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Ad hoc union capital

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Ad hoc   union capital riskexplo

Ad hoc union capital

Da ich auf diesem Board noch nichts von der ad hoc gelesen habe, poste ich euch hier den Anfang der sehr langen Meldung.

Wenn ihr sie ganz lesen wollt:

Monday, January 31, 2000 -
Second Quarter Activities & Cashflow Report

HOMEX - Brisbane
Second Quarter Activities & Cashflow Report


(a) IDENTIKEY INTERNATIONAL PTE LTD (Union earning a minimum 30%)

During the quarter, Union`s Internet associate, Identikey, announced
that Computer Associates EMEA chose Identikey as its security
delivery platform for e-business initiatives. This agreement, forming
the basis for forecasted projects of US$15 million over the next 12
months, has provided Brisbane-based Identikey with the opportunity to
significantly expand its European presence and to help deliver a
global solution through Computer Associates` networks, part of the
world`s third largest software organisations.

Computer Associates spent over three months evaluating various
security devises on the market including SecureID, various smartcards
and other authentication methods before deciding on Identikey.
Computer Associates believes that Identikey`s technology is the most
sophisticated and secure form of completing transactions currently
available across the Internet. It`s simplicity and ease of use makes
Identikey an effective tool for customer use. Computer Associates
could not move forward without a strong security system at a time
when e-business is a significant growth area for the Company`s

According to Computer Associates, Identikey is a unique product that
addresses Internet security from an application level, and has solved
many of the problems that the e-commerce market is only just
beginning to deal with.

Identikey continues its global expansion and concluded its first sale
in the United States to SouthTrust Bank in Alabama. This sale proves
the global acceptance of Identikey and the possibility of
accelerating entry into the large North American market.

SouthTrust selected Identikey because they required a very high level
of Internet security integrated with their Internet Wire Transfer
application. Using Identikey`s non-repudiation capabilities for
electronic transactions allows both providers and users to have
confidence when performing e-business on the Internet. The use of
Identikey is expected to grow into other areas within SouthTrust`s
electronic banking activities.

Identikey also appointed Q&I (Netherlands) and DMST (UK) as two of
the primary cornerstones in its European distribution strategy. Both
companies are leading distributors in their respective countries. Q&I
have already made a sale to the Netherland`s State University
Groningen for 1,000 users initially, growing to a possible 44,000
users over the next six months.

Identikey is finalising contracts with Telindus and Betech Data to
provide complete coverage of the entire European & Scandinavian
regions. Telindus, as part of the Telinfo group of companies with a
turnover of 240M Euro (A$366M), are one of the largest distributors
in Europe. Betech Data covers the entire Scandinavian region and has
already placed an order to use Identikey for their in-house
applications. Both companies have e-business divisions which selected
Identikey as one of the only application level security products
suitable for commercial e-business deployment.

Identikey is the first Internet security solution to use a digital
key for secure access. The digital key reads a flashing visual signal
on the browser screen and produces an entry code which the user keys
in. Use of the key provides registered users with varying levels of
access within the web site. Identikey can be used on any PC with
Internet and web browser access, including laptops.

Identikey has 10 levels of security to ensure access to restricted
websites is only granted to registered users.

During the quarter, Union concluded negotiations to acquire up to a
further 25% equity interest in Identikey. Under the agreement, Union
can initially increase its equity in Identikey from the previous 20%
level up to a minimum 30% by injecting A$1 million into Identikey
from January to April 2000. This injection is currently in progress.
Then subject to review by either party, Union can subscribe for a
further 15% equity, (thereby bringing the total equity in Identikey
up to 45%) upon payment of A$1.5 million over the period April to
October 2000.

Identikey won the "Best New Internet Application" Award at the 7th
Annual Australian Interactive Multimedia Industry Association (AIMIA)
Awards in November 1999. The AIMIA awards have been held for several
years to showcase new media solutions and in 1999, 21 awards were
given in five major categories.

This award is additional to the previous two awards won by Identikey.
These include the Best of Show Award for the "Best Infrastructure
Product" at Internet World in Sydney, August 1999, and the
prestigious Asia Pacific IT & T Award for "Intelligent Technologies"
in November 1998.

Union is of the view that the success Identikey is now enjoying is a
tribute to the technology, the management and staff at Identikey.

(b) RADIO CITY (25% Union)

During the quarter Union Technologies have taken up a 25% interest in
the equity of Radio City for a cash injection of $250,000. As a
result, Radio City have been able to set up an office (in Brisbane),
purchase capital items and have begun establishing a high calibre
team of professionals.

Radio City operates as an on-line portal to Australian Audio/Visual
content on the Internet, including Radio, Television, Seminars and
Live Events. This provides turnkey solutions that let companies,
conference organisations and individuals effectively operate their
own Television Station, using the Internet as the broadcast medium.

Now the company is established, negotiations have commenced with a
number of potential clients for the delivery of significant ongoing
revenue for content encoding, hosting, web-site development and
e-commerce services.

From reports received, Union expects Radio City to significantly
expand its activities over the next quarter.


Bin gerade nochmals zu 29 cent rein. Da die Meldung anscheinend in Deutschland keinen interessiert, wirds wohl erst diese Nacht in Australien zu Kurssteigerungen kommen, die dann morgen in Deutschland folgen werden.

Also wer noch billig rein will. Noch gibts sie unter 30 cent. Wer weiß wie lange noch.

Habe auch lange überlegt nochmal einzusteigen, habe mich aber nun doch dazu entschieden. Da ich mittlerweile, nach einigen Infos doch voll überzeugt bin von union.

Mehr Info im WO- Board, wenn ihr immer noch nicht überzeugt seid.

Es existiert auch noch eine Empfehlung von Lemminge online.


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