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Probleme bei der Darstellung von ARIVA.DE?


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CMGi Magic


27.09.99 22:12
Tach Leute! Kennt jemand das Ergebnis von CMGI ?

Danke Magic
CMGi Magic

Kracher Ergebnis

27.09.99 23:29
CMGI hat ein Rekordergebnis hingelegt. Siehe Yahoo-News

CMGI profit soars; revenue up 107%
Net incubator blows past Wall Street forecasters

By Bambi Francisco CBS   MarketWatch
Last Update: 5:10 PM ET Sep 27, 1999 Net Stocks
Internet Economy

ANDOVER, Mass. (CBS.MW) -- CMGI closed out its fiscal year with an exclamation point on Monday as the fast-growing Internet incubator blew past analysts' earnings estimates on revenue that more than doubled.

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9/27/99 4:08:18 PM ET

The Andover, Mass.-based company (CMGI: news, msgs) also posted net income of $452.7 million, or $4.74 a share, including $744.7 million of gains. Of that, $661 million was from the conversion of the company's GeoCities investment to Yahoo (YHOO: news, msgs) stock. Analysts polled by First Call expected the company, whose operating profit is primarily from investments in Internet and software startups, to make $4.08 a share.

CMGI also reported a pre-tax gain of $81 million stemming from the initial public offering by Engage Technologies (ENGA: news, msgs). Engage, in which CMGI holds 38.6 million shares, went public at $15 and currently trades at 30 7/8, rising 2 7/16 on Monday.

"The company had a productive quarter to get them closer to their goal of being an operating company," said Michael Graham, an Internet analyst at BancBoston Robertston Stephens.

CMGI  reported revenue of $53.6 million, a 107 percent increase from the same period a year ago, and up 17 percent from its fiscal third quarter. For the full year that ended July 31, CMGI's sales rose 114 percent to $93.7 million. ...

CMGi hugo


30.09.99 23:07
CMGI becomes Net ad player

CMGI chief David Wetherell is amassing the weapons to challenge DoubleClick's dominance in Internet ad serving.

With Web ad spending headed for $3 billion this year, companies that deliver banner ads when you click on a page are hot. Last week, CMGI, the investment company that helped launch Lycos and GeoCities, said it would buy AdForce, the No. 2 ad server. And CMGI's Engage Technologies unit, a database of 35 million consumers' Web habits, said it would buy AdKnowledge, a firm that helps target Web ads at likely buyers.

"This is a full frontal assault on DoubleClick," says Jonathan Nelson, CEO of Organic Online. And when the dust settles, CMGI could rival DoubleClick's full-service system.

In the past, Web advertisers were content to buy on high-traffic sites. Now they demand that their ads be served only to likely customers.

To help sites do that, DoubleClick developed "DART," a technology that lets sites track ad results. It also bought NetGravity, a system to let sites control their ad serving. And it's buying Abacus, a database of Americans' off-line catalog buying habits.

How CMGI's units now match DoubleClick's arsenal: Its Adsmart sales force is competitive in representing Web publishers to ad buyers; AdForce's ad delivery system is comparable to DART; CMGI's Accipiter software rivals NetGravity; and Engage has the ad targeting ability DoubleClick hopes to get from Abacus.

"There's always been competition," says DoubleClick CEO Kevin O'Connor. But the battle "is going to wreak real chaos," warns Forrester Research analyst Jim Nail.

An example: 24/7, a Web ad sales firm that represents 4,000 publishers, has a five-year deal for AdForce to serve its ads. But AdForce is now allied with rival Adsmart. "This takes AdForce from being a neutral player to being one with a different agenda," says 24/7 CEO David Moore.

In other news, CMGI said that it plans a January IPO of its Alta Vista search engine and said net operating revenue for its fiscal year ended July 31 rose to $176 million from $81.9 million.
CMGi Olli

Re: CMGi

Moin Leute!!!

Habe diesen Wert seit langem im Visier und (Ihr werdet es nicht glauben)
letze Woche zu 76 Euro gekauft.

Manchmal läuft es halt. Bin sicher, dass hier in den nächsten Tagen noch gut was gehen wird. Also, noch ist Zeit einzusteigen.

Man hat ein neues Kursziel von 200 Dollar.

Viel Spass!!!


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