EGGSD - news) is a leading Internet retailer of new and surplus computer
products, consumer electronics, sporting goods, and vacation packages. Through its auction site - - the company offers bargains on excess and closeout goods and services. combines broad selection, low prices, and excellent service to provide an outstanding
online shopping experience for businesses and consumers. is located on the Internet at
(c)1999, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

This press release contains ``forward-looking'' statements, including projections about our business,
within the meaning of Section 27A of the Securities Act of 1933 and Section 21E of the Securities
Exchange Act of 1934. For example, statements in the future tense, and statements that we
``expect'', ``plan'', ``estimate'', ``anticipate'' or ``believe'', are forward-looking statements. These
forward-looking statements are based on information available to us at the time of the release and
we assume no obligation to update any such forward-looking statements. The statements in this
release are not guarantees of future performance and actual results could differ materially from our
current expectations as a result of numerous factors. These and other risks and uncertainties
associated with our business are detailed in our registration statement on Form S-4 in connection
with the Egghead merger, and in our most recent Form 10-K and Form 10-Q, which are on file with
the SEC and available through

Contact:, Inc.
Robin Christie, 650/470-2452
Michelle Frigo, 415/395-4307
egghead halten oder verkaufen ???? daz1

Und noch eine KAUFempfehlung ;))

30.11.99 21:00
#6 Inc. Reiterated `Buy' at Black & Company

Princeton, New Jersey, Nov. 30 (Bloomberg Data) -- Inc.
(EGGSD US) was reiterated ``buy'' by analyst Jennifer Jordan at Black &
Company. The 12-month target price is $54.92 per share.

sind doch im großen und ganzen gute news!
jedoch sehen wir die 50 mM schneller als in 12 Monaten. Also stay cool and BUY eggs ;)


egghead halten oder verkaufen ???? Dax-Killer

Hi daz, ich bin wieder da,

30.11.99 21:41
so ganz glücklich bin ich über die EGGS gerade auch nicht, aber ich bin
mir sicher wir können cool bleiben und abwarten, die kommen garantiert
wieder in Schwung !!
Das Problem sehe ich zur Zeit in der Verunsicherung mancher
Anleger wegen Namensänderung, Verwechslungen, etc...
Da werden halt manche gleich nervös und gehen "lieber" raus.
Aber das ist nur vorübergehend, ich jedenfalls kann warten und werde
bald die fetten Gewinne absahnen...  

viele Grüße

egghead halten oder verkaufen ???? daz1

Re: egghead halten oder verkaufen ????

30.11.99 21:52
Leider stecke ich noch mit 15% meines Depots dadrinnen. Kann nicht verkaufen obwohl ich mir fest vorgenommen haben bei 25,9 kurzzeitig auszusteigen. So musste ich zuschauen wie der Kurs der "frozen eggs" kurzfristig auf 26 EUR und dann auf auf 17 (kurzfristig morgen) abfällt. Ich bin die Bank schon angesprungen aber es hilft auch nichts. Dananbenzustehen ohne jegliche Eingriffsmöglichkeit, das ist das SCHLIMMSTE! Ich bin zwar über deren Rebound überzeugt, aber ärgern tut es mich sehr!!!!!!!! Wenn wir morgen die 16 sehen wird es problematisch aber ich sehe meine eggs auftauen und 19 ist dise woche schon noch drinnen.


egghead halten oder verkaufen ???? Dax-Killer

Re: egghead halten oder verkaufen ???? -

Ja kann ich schon verstehen, dass Dich das ärgert aber ich sagte ja, solange
ich von dem Wert überzeugt bin bleibe ich drinnen und dass bin ich, nach der
Fusion sogar noch viel mehr als vorher.

Aber wir werden sehen, was die nächsten Wochen bringen...

so long,


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