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Probleme bei der Darstellung von ARIVA.DE? (873083) ... für alle Interessenten

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Hier eine mail, die ich letztens von erhielt:


Thank you for registering your interest in

Consistent with our aim of being the premier adult product retailer on the Internet, we are currently in the process of establishing a State-of-the-art website enabling consumers worldwide to easily and conveniently purchase online from a vast range of exciting adult products. We intend to launch the website in December 1999.

For those of you who have had the insight to invest in, we thank you for your support and trust you will be rewarded in turn by the success of the Company. To date, has been very well received by both the media and the public throughout Europe and Australia.

The Company recommenced trading on the Australian Stock Exchange on 28 June 1999. On 1 July 1999, the Company commenced trading on both the Berlin and the Frankfurt stock exchanges.

We will keep you updated with all the latest news. Best regards,

Malcolm Day
Managing Director Limited

MEDIA RELEASE 11 August 1999 Announces…

Change in Name and Status:

Effective 6 August 1999, the Company’s name of Western Minerals NL has changed to Limited. Also effective from that date is the change in status from a no liability company to a limited liability company. The new Australian Stock Exchange company code is ASC. The name change was approved by shareholders on 18 June 1999. The new name is a  readily recognisable symbol of the Company’s business activity of the sale of adult products on the Internet, as well as the planned acquisition of the Barbarellas retail chain of adult shops and the adult telephone services business.

Proposed Capital Raising:

The Company proposes to issue options to shareholders on an entitlement basis of four options for every five shares held. The options will be issued at a price of five cents each. Each option will entitle the holder to subscribe for one ordinary share at a price of seventy cents each on or before 31 December 2001 and at a price of eighty cents each between 1 January 2002 and 31 January 2003.

The proposed issue will be non-renounceable and is subject to shareholder approval of the Barbarellas acquisition. Based on the current issued capital of 189,143,156 shares and the proposed issue of 15,000,000 shares for the Barbarellas acquisition, approximately 163,314,525 options will be issued to raise approximately $8,165,726. This calculation ignores the effect of the exercise, if any, of the existing 20 million June 2004 options.

If the June 2004 options are exercised before the book’s closing date, an additional $800,000 will be raised from the issue of an additional sixteen million new options under the entitlement issue but also $4,000,000 will be raised from the actual exercise of the June 2004 options. In that case, the overall effect of the entitlement issue of options may result in a maximum of $12,965,726 being raised.

It is anticipated that a prospectus for the issue of these options will be prepared and despatched to shareholders in October 1999. Although no underwriting arrangements have been entered into at this stage, the Company proposes to have the issue underwritten in full. A timetable for the option issue will be prepared and issued in due course.

The funds raised from the issue of the options will be used partially as consideration for the Barbarellas acquisition. The balance of the funds will be used for expansion and working capital purposes for the retail chain and the phone services business and also to fund other future business acquisitions. The Company is currently considering a number of new business opportunities and has commenced preliminary negotiations. Further details will be announced when binding arrangements are concluded.

Jupiter Communications - Strategic Alliance: is proud to announce a strategic alliance with New York based media and Internet strategy company Jupiter Communications, who will be providing with online strategic planning services. Jupiter Communications is a world market leader in Internet strategy and boasts an impressive client list that includes some of the world’s leading Internet companies.

The strategic partnership will enable to have access to some of the world’s best practice methodology and strategy advice in the important phase of the development and marketing of the site.

New Toys - Web Development Company Appointment: Limited is also pleased to announce the appointment of Sydney based web development company New Toys for the design and development of the flagship site. New Toys is one of Australia’s leading web development companies with significant experience and expertise in e-commerce and web site development.


Consistent with’s aim of being the premier adult retail Internet site, the Company has been sourcing and appointing the industry’s top web developers and marketeers. No stone has been left unturned as Managing Director Malcolm Day has been focused in his pursuit of excellence. The companies appointed to date are generally recognised as being the market leaders in their fields and representative of the standard by which intends to be judged.

Malcolm Day stated that “this is both an exciting and crucial stage in
developing into an Australian first that will take the Internet world by storm. Every effort is being made to ensure does not disappoint, but rather pleasures – both our shareholders and our customers!”You may also wish to read the research report prepared by Australian stockbrokers DJ Carmicheal that is available at the website


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