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Probleme bei der Darstellung von ARIVA.DE?

B2B,,,Computron Software Inc., Strong Buy, Aktuel:$3,4US Kurzfrist Kz. :$10US !!! B2B

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B2B,,,Computron Software Inc., Strong Buy, Aktuel:$3,4US Kurzfrist Kz. :$10US !!! B2B Marius

B2B,,,Computron Software Inc., Strong Buy, Aktuel:$3,4US Kurzfrist Kz. :.

02.02.00 12:17
Könnte ein absoluter Hammer werden.  

      Company: Computron Software Inc.
        Symbol: CFW (Yahoo Performance Check)
        Market: AMEX
    Strong Buy: Short Term Target $10.00 US (alert)
01-28-00 Close: $3.875 US
Company Contact: John Rade CEO (201) 935-3400

CFW is a rare find. A totally undervalued and therefore undiscovered jewel.
We think this stock is about to see explosive gains in share price and believe that you will agree after reading this! We have studied this company in great detail and have decided to once again, go to point form to keep it under 100 pages. This is a B2B tech co. that is positioned to capture, in our opinion, a serious share of the largest and hottest market we have ever known, business to business on the Internet. For anyone unaware of the B2B market yet, here is a Robertson Stephens report link that considers a must read: corpwebsite/stephens.pdf.
CFW realized revenues of $63.5M US last year ('98). With 24M shares i/o and a $96M market cap as at Friday, these are numbers, according to even the most conservative tech/net valuations, that reflect a tremendous imbalance in its market cap (the sum of its share price x number of shares). One would quickly assume it's probably a $100 plus stock, probably having a $500M-1B + market cap. Its share price however, at Friday's close was $3 7/8, and again, CFW's market cap is $96M!!!
As the Internet goes, and namely the crème de la crème of Internet stocks-B2B, this is unheard of. Think we're crazy? Let's take a look at a couple of successful B2B co's, Commerce One (Nasdaq-CMRC) and Clarus (Nasdaq-CLRS). CFW's EARNINGS are the same or better than either company!
Yes, CFW has the same or better earnings as CMRC, with only 1/3 of the shares outstanding, and when compared to CMRC's market cap of nearly $13B and share price of $173+, trades at a discount of apprx 13,000 %. If CFW traded at CMRC's valuations, it would be about $520 per share. Further, in comparison to CLRS, probably CFW's closest competitor, CFW has 6-7 TIMES the earnings and trades at an equally deep discount of 700-800%, with CLRS having a market cap as at Friday of about $770M, closing just below $70, and with a 52 week high of $94.50! At these valuations, which are commonplace, CFW would be $32-$42 per share. CLRS it should be noted, has gone from $3.31 to $94.50 in a year! Also, these are not isolated examples. Look into any B2B you can find- like VERT, ICGE, ARBA, CMGI etc. and find the same scenarios. Now the point form:
· Small float with only 10M shares,
· Officers & directors own 36% of the company,
· No cash concerns and a $9M LOC in place with Foothill Capital at its disposal, and money in the bank,
· Over 400 customers worldwide including many Fortune 500 & Global 2000 co's like: Bank of America, Deutsche Bank, Legg Mason, Rothschild Bank, Sun Life, Sun Microsystems, Ernst & Young, America Online, Pfizer Inc, Toys R' Us, British Airways, United Airlines, FedEx, Goldman Sachs, US Marine Corps, TNT Express Worldwide, Chase Manhattan Bank, AIG Insurance, to name a few,
· Numerous Institutional holdings totaling about 900,000 shares,
· Newly launched, award winning complete B2B Product Suite including AXSPoint Solutions, Professional Services Automation, Business Process Solutions, and TransAXS Commerce Manager. These products are already achieving new sales in the USA & Australia, and fully address the B2B arena by facilitating the complete application of e-business company strategies. For more details visit the company website @,
· CFW invests $7-8M annually in R&D, ensuring a) its product offerings are best of breed and b) they are of cutting edge technology,
· CFW has offices & distributors in 11 countries in North America, Europe, Australia, Asia and Africa, an impressive, vast infrastructure through which we should see highly accelerated growth in its B2B revenues,
· CFW has now shed its German & French subsidiaries which were not profitable, and is focusing on its core business with an emphasis on the sales (licenses & services)of its new B2B suite to new and existing clients in its already huge customer base, giving CFW significant advantages over its competition and any B2B startups,
· An example of this being the recently announced licensing agreement with Telaplex Inc, (an existing client with a multi-million customer base) including the AXSPoint Solutions and Business Process Solutions products,
· DMA (volume) has risen in under 2 months from about 20k to 150k, suggesting a whole lot of accumulation from "smart money",
· Earnings to be released Monday,( with 43.4M in revenues to Q3-99), expected to be negative due to the sale of its French assets (the company announced it expects to realize a loss of $2M due to this -see company press release), but rumored to be POSITIVE perhaps through enhanced revenue streams and less operating costs! If this is the case, we would expect to see what could be a buying frenzy throughout the week, making Friday's close of $3 7/8 an extremely attractive entry point,
· The company also recently partnered with webMethods in their e-offerings; webMethods is slated for one of the year's hottest upcoming IPO's scheduled for the week of Feb 7, with lead underwriters Morgan Stanley Dean Witter.
What does it all add up to? A deeply undervalued stock in arguably the most overvalued (or certainly highly valued) aspect of the Internet. B2B- the hottest market in the world now estimated in the trillions. A DMA that has grown 750% in 60 days and counting, and a small float that can translate into sizeable gains in a hurry. Indisputable earnings that challenge the best in the business to date. A world class infrastructure and best of breed B2B product suite to fuel this infrastructure and this marketplace, and an existing Fortune 500 client list that is staggering. OH MY! In our efforts to seek out quality undervalued companies and "time them to market" CFW exceeds our expectations and we believe its time has come! We are suggesting a strong buy with alert, and a target of $10 short term. Further, we intend to re-issue coverage on CFW very soon and expect to be placing a new target on the company.
B2B,,,Computron Software Inc., Strong Buy, Aktuel:$3,4US Kurzfrist Kz. :$10US !!! B2B pampam

Re: B2B,,,Computron Software Inc., Strong Buy, Aktuel:$3,4US Kurzfri.

02.02.00 12:28
Hi Marius,
hört sich gut an. Werden die auch in Deutschland gehandelt? Wenn ja, hast Du bitte eine WKN?
Grüße und Danke, pampam
B2B,,,Computron Software Inc., Strong Buy, Aktuel:$3,4US Kurzfrist Kz. :$10US !!! B2B Marius

Werden nicht in gehandelt. Aber bei den Umsätzen kein Proble.

02.02.00 14:24
B2B,,,Computron Software Inc., Strong Buy, Aktuel:$3,4US Kurzfrist Kz. :$10US !!! B2B pampam

Re: B2B,,,Computron Software Inc., Strong Buy, Aktuel:$3,4US Kurzfri.

02.02.00 21:11
Danke Marius,
bin leider erst jetzt wieder da.
Ciao pampam
B2B,,,Computron Software Inc., Strong Buy, Aktuel:$3,4US Kurzfrist Kz. :$10US !!! B2B lowizard

-6% 21:23 o.T.

02.02.00 21:21
B2B,,,Computron Software Inc., Strong Buy, Aktuel:$3,4US Kurzfrist Kz. :$10US !!! B2B Marius

Kein Wert geht nur nach oben, aber der Trend ist wohl eindeutig.

03.02.00 08:07
Man muß sich natürlich darüber im klaren sein das die Risiken größer sind als bei einer Sun oder einer CISCO, aber dafür können auch mal 500% binnen weniger Wochen drinne sein.

Womit ich natürlich nichts gegen Sun oder CISCO sagen will.

Es ist aber auf jedenfall eine interesante beimischung zum Depot.

Wednesday February 2, 2:02 pm Eastern Time
Company Press Release
La Quinta Inns, Inc. Selects Computron Solutions to Capitalize on e-commerce and Business-to-Business Opportunities
Solutions to Streamline and Improve the Purchasing and Billing Processes
RUTHERFORD, N.J.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Feb. 2, 2000-- Computron Software Inc. (AMEX:CFW - news), a leading global provider of Internet business process automation software, today announced an extended agreement with La Quinta Inns, Inc. of Dallas with a total planned project cost in excess of $1.8 million. This agreement marks yet another milestone in the relationship between the two companies continuing the development of hospitality, industry-specific solutions. A partner since 1992, La Quinta has licensed new products from Computron's AXSPoint Solutions Division and its Business Process Solutions Group, and has also committed to Computron's latest TransAXS(tm) Procurement solution.
The new products are a part of La Quinta's strategy to gain competitive advantage by leveraging the power of next-generation, Internet-focused technologies.

Faced with a corporate initiative of becoming completely paperless by the middle of 2000, La Quinta was looking for a solution that would enable inn managers to have more time to focus on guest services and managing, instead of dealing with time-consuming paper work. With Computron's Business Process Solutions, La Quinta will be able to fully automate its purchasing and payables tasks while maintaining corporate controls. It is the first step towards the licensing and implementation of Computron's TransAXS Procurement solution later in 2000, which will allow the firm to embrace the power of Internet shopping and buying to further reduce the cost of the purchasing process.
``As a long-standing partner and client of Computron, we're anxious to take advantage of its latest, advanced technology in e-commerce and business-to-business solutions,'' said B G Moore, CIO of La Quinta. ``In order to remain competitive in an ever-evolving marketplace, we needed solutions that would further position La Quinta as a leader within our industry, and we found that again with Computron.''
La Quinta also wanted tighter control over its entire purchasing process -- including online requisitions, automatic approvals, tracking expense versus capital items and budget tracking. Overall, the company also needed to improve communications internally between departments, as well as externally with vendors. ``We knew that through Computron's understanding of Internet-based solutions, automatic approvals associated with each purchase could be more easily and efficiently maintained,'' said Moore.
With Computron's AXSPoint solutions, specific reports will be routed automatically and instantaneously to specified subscribers, and the subscribers will be notified that the report is ready. The AXSPoint Solutions allow reports to be customized by user and/or user group and electronically distributed, a critical function in a multi-unit organization such as La Quinta.
Computron also will enable La Quinta to improve the billing process for its large customers, as well as assist with La Quinta's vision to automate the mundane, non-financial processes that its managers are required to implement routinely.
``We are pleased that La Quinta has invested in the Computron vision of using E-Celleration as their solution to transforming themselves from a bricks and mortar organization to a true E-corporation. We believe that our e-Cellerator (TM) products will find acceptance both with existing and new clients,'' said John Rade, CEO of Computron Software. ``Our customers are extremely important to us and with the availability of our new products, we believe that not only long-standing but new customers will take advantage of our products, which are designed to help organizations better compete in their respective marketplaces.''
About La Quinta Inns, Inc.
La Quinta Inns, Inc., owns and operates more than 300 hotels in 28 states. Additional guest services at all properties include free unlimited local calls, same-day laundry and dry cleaning, card-key guest room entry, 24-hour front desk and messaging service, free parking and free stays for children 18 and under in parent's room. La Quinta's Returns® Club, offers special rates, express reservations and check-in, and a free room night for every 11 nights stayed.
Background Information on Computron Software, Inc.
Founded in 1978, Computron Software, Inc. (AMEX:CFW - news) is a global provider of application software solutions for business and finance. Used by more than 500 companies worldwide, these solutions automate business processes across the enterprise and allow organizations to capitalize on the knowledge within their systems. Computron's goal is to provide organizations with competitive advantage and added, measurable business value. The Company's latest Internet products will allow companies to quickly deploy e-business application strategies. For further information on Computron, its products, services and customers, visit the Computron web site at
This press release contains forward-looking statements. Such statements are only predictions and actual events or results may differ materially. All forward-looking statements involve risks and uncertainties, including, without limitation, the risks detailed in the Company's documents and reports filed from time to time with the Securities and Exchange Commission.
Computron is a registered trademark and AXSPoint, TransAXS and e-Cellerators are trademarks of Computron Software, Inc. All other companies and product names are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective companies.

B2B,,,Computron Software Inc., Strong Buy, Aktuel:$3,4US Kurzfrist Kz. :$10US !!! B2B Marius

Ist einer mitgegangen ? Sind grade bei $8

Mein KZ habe ich bei ca. $30 in 2000.

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