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Probleme bei der Darstellung von ARIVA.DE?

Baan Software

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Baan Software fluppi

Baan Software

25.05.00 13:26

kann mir jemand sagen, warum der Baan -Kurs heute so abgeht (z. Zt. +65%)?
Mal wieder Übernahmegerüchte oder andere gute Nachrichten?

Besten Dank im voraus
Baan Software $4u+me

Habe gelesen, das sie neue (?) Internet-Zugangs-/Kommunik.-Softw.

25.05.00 13:30
Baan Software sharewiz

200% in 4 Stunden und 3 minuten

25.05.00 13:41
da hat doch einer mit seinen calls (gekauft fuer 0.1 um 9.33) 200% gewinn gemacht als er sie fuer 0.3 um 13.36 wieder verkaufte.
sachen gibts
Baan Software onnasis


25.05.00 13:57
Es gibt Gerüchte über Gerüchte.

1. Kooperation bzw. Übernahme von IBM (Deshalb dieser Kursanstieg in USA?)
2. Baan bietet eine sog. E-CRM Lösung an für eine eCommerce Anbindung (was
  SAP nicht kann)
3. Baan steht laut Handelsblatt kurz vor dem Konkurs (wenn es so wäre
  wieso dann dieses riesige Handelsvolumen und dieser Kursanstieg)
Also ich glaube die Antwort wird uns die USA geben. Baan is momentan das absolute heisseste was man sich ins Depot legen kann. Bei keiner Aktie zur Zeit hat man entweder ausgesorgt oder man ist Pleite.

Noch ein Artikel:

Baan Extends its Business-to-Business Sales and
Marketing Solution with Launch of New E-CRM Suite

BaanFrontOffice Interaction Enables Companies to Extend Sales and Marketing Activities
with New Email, Web, and Telephone Capabilities

Barneveld, The Netherlands and Herndon, Virginia, USA – May 24, 2000 – Baan Company, a global provider of enterprise solutions, today announced the general availability of BaanFrontOffice Interaction, a new E-Customer Relationship Management (E-CRM) suite for BaanFrontOffice. With BaanFrontOffice Interaction companies can create a call- or interaction-center sales channel and manage advanced marketing communications media while enhancing control and visibility over the company’s entire sales and marketing activities.

With BaanFrontOffice Interaction, call- or interaction-center staff can be allocated for outbound sales calls while also empowered to sell to customers that contact the company using a wide range of inbound media, including telephony, Web and email. Companies can therefore boost order performance and improve customer relationships without risk of overlap between sales staff because all customer-facing teams share the advanced resources and information of the BaanFrontOffice suite of applications.

Marketing interactions – such as outbound research and qualification – or response to inbound enquiries – whether via telephone, Web or email – can also be managed by the interaction team. Incoming interactions are managed in one multi-media queue, identified automatically, prioritized by reference to customer or prospect data, and allocated to the most appropriate team member.

The call or interaction centre team is supported by advanced information resources in all the activities. For example, the marketing campaign workflow in BaanMarketing ensures campaign responses are fulfilled correctly while BaanPricing and BaanConfiguration assist the team to optimise order value and margin.

BaanFrontOffice Interaction is integrated with the management module of BaanMarketing that provides workflow technology, telephone contact scripting and resource allocation tools to improve customer service at the contact center. With this direct integration, BaanFrontOffice Interaction equips companies to leverage new, lower cost sales and communications channels – such as email, Web chat and call back, Web show and advanced telephony – within the sales process. As such, BaanFrontOffice Interaction manages real-time outbound marketing communications – to include telephone research, qualification, prospecting and many more applications – while automatically prioritizing, classifying, and responding to incoming interactions from the full-range of e-business communications channels.

"Baan is delivering on our E-CRM vision by enabling companies looking to grow business relationships and increase sales to capture and act on all incoming and outgoing customer contact – most critically the Web," said Katrina Roche, Chief Marketing Officer, Baan Company. "With BaanFrontOffice Interaction, sales staff are armed with the full-range of information they need – from contact history to pricing information to data from ERP or Supply Chain systems – to respond to customer requests and close sales."

Creating an E-CRM Infrastructure

BaanFrontOffice Interaction combines BaanMarketing, BaanSales and BaanCustomerInteraction with BaanProposal, BaanPricer and optionally, BaanConfiguration, so that a company can manage its entire marketing-to-order acceptance process with one suite. By doing so, BaanFrontOffice Interaction can help transition a company’s CRM infrastructure into an E-CRM infrastructure by enabling complete management of blended inbound and outbound communication from a variety of sources.

A key advantage of the application therefore is the integration of its Web components with the traditional functionality of the front office solution. Until now, many companies looking to add Web functionality to its CRM system have fulfilled their software requirements with a range of solutions from several suppliers – none of which have been pre-integrated. In cases where solutions are not pre-integrated, implementation times are extended and transitioning information between multiple sources can be problematic.

Leveraging Best-of-Breed Technology

BaanCustomerInteraction – a key component of BaanFrontOffice Interaction – is an enhanced version of Apropos Technology’s (NASDAQ: APRS) Apropos Version 4 that has been integrated with BaanMarketing. In particular, script management, database integration and campaign process execution have been integrated to offer extremely high standards of customer responsiveness. Features of Apropos Version 4 that have been embodied include compatibility with many PBXs, advanced interaction centre staff management tools, group resource management and an integrated single-screen view of all queued interactions. Furthermore, BaanFrontOffice Interaction minimizes staff idle time throughout the enterprise and maximizes the equipment investment.

About Baan Company

Founded in 1978, Baan Company (NASDAQ: BAANF; ASE: BAAN) is a global provider of enterprise business solutions. Baan Company offers a comprehensive portfolio of integrated services and best-in-class, component-based applications that span an organisation’s entire value chain including E-Business and Web Commerce, Customer Relationship Management, Enterprise Resource Planning, Supply Chain Management, and Corporate Knowledge Management. Deployed at more than 15,000 customer sites worldwide, Baan Company solutions enable organisations to drive strategic business growth, improve business processes, reduce operating complexity, and increase corporate flexibility.

Baan Company has dual headquarters in Barneveld, The Netherlands and Herndon, Virginia, USA and can be found on the World Wide Web at


Statements in this press release using the words "believes," "expects," "anticipates," and the like are forward-looking statements within the meaning of the Securities Exchange Act of 1934, as amended, and as such are subject to a number of risks and uncertainties that could significantly affect outcomes. Actual outcomes, therefore, may differ materially from the expectations, estimates, or assumptions expressed in or implied by any such statements. Typical risks and uncertainties may be reviewed in the Baan Company`s public filings on file with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (including its most recent Form 20-F and 6-K).

"Baan" is a registered trademark of Baan Company, and any trade, product, or service name referenced in this release using the name "Baan" is a trademark and/or property of Baan Company. All other company, product, and service names may be trademarks of their respective owners.

For more information, please contact:

George Thompson, Fleishman-Hillard
Baan Software Dauberus

wollte vorgestern noch zu 1,16 rein... :( o.T.

25.05.00 14:05
Baan Software sharewiz

hier kann man entweder put oder call kaufen die chancen stehen 50/.

uebernahem waere wohl die beste nachricht, momentan ist baan ja nur verlustbegrenzung aus. und bei aktuellem preis entspricht dieser schon eher den  assets der firma.

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