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Die Zukunft sieht relaxed aus

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Die Zukunft sieht relaxed aus stonimahony

Die Zukunft sieht relaxed aus

   LONDON, Nov 2 (Reuters) - Europe's first Internet home, so technologically advanced you can run it from another country, went on sale on Tuesday.
  The house, in Watford on the outskirts of London, is being offered by developers for 500,000 pounds ($825,000).
  In the Internet home, inhabitants can switch on the kettle without moving to the kitchen, turn up the heating, turn on the garden sprinklers -- all by remote control.
  "You can run the entire house both from within and from anywhere in the world -- you can download programmes from the computers or you can water the garden while you're on holiday in Spain," said Colin Pratt, spokesman for Laing Homes.
  It boasts 72 power points, 72 cables, four computers, four ISDN lines and four webcams -- which enable the residents to view rooms in the house on the World Wide Web.
  The whole operation is run through the Internet on one of the computers in the house or by using a portable, book-sized computer that serves as a remote control.
  But while it may seem state-of-the-art, Cisco Systems , the Internet infrastructure company that installed the technology, stressed that all the devices used in the home were currently on the market.
  "This isn't a home of the future, it's the home of today simply exploiting the benefits of Internet technology," said Bill Nuti, president of Cisco Systems in Europe, Middle East and Africa.

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Tuesday, 2 November 1999 12:44:04
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