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Probleme bei der Darstellung von ARIVA.DE?


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21.10.99 22:04
NEW YORK--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Oct. 20, 1999--Comet Systems,
                  developers of the Comet Cursor, scored major gains in distribution, closing
                  separate deals with RealNetworks(TM) (Nasdaq:RNWK) and MindSpring
                  Enterprises, Inc. (Nasdaq:MSPG) that were announced today.

                  Effective immediately, the cursor-changing plug-in, which recently eclipsed
                  the ten million unique user mark at its first anniversary, will be bundled with
                  RealNetworks' RealPlayer(R), as well as with the new MindSpring Internet
                  Software 4.0.

                  RealNetworks will immediately begin bundling the Comet Cursor with their
                  RealPlayer, which is available at MindSpring will
                  bundle the Comet Cursor with their recently released MindSpring Internet
                  Software 4.0 which is available on CD-ROM and via MindSpring's Website
                  at, making the Comet Cursor available to
                  MindSpring's more than 1.2 million customers.

                  "We are excited to have companies as strong as and RealNetworks and
                  MindSpring embracing the incredible advertising and branding potential of
                  our technology," said Jamie Rosen, Chairman and Founder of Comet

                  "We hope to see them leverage the Comet Cursor throughout their

                  The relationships with RealNetworks and MindSpring are expected to
                  accelerate the Comet Cursor's already explosive growth. Currently, the
                  software boasts a unique user base of 12 million and is logging a new user
                  every 1.4 seconds. Data from recent cursor advertising campaigns on Lycos,
                  Yahoo!, and AltaVista indicate that the technology now reaches more than
                  20% of the Web surfing population.

                  Additionally, AdWeek recently released Media Metrix data ranking Comet
                  Systems as the 4th most popular Web tools site, following RealNetworks,
                  ICQ, and Macromedia, and getting more than one million unique visitors per
                  month. With these two new deals, privately held Comet Systems expects a
                  user base of 20 million prior to the close of Q1 2000.

                  "The Comet Cursor is an exciting application which our users can use to
                  personalize their web pages and computer desktops," said MindSpring's
                  product manager, Kristin Post. "It is MindSpring's goal to constantly improve
                  our customers' Internet experience, and Comet Systems' tools are another
                  way we can make their online time more fun and productive."

                  About Comet Systems

                  Comet Systems, Inc. ( is the developer of the
                  Comet Cursor, a patent-pending, rich media technology that lets Websites
                  and Web advertisers display a customized graphic or animation in place of
                  the conventional "arrow" cursor. The Comet Cursor has been installed by
                  more than twelve million Web surfers and has built a reach of more than 20%
                  of the Web surfing public. Comet Systems' technology is now used on over
                  50,000 Websites; licensees include Warner Bros. Online, AT&T WorldNet,
                  Comedy Central, Mattel, and Universal Studios Online. Comet Systems
                  introduced the Cursor Ad(TM), a new form of online advertising, in 1999.
                  BellSouth, Warner Bros., Toshiba, Energizer, and MSNBC have since run
                  Cursor Ad campaigns at Yahoo!, AltaVista,, and Lycos.
                  Comet Systems raised $7 Million in July, 1999, a second round led by
                  Scripps Ventures, with follow-on investors MacAndrews & Forbes
                  Holdings, PS Capital Ventures, Hudson Venture Partners L.P., Advantage
                  Capital, Carlin Ventures, and Value Capital L.P. Comet Systems raised $2.5
                  Million in 1997 from Prospect Street Ventures and Bob Lessin. The
                  50-person company was founded in 1997 and is headquartered in New
                  York's Silicon Alley. For more information, contact Ben Austin at
                  212-231-2000 ext. 103 or

                  About MindSpring

                  MindSpring Enterprises, Inc. (Nasdaq:MSPG) is a leading Internet service
                  provider focused on delivering outstanding service and support to its
                  customers. By following its Core Values And Beliefs, MindSpring is
                  committed to doing an exceptional job of serving its customers, its
                  employees, its owners and its community. MindSpring's dial-up subscribers
                  can browse the World Wide Web, send electronic mail, and participate in
                  informative online chats and access more than 20,000 newsgroups.
                  MindSpring offers local Internet access in 890 locations throughout the U. S.
                  The MindSpring Biz division of MindSpring Enterprises is a leading provider
                  of Web Hosting services and domain registrations. For more information
                  about MindSpring's services, please visit the Web site
         or call 1-888-MSPRING.

                  About Comet Systems

                         For Comet Systems:
                         Comet Systems
                         Ben Austin
                         212/231-2000 x103
                         For RealNetworks:
                         Cara Jacobson
                         For MindSpring Enterprises:
                         MindSpring Enterprises
                         Tish Spearman


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