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19.01.00 13:03

hi..diese nachricht wurde gestern in Australiennach Börsenschlu bekannt:

                        January 19 2000, 16:18 (kurz nach Börsenschluss in Australien!!!)

                        HOMEX - Perth
                        FreeISP partners with Space Media

                        Adelong Capital Ltd has today been informed that it`s internet associate company
               Ltd, an Australian Internet marketing organisation, has today
                        announced that Space Asia Media is to take on their advertising sales function.
                        FreeISP has chosen Space Media as they are at the forefront of Internet and
                        advertising technology.

                        "Since we announced FreeISP in August, there has been ongoing interest from
                        potential advertisers wishing to capitalise on the information that our service can

                        provide them," said Ms Tamara Keniry, CEO, FreeISP. "We have chosen Space
                        Media for advertising sales due to the synergies between the companies, and so
                        our advertisers can consistently experience state-of-the-art serving and profiling

                        Space Media, the leading Asian online advertising network, launching in Australia
                        this week, has already signed over 30 premium Australian web sites to the
                        Australian network. Space Media provides advertisers and publishers with a fully
                        outsourced Internet advertising solution, employing AdManager technology from
                        CMGI owned company Engage. The web serving technology enables web publishers
                        and advertisers to target and deliver advertisements to their audiences and to
                        measure their effectiveness.

                        "We have already commenced negotiations with Australian corporations who wish to
                        advertise with FreeISP, and we expect to make an announcement on these
                        within the coming weeks," said Mr David Catterall, Managing Director, Space Media.

                        ABOUT FREEISP:

                        FreeISP is an Australian company, established by a team of IT professionals who
                        are also currently Directors of Balanced IT Services. The directors and owners
                        of FreeISP have over 30 combined years of experience in the IT Internet industry.
                        ASX listed venture capital firm Adelong Capital Ltd are major shareholders of

                        FreeISP is an Internet marketing company with core competencies in data
                        warehousing and data mining, providing an Internet marketing service to Australian
                        corporations. FreelSP allows corporations to provide their customers with free
                        unlimited Internet access, enhancing their customer loyalty programs and ability to
                        effectively target end-users.

                        FreeISP head office is located at 133 Victoria Read, Rozelle NSW 2039.

                        More information on FreeISP can be found on the Internet at

                        For more information please contact:

                        Tamara Keniry CEO FreeISP (02) 9818 4477
                        Simone Mansour Account Manager CommunEcom O411 465 975  
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