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Probleme bei der Darstellung von ARIVA.DE?

AKAM - ein Kauf wert ?

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AKAM - ein Kauf wert ? liquid4s

AKAM - ein Kauf wert ?


letzte woche ist die lockup period von AKAM abgelaufen.  oft kommt es schon im vorfeld dieses termins zu massiven kursverlusten.  

fest steht, daß AKAM letzte woche seinen mörderischen Abwärtstrendkanal nach oben verlassen hat, wie viele andere Techwerte auch.   schaut euch die aktie ruhig mal näher an.  es ist eine perle unter perlen !

Akamai Technologies, Inc., a service provider for internet content to improve
                 web site speed and reliability and for protection against web site crashes at
                 times of overload. The company provides a worldwide server network and
                 monitors internet traffic patterns and delivers the customers' requirements
                 through an efficient route. The company has strategic alliances with Apple
                 computers, Cisco systems, Microsoft corporation and others.

                 Competitor Analysis:
                 Akamai Technologies, Inc. operates in the Service Organizations sub-industry,
                 which is a subsector of the Miscellaneous industry. This analysis compares
                 Akamai Technologies with three other companies in the same sub industry in

                 the United States: OnHealth Network Company (1999 sales of $3.77 million of
                 which 90% was Online advertising), Andover.Net, Inc. ($3.65 million of which
                 63% was Advertising revenue), and NAM Corporation ($4.16 million of which
                 100% was Legal services).

                 Sales Analysis
                 During the fourth quarter of 1999, sales at Akamai Technologies totalled $2.70

                 Akamai Technologies reported sales of $3.99 million for the year ending
                 December of 1999.

                 Akamai Technologies currently has 193 employees. With sales of $3.99 million
                 , this equates to sales of US$20,653 per employee. This is a great deal lower
                 than the three comparable companies, which had sales between US$74,444
                 and US$110,794 per employee. Note that some of the figures stated herein
                 could be distorted based on exact classification of employees and

                 Recent Stock Performance

                 For the 52 weeks ending 4/20/00, the stock of this company was unchanged, at
                 $86.94. During the past 13 weeks, the stock has fallen 67.7%.

                 During the 12 months ending 12/31/99, the company has experienced losses
                 totalling $1.87 per share. (All three comparable companies also experienced
                 losses during the most recent reported 12 month period).

                 This company is currently trading at 2,029.79 times sales. This is at a much
                 higher ratio than all three comparable companies, which are trading between
                 4.54 and 58.92 times sales. Akamai Technologies is trading at 27.99 times
                 book value. The company's price to book ratio is significantly higher than that
                 of all three comparable companies, which are trading between 2.58 and 11.29
                 times book value.

                 The market capitalization of this company is $8.09 billion . Closely held shares
                 (i.e., those held by officers, directors, pension and benefit plans and those
                 shareholders who own more than 5% of the stock) amount to over 50% of the
                 total shares outstanding: thus, it is impossible for an outsider to acquire a
                 majority of the shares without the consent of management and other insiders.
                 The capitalization of the floating stock (i.e., that which is not closely held) is
                 $3.30 billion .

                 Profitability Analysis

                 On the $3.99 million in sales reported by the company in 1999, the cost of
                 goods sold totalled $5.57 million, or 139.7% of sales (i.e., the gross profit was
                 -39.7% of sales).

                 The company's earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation and amorization
                 (EBITDA) were -$53.00 million, or -1,329.8% of sales.

                 In 1999, earnings before extraordinary items at Akamai Technologies were
                 -$54.17 million, or -1,359.0% of sales.

                 The company's return on equity in 1999 was -21.1%. (Extraordinary items have
                 been excluded).

                 Financial Position
                 As of December 1999, the company's long term debt was $733,000.00 and
                 total liabilities (i.e., all monies owed) were $19.37 million. The long term debt
                 to equity ratio of the company is very low, at only 0.00.

                 This company has a large cash balance: in 1999, the company had only $3.99
                 million in sales, but its cash and short term investments as of December 1999
                 were $269.55 million, or 67.6 times the annual sales.

                 Akamai Technologies does not appear to be very efficient in collecting
                 payments: As of December 1999, the accounts receivable for the company were
                 $1.59 million, which is equivalent to 145 days of sales.

                 The company's outstanding payroll is quite high. At the end of 1999, Akamai
                 Technologies had outstanding payroll of $3.61 million. Since the company
                 currently has 193 employees, this equates to $18,725.39 per employee.  

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