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Probleme bei der Darstellung von ARIVA.DE?

ca, Italiens führende Internet+Software-Firma.

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ca, Italiens führende Internet+Software-Firma. kaeseotto

ca, Italiens führende Internet+Software-Firma.

23.03.00 21:26
FINMATICA designs and produces added value Internet services and is
Italy's leading supplier of software applications for the Finance Sector.

Finmatica operates in:

 e-business with biztoB, the management solution which optimises on-line
transactions between companies - the first electronic marketplace for business
to business;
 Internet security products and services with Intesis, the Web security
specialists who provide innovative solutions for the digital signature, encrypting
and time stamping sectors;
 the banking and insurance markets, where it leads the field with products and
services for business intelligence (operating reports, General accounting,
Credit Risks, Financial Risks, Management Control, Budgets, Financial
Statements, Supervision) and Customer Relationship Management.

Finmatica's products and services are designed around the wealth of skills
which it has built up in the financial solutions market. After two decades in
business, this translates today as an impressive three thousand man years of
economic and financial expertise.

Finmatica's head offices are based in Brescia; its technological research hub
is headquartered in Salerno. The company has additional sales development
and support offices around Italy in the cities of Bari, Bologna, Milan, Piacenza,
Rome, Vicenza and Turin.

World-wide, Finmatica has operations in San Paolo, Brazil - where its
subsidiary manages Latin American clients - as well as London, Brussels and

The Finmatica group now employs 600 members of staff.

Numbered among Finmatica's client portfolio are 29 banks, including the top 30
in Italy, and over 200 credit institutes, non-banking brokers and insurance

Interim results for 1999 point to gross proceeds of Lit. 90.2 billion for
Finmatica, a 63 % increase on the Lit. 55.2 billion made the previous year.

Finmatica has been quoted on the Italian Stock Exchange's principal market
since 24th November 1999.
ca, Italiens führende Internet+Software-Firma. kaeseotto

Finmatica, Italiens führende Internet+Software-Firma.

23.03.00 21:29
To Microsoft's "E-commerce on Windows", Finmatica brings the
experience of biztoB, the first Italian network for business to business
electronic commerce.

Finmatica is present with its biztoB
proposal at "E-commerce on Windows", an
opportunity for encounters-collation on the
status of business on the Internet,
organised by Microsoft. The setting and the context of the Microsoft event are
ideal for presenting biztoB, a service created in order to fully exploit the
potential of the Internet from a business-to-business point of view.
"E-Commerce on Windows" offers businesses, who like Finmatica already
develop systems and services for the Net, the opportunity to offer themselves
on the market in association within a team of Microsoft partners, thereby
showing potential users their particular eBusiness solutions during a series of
one-to-one encounters and affirming their presence as reference operators
within the Information Technology and electronic commerce market. The Net
today makes it possible to offer services and supplements to the range which
were previously impossible, in short spaces of time and at low costs as well
as with a high level of personalisation: in fact biztoB targets using the Internet
not only as a medium but above all else as an opportunity to created added
value. biztoB is a network for business to business commerce, created by
Finmatica in collaboration with Adaci - Associazione Italiana per il
Management degli Approvvigionamenti (Italian association for the
management of supplying). biztoB employs to best advantage the
peculiarities of the Internet in order to get purchasing companies to meet

purveying companies on-line, as well as to perform the function of portal, in
other words an access point to the Net and the wide range of information and
advisory services useful for businesses. The service addresses those
companies and businesses which desire, thanks to the resources provided by
the Internet, to reach new markets, reduce purchasing, selling and marketing
costs, and improve relations with their customers and suppliers. From the
buyer's point of view, biztoB makes it possible to optimise the purchasing
processes, thus bringing down the overall prices of the transactions, manage
the entire supply cycle between companies and cover all the management
processes from the creation of the purchase application to payment of an
invoice, making it possible to purchase directly from the desktop. The service
also offers a rating system which enables the purchasing company to
understand what the position of the suppliers on the network market is. The
rating evaluation comes about via a series of indicators provided by ADACI
(Associazione Italiana di Management degli Approvvigionamenti, which covers
the role of Supervisory Authority) and opinions expressed directly by the
purchasers, which go to create a classification that reflects the recognition
expressed by the market, and which is founded on Benchmarking principles.
Other than evaluate the markets and order goods and services, by means of
biztoB it is possible to consult up-dated electronic catalogues, make
bookings, view stock availability, check the status of orders and shipments,
handle complaints, up-date information on contacts, evaluate personalised
proposals and offers in terms of features and price.  
ca, Italiens führende Internet+Software-Firma. kaeseotto

Re: ca, Italiens führende Internet+Software-Firma.

inmatica operates in the e-business sector through Sintel, a Group member which
has been developing advanced technological infrastructures for many years.

With input from ADACI, the Italian Association of Purchasing Managers, Sintel has
developed biztoB an innovative e-commerce network designed to help bring supply
and demand closer together.

biztoB is an electronic business to business network which uses Internet to match
the needs of Buyers to the products offered by Suppliers, simplifying all aspects of
Procurement (requesting quotations, dispatching orders, bank payments and so on)
and Marketing Intelligence and making e-commerce a safer business.
biztoB improves the accuracy of each purchase order; it enables standardised bid
formulation methods, making direct comparisons between bids an easier task,
ensures that management processes are more transparent, cuts the costs of
purchasing, sales, logistics and administration, and streamlines the operating cycle
with benefits which can be felt down the entire supply chain.
The features of biztoB include: targeted Requests for Quotations at wholly economical
rates; integration of the entire business cycle, from marketing to sales and logistics;
displaying and selecting Suppliers using keywords; UN/SPSC commodity
classification system; Quick, Simple, Safe transactions; and a User rating System
By using special cards, all Buyers and Suppliers can produce a versatile confidential
upstream/downstream assessment of their opposite number with full details of
business ethics, after-sales care, standards of products and services, guarantees,
delivery times, ability to meet payment deadlines and so on.  

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