Adelong News!!!!!!!!

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Adelong News!!!!!!!! smart_guy

Adelong News!!!!!!!!

22.02.00 22:53
HOMEX - Perth
Corporate Adviser Appointed

Adelong Capital Limited advises that it has appointed CIBC World
Markets Securities Australia Limited to act as its corporate adviser
in relation to being re-quoted on Australian Stock Exchange Limited
("ASX"). This is the first time that CIBC has been engaged to advise

CIBC World Markets will also play an active role in the analysis of
the Company's existing and proposed investments.

CIBC World Markets is the corporate, investment and merchant banking
and stockbroking arm of the Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce.

C McKee


Adelong News!!!!!!!! auf geht´s

Danke für die NEWS , aber die sind halt schon ein paar Tage alt !!! o.


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