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Probleme bei der Darstellung von ARIVA.DE? / News vom 10.03.00 / ZockerOnline

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0.03.2000 (873.083):
                                     HOMEX - Perth

                                     Internet Rights to Established Retail Chain

                                     The Directors of Limited are pleased to announce that the
                                     Company has concluded an agreement with the owners of the Australian adult
                                     product retail chain, Club X.

                                     This agreement will allow to establish and operate a web site on

                                     the Internet which will market and sell the Club X range of adult products.

                                     Club X operates a successful business in Australia marketing, distributing and
                                     selling adult products through a chain of established retail stores. In addition, it
                                     has a strong brand name in adult products throughout the Eastern States of

                            will pay Club X a licence fee for the grant of an Internet-exclusive
                                     licence to a new company in which both Club X and the Company will hold a 50%
                                     share. The Club X trademark will be used by the new incorporated company in
                                     relation to the promotion and sale of adult products and services on the Internet,
                                     through a website to be developed under a domain name or address which
                                     includes the trademark. will have principal responsibility for the
                                     design, development and administration of the web site.

                                     In return the Club X trademark owners will receive consideration as follows:

                                     * $300,000 in cash; and * 153,847 fully paid ordinary shares, at an issue price of
                                     $1.30, in the capital of the Company.

                                     Completion of the transaction is subject to, amongst other things;

                                     * due diligence by the Company;

                                     M Day MANAGING DIRECTOR


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