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Probleme bei der Darstellung von ARIVA.DE?

China Online!

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China Online! horstpaul

China Online!

22.03.00 08:14
Guten Morgen!

Es gibt mal wieder was zu COL:

We believe last night's rate hike should cause some of the listed companies to dispose part of listed investments at hefty gain to boost their cash holdings. Previously, we have already mentioned the attractive discount in both China Online (383) and Playmates Toys (635), with their respective holdings in PCCW (1186) and Harbour Ring (715). For China Online, rumors have suggested that the company disposed some shares yesterday that prompted PCCW stock to drop to its lowest level since the merger deal with CWHKT was announced. On the other hand, as revealed in the table below, the discount to its fair value is rather small in Playmates case. We believe this is mainly attributed to the market's bullish view toward the prospects of Harbour Ring given its very strong shareholder background of US based Internet Capital Group, Hutchison (13) and Li Ka Shing's trust fund. This also means Harbour Ring should be one of the closely watched stock on tech stocks rebound.




China Online! horstpaul

Re: Nochmal China Online!

22.03.00 08:33
Hier noch mehr COL News!!

15:15  22-MAR-2000
INTERVIEW-SHK <0086.HK>, Web St launch online svc

HONG KONG, March 22 (Reuters) - Sun Hung Kai & Co Ltd's Internet subsidiary launched on Wednesday Hong Kong's first real-time online U.S. stocks and equity-based options broking service through a joint venture with Web Street Securities Inc. "Today is the first day that customers of Sun Hung Kai will have seamless access to U.S. markets using Web Street," Joseph Fox, chief executive Web Street Securities, told Reuters in an interview.

Chicago-based Web Street Securities, a subsidiary of Web Street Inc , provides online brokerage services to individual investors in the U.S., Europe, the Pacific Rim and Latin America.

SHK Online Chief Executive Officer Douglas Chen said the whole online trading process would take just six to seven seconds.

"From the time somebody hit the button (to) the time they get back, boom, you bought 100 Microsoft, can be six seconds or 10 seconds, maybe, if it's a long time," Fox said. Trades would be executed through a co-branded webpage on SHK Online's newly launched website "" without complicated foreign exchange instructions or long-distance calls at inconvenient times. Fox said all trade on Nasdaq stocks trading over US$2.00 per share through their online system in Hong Kong before April 30 2000 would be commission-free and real-time streaming ticker on U.S. stocks would also be free until June 30 2000. Commission thereafter would be US$14.95 per transaction on U.S. stocks, regardless of the volume or value of the trade, Fox said. Trading revenues would be equally shared between SHK Online and Web Street, he added. "Both of us share the same global vision and this partnership marks the beginning of the two companies' plan to expand to the entire Asia Pacific region," Chen said. More than 10,000 users have registered with SHK Online's website and in three weeks since its launch on March 6, the site has achieved an average of 3.0 million hits per day. "We will start in a couple of months, hopefully.

Our customers in the U.S., Europe and throughout the world -- 19 countries -- will be able to trade in Hong Kong using SHK Online," Fox said. Sun Hung Kai & Co would provide online broking in local shares upon the introduction of the Hong Kong stock exchange's third-generation automated trading and matching system.

The stock exchange said AMS/3 is expected to be launched in the third quarter of this year if the results of market rehearsals beginning from mid- 2000 are satisfactory.

((Alison Leung, Hong Kong Newsroom +852 2843-6369, Fax +852 2845-0636 .



China Online! horstpaul

Und nach vorne! o.T.

22.03.00 08:55
China Online! Kicky

Was hat denn Sun Hung Kai Online mit China online zu tun????

22.03.00 12:28
und dass China Online seinen Anteil an PCCW nach und nach verkauft ist doch ein alter Hut.Sie legen das Geld an und kassieren die Zinsen.
Oder ist Sun Hung Kai Internet jetzt die alte früher hochverschuldete China online?
China Online! Laserfuzzy

Re: Was hat denn Sun Hung Kai Online mit China online zu tun????

22.03.00 12:50
Hallo Kicky

China Online hat sich kuerzlich ueber die Boerse bei Sun Hung Kai eingekauft zu Kursen zwischen 1,1 und 2,2 HK$.

Nachzulesen unter:

MfG Laserfuzzy
China Online! Kicky

,China online besitzt jetzt 10,5% der Aktien hat aber auf eine Teilnahme .

nt verzichtet,d.h. es macht ganz klar seine alte Beteiligungspolitik,aber sonst nichts Konkretes bei der Durchführung von Internetplänen.Ach ja ,ich vergass,sie wollen ja ein Service-center für die Nokia-Handies einrichten,die sie in China vertreiben.

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