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Probleme bei der Darstellung von ARIVA.DE?

Das wird heute abend in NY wohl wieder sehr spannend.....

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Das wird heute abend in NY wohl wieder sehr spannend..... Karlchen_I

Das wird heute abend in NY wohl wieder sehr spannend.....

31.03.00 12:52
Wer gewinnt: Die Schnäppchenjäger oder diejenigen die meinen, daß es noch keine Schnäppchen gibt? Weiß schon jemand was von den negativen Bewertungen von J.P. Morgan der europäischen Techs und Medien-Titel? Habe in Amiland nur die Schlagzeilen gefunden.

Friday March 31, 5:42 am Eastern Time
(Note: this article is ``in progress''; there will likely be an update soon.)

Wall St seen bouncing, money returning to techs

LONDON, March 31 (Reuters) - Both the Dow Jones and Nasdaq indices were seen opening higher on
Friday after a run of heavy falls by the tech-laden index and relatively flat week for the Dow, London dealers

Dealers noted that Dow and Nasdaq futures were trading above their fair values, indicating the two indices would gain around 20 and 40 points
resepectively in the opening minutes.

The Nasdaq has been hammered in the last three sessions, falling a total of 500 points. Strategists said it looked like a healthy correction from the
index's heady highs, but added it still looked expensive at these levels.

However dealers said people were likely to see this as a good buying opportunity.

``Money should start to trickle back into the tech sector, although people will be much more discerning this time,'' one UK-based dealer said,
adding that bargain hunters will target the hardest hit stocks.  
Das wird heute abend in NY wohl wieder sehr spannend..... Karlchen_I

J.P. Morgan........

Friday March 31, 6:01 am Eastern Time

RESEARCH ALERT-JP Morgan scales back Euro TMT&E

LONDON, March 31 (Reuters) - J P Morgan said on Friday it was reducing its weightings in European
technology, media, telecom and electronic stock sectors from overweight to neutral, and reducing exposure to
software from neutral to underweight.

``In the last month the stranglehold that the ''new economy`` sectors have enjoyed at the top of the short-term
performance league has loosened,'' said Kevin Gardiner, Morgan's European equity strategist.

The market was broadening out but the rotation out of TMT&E would remain benign, but their valuations
remain historically high and net new funds should not be committed at these levels.

Morgan expects the continental European market to end the year about 10 percent below current levels.

``The current rotation could prove a dress rehearsal for a more pronounced switch during the second half,'' Gardiner said.

``We have argued that the long-term beneficiaries of the new technology will be its users rather than its immediate purveyors and this seems
gradually to be being reflected in market sentiment,'' he added.

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